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Just All The London Hot Spots With Mimi Bouchard

Just All The London Hot Spots With Mimi Bouchard

Mimi Bouchard is on the blog again today & this time she’s giving us all her recommendations for London, UK.

Recently when I was there I asked her for her hot spot list, & boy oh boy did she deliver. Naturally, I asked her to come on the blog to share it with you guys too.

Initially I met Mimi on Instagram & really loved her energy & hustle. She is focussed & I think she has a lot to offer in the space right now when it comes to wellness, meditation & living a peaceful life.

She’s beautiful, approachable & you may have seen her in the UK reality show Made In Chelsea. Or heard her on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER  podcast. Mimi also has an app called Superhuman that I use all the time. I LOVE this app – Mimi has the most soothing voice.

In this post she’s sharing where to stay, what to do & the restaurants you have to try. Bookmark this post because it’s such a good resource if you’re going to London soon.

On that note, let’s welcome Mimi back to the blog.

Just All The London Hot Spots With Mimi Bouchard


If you know me, you know that I’m a personal development junkie & I love romanticizing every moment of life. Although I now live in The Bahamas, I lived in London for 5 years. When Lauryn was in London a few months ago, she asked me to send her a recommendation list of all my fave spots in the city. From the best restaurants to fun non-drinking focused activities, here’s my list of to-do’s when you visit London, UK!

London Hot Spots With Mimi Bouchard


My personal preference is West London. Book a short term rental in any of these areas:

+ Notting Hill

+ Chelsea

+ South Kensington

+ Belgravia


♡ The farmer’s market on Saturday at the Duke of York Square.

♡ Do a Superhuman app Walking Meditation in Holland Park. 

♡ Check out the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea to see cool art ( there are these walkable streets around there with amazing restaurants & shopping too ).

♡ Rent a public bike & cycle through Regent’s Park, bring a book & a picnic!

♡ Explore Sloane Square and all of the cool shops around there. Go to Raw Press for juice, walk down Pavilion Rd.

♡ Grab a food box from Whole Foods in High Street Kensington ( the best WF I’ve ever been to ) then walk to Hyde Park & eat sitting on a bench while people watching.

♡ Stroll down Kensington Palace Gardens and see all the huge embassies and homes ( you can’t drive down this road as it’s private, but it’s super beautiful to walk through!).

Selfridges in Soho for shopping.

♡ Mayfair is super cool & stunning, architecturally. 

♡ Go for a run by the water on river Thames ( bonus points if you listen to a Superhuman Running Meditation! I swear it’ll make you run the extra mile ).

♡ Go to Liberty London for shopping ( then walk down Carnaby St – it’s so pretty ).

♡ Book a spot at Glow Bar for their infrared sauna + do a mini spa day in the middle of the city.

London Hot Spots With Mimi Bouchard



( in Soho, this is my boyfriend & I’s favorite date spot. Sit at the bar and watch them cook for you. Best Israeli food ever. They don’t take reservations so get there early & try to get a spot).

Casa Cruz in Notting Hill for dinner

( fancy & delicious ).

Granger & Co for lunch

( casual cool spot ).

Bluebird in Chelsea for lunch/dinner

( it’s a classic ).

Bodega Negra in Soho for dinner. 

Cecconi’s in Mayfair for lunch.

The Thomas Cubitt in Belgravia.

( The nicest traditional British pub. Go on a Sunday for Sunday roast… classic!! )

The Ivy Chelsea

( sit outside in the back, the salmon is delicious ).

There you have it! My top London recommendations for my girls that are wellness-focused & all about living their best lives and romanticizing it allll!

If you want daily motivation, inspiration & are interested in personal development follow me @mimibouchard on IG. My meditation app, Superhuman, has changed thousands of lives & I think you’d absolutely love it.

We offer a 14 day free trial so check us out on the App Store if you’re into energizing meditations for every moment of the day. From Walking Meditations to Getting Ready Meditations, you’ll notice the shift.

Enjoy your time in London and remember – LIVE IN THE MOMENT! You only get to live this life once, so savor it all. Thanks for reading.

Mimi xx

London Hot Spots to check out


Like I said, the Superhuman app is a go-to for me. My favorite is the Legs Up Meditation. Where you put your feet up the wall to drain fluid or inflammation in the ankles. Plus, it just totally settles your nervous system. If you want to get started with meditation her app is the perfect tool to have in your toolbox. I’m obsessed.

x, lauryn

+ stalk these must-have items if you’re traveling with a baby. 

++ listen to Mimi on GTFOOTS Podcast where we talked about how your energy & mental state affects your appearance.


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