Links Lately: All Your FAQs Answered

Links Lately: All Your FAQs Answered

A few weeks ago Lauryn did an AMA on her IG & most of you wanted links. Supplements, home decor, etc etc etc.

So here we are, rounding up all of Lauryn’s latest faves for you to keep it….you guessed it… easy, streamlined & efficient for you.

Let’s get right into the most requested links from the last month.

Links Lately: All Your FAQs Answered:

♡ Q: sink pebbles?

Lot’s of concern over brushing teeth with this one. Lauryn brushes her teeth in the shower or in another sink. LOL. These pebbles add such a fun touch to your bathrooms/powder rooms.

♡ Q: perfume of the moment?

Phlur Missing Person perfume by @chrisellelim.

♡ Q: stretch mark treatment?

MUTHA body serum by @hopesmith. And Skin and Senses butter mixed with ICE QUEEN FACE OIL (like 4 drops). All of Nosh Body Co all-natural products. You can’t go wrong.

♡ Q: app for high frequency?

Frequencies are legit & Lauryn & Michael play them every night from 8:30 pm – 7 am. So good for anxiety. Their go-to ones are Daily Soak app and Spotify 528 HZ.

♡ Q: what laundry detergent do you use?

Lauryn switched to all natural cleaning supplies when they moved to Austin, thanks to Chervin of Cymbiotika who said: the home is where you should detox. So now, it’s clean prodcuts, always. Lauryn uses Branch Basics or Molly’s Suds after doing SO MUCH of her own research.

♡ Q: book about Jewish orthodox woman

SUCH a good book. Lauryn couldn’t put it down. It’s by Julia Haart & it’s called Brazen. For more of Lauryn’s book recs, check out the Amazon store here.

♡ Q: best electrolytes for pregnancy

H20nulin by Gangster Chic or LMNT packets. Lauryn puts this in her water with fresh mint. It has sodium, potassium, calcium & magnesium. She loves it. Stalk this post for more fun ways to sex up your water.

♡ Q: Westin’s dating profile?

LOL. Westin created the best coconut oil lube & viborator for Woo. Check out Westin & Woo on IG.

♡ Q: diffusers for essential oils?

Lauryn loves the stone diffuser by Vitruvi & the one by Canopy. Can’t go wrong with either. For oils she loves K’Pure because they’re safe for babies & dogs.

♡ Q: what maple syrup do you use?

Lauryn is so specific about everything, maple syrup included. This one is by far the best. It’s the most pure maple syrup on the market.

♡ Q: what bone broth do you use?

Owl Venice – use code SKINNY for 15% off. Or Lauryn also loves the spicy bone broth from Sun Life Organics.

♡ Q: baby vitamins?

Zaza uses Hiya toddler chewables. She also has little sips from Lauryn’s Cymbiotika packets (B12, liquid gold & magnesium) – use code SKINNY for 30% off a custom bundle or 15% off your purchase. Zaza also takes Just Thrive Probiotics & again, use code SKINNY for 15% off.

♡ Q: the specific Joe Dispenza meditation you do?

This is the one Lauryn did every single day of pregnancy, thanks to Melissa Wood’s recommendations. She also does Melissa’s & Mimi Bouchard’s meditations (especially the legs up the wall one).

Lauryn's bathroom the skinny confidential diffuser

♡ Q: towel warmer?

This towel warmer is one of Lauryn’s favorite purchases ever. Along with this bamboo bathmat & a DIY eucalyptus shower, your bathroom will feel like a spa.

♡ Q: plant-based tonic drink?

Feel Free! It’s a heart-opener & gives you the most euphoric feeling. Start with just one sip, then work your way up. You can use code SKINNY for 25% off your first order. You can also listen to the founder & his wild story on TSC HIM & HER podcast.

♡ Q: red light bulbs?

These ones! Full breakdown on the blog too.

♡ Q: humidifier?

Lauryn uses the one she designed with Canopy. It’s cute, pink, won’t grow mold & will make your skin so dewy. More here.

♡ Q: can you link your cherry pitter again?

Another one of her favorite finds this year. Once you have one of these, you’ll never go back.

♡ Q: ice bath & sauna details plz?

If you’re interested in Lauryn’s custom barrel sauna, email for details.

For ice baths: indoor is by The Cold Plunge (use code SKINNY150 for $150 off). The outdoor ice bath is by Blue Cube Baths (use code SKINNY for $500 off).

♡ Q: favorite jade roller?

The only rollers Lauryn used during & post pregnancy are the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER & PINK BALLS FACE MASSAGER. They work in tandem to really depuff & chisel, reduce the look of fine lines & wrinkles & they both feel fucking amazing.

the skinny confidential pink products

♡ Q: what do I need for my office?

For specific office item recs, check out the Amazon store for everything Lauryn has & loves.

♡ Q: Zaza’s sippy cup covers? Need!

The best invention ever. Perfect for restaurants & travel.

There you have it. Be sure to keep checking back because we’ll be adding to this post & the Amazon store the next time Lauryn does Ask Me Anything.

xo, The Skinny Confidential team.

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