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A Lil Wednesday Q & A Sesh

Lauryn Evarts talks diet and fitness on Thanksgiving.

Hi, hi.

I know, I know, I’m getting all holiday-ie on you guys.

And between the winter wonderland background & Michael’s overly Christmas sweater in the above Insta, it’s sure making me want to decorate the house like Whoville x a million.

Anyway, here’s another post on ask me anything.

You guys asked, I ( try ) to answer : ).

1.} Reina asked:

What’s your favorite thing about Michael? You guys are so cute!

Thank you ( insert Emoji with hearts in its eye )! My favorite thing: he has a strong sense of integrity.

A big plus: he gets my perverted humor…also, his biceps.

2.} Zo asked:

Hey hey, got any tips on saying no to food/ someone’s cooking without offending them? I find it so hard to say no to people because I’m scared they’ll think I’m being rude! Especially when they’ve gone to a lot of effort. Thanksss : ).

I’m a big believer in nonchalantly saying “thanks but no thanks.” You can read my whole theory on not eating like shit because your friends eat like shit here. Just like people have different beliefs, people have different eating habits. My friends think I’m a psycho but when I go to a dinner party, I come prepared. I’ll bring my favorite appetizer or a Suja just in case. Also, I’m not too shy ( shocker! ) so I’ll insist my girlfriend’s make a meat-free spaghetti or a kale salad #notsorry.

But if you’re weird about blatantly saying no, then just say you’re full. No one can argue with that, I mean, right? If they do argue, tell them their hair looks amazing & “OMFG can they teach you their hair tips?”

Ya, avoidance at its finest.

3.} Megan asked:

I was wondering how your organize/store your jewelry? Do you recommend a cute organizer or have an ideas??


I LOVE organization. I mean, my car truck is organized, my shower, my drawers, underneath my bed…psycho much?

My favorite jewelry organizers can be found here, here, & here. I love the clear, acrylic ones; they’re chic & timeless.

I also just bought this teal unicorn ring holder…obsessed. xx.

4.} LC asked:

Hey Lauryn! What do you do on days when you just can’t seem to pull yourself out of a slump? On days when you’re feeling down, depressed, or unmotivated, how do you snap out of that unhealthy mindset and back into the land of positivity and productivity? Days when I’m feeling down it’s just so hard to get going… any tips or tricks? Love you girl <3.

Hi! I’ve had my slumpy-lay-on-my-ass-Eeyore-from-Winnie-the-Pooh-kinda days…trust me!

But I’ve learned the way to fix a shitty day ( for me ) is to sweat.

If I sweat, I instantly feel better. Whether it’s a hike, lifting weights, going for run— what-the F-ever, it makes a bad day feel a little bit better.

Other mood-lifters: Pixy, a good book, blogging, baking, spooning, green juice, &/or bitching to my friends. I also try to separate logic from my emotions.

Overall: Working out= good vibes. Sitting in bed= nasty-ass vibes.

Next time you’re feeling low, tell yourself to workout for an hour & then go from there.

5.} Laura asked:

Hey Lauryn, I miss when your blog focused more on different types of workouts- I want specifics girl! What size weights do you use? Free weights, bar, etc…

Hi Laura! My blog has transformed into more of a lifestyle blog. Overall The Skinny Confidential is a lifestyle. Think balance—- how to balance fitness, diet, relationships, health, fashion, beauty, & life in general.

BUT! On that note, I will def add more fitness posts.

For weights: I LOVE weights. I lift heavy weights once a week & lighter weight ( w/ a lot of isometrics ) twice a week. I also use free weights, Kettlebells, weight machines, & the Reformer. All my favorite exercises will be found in TSConf book too.

Basically, I mix it up as much as possible with fitness. I’m not attached to one exercise. I love em’ all.

** If you guys have any more questions ask them below : ).


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  1. Loved your answers and a good workout always gets me out of a slump. Btw, Michael totally reminds me of Christian Bale here, especially around his American Psycho days haha 😀

  2. Thanks so much for letting us pick at your sweet brain! I’ve read your past hair posts but was wondering what kind of shampoo and conditioner you use daily? I would love, love, loooooovve to know! I am a beauty junky and your hair is to die.


  3. i get dietary crap all the time in social situations but it’s my body and i want to take care of it! stop trying to shove the crap down my piehole haha. omg your guy looks like christian bale ala patrick bateman in that first shot!

  4. I loved Zo’s question! I have a mother-in-law that basically force feeds me…haha, maybe exaggerating a little…but, definitely puts the guilt trip on the healthy eating! My goal is to do better at Christmas and beyond 🙂

  5. Hey I’m LOVING this question and answer feature!! I have a little question for you too… I’m buying my first house in a few months time, and I have NO IDEA where to start on decorating/colour schemes/organisation etc? I have a tendency to just buy things I like the look of without any idea of a plan, and it all ends up a bit of a mess! Your house always looks so nice! Any ideas?

  6. I love your blog. I especially loved how open you are to sharing about your blogging exp. the husttle it took to get where you are etc. Very inspirational! I loveh ow you are able to add wording etc to the photos you upload to make them more “*you* (esp. the one on this entry!) Can you please share which app/prog you use? xoxo!

  7. I would love to know your take on dairy!

    I try to stay aay from it as much as poss!

    What do you think?

    Also, could you get Weslie to do another beauty report?


  8. Love these Q&A posts!!

    Thanks to you I have become hooked on juicing and cleanses (just completed my 3rd suja cleanse since august!), do you recommend sticking to 3 days or are longer cleanses ok too? I did one 5 day and felt horrible, whereas I felt amazing on my 3 days (could just be a do whats right for you thing)

    ALSO, what types/kinds of juicers do you recommend, I am looking into taking the plunge and making my own juices!

    Love your site, and I agree with everyone, Michael totally looks like Christian Bale!

    xx B

  9. Hi Lauryn. I would love to know what your favorite travel destinations are. It would be awesome if you had like a mini guide with hotels/healthy area restaurants/cool area boutiques. I think you get my drift. xoxo

  10. Hey ! I have a question for you : what do you think about protein shake ?
    Love from France

  11. Hi Lauryn,

    I was wondering if you use apple cider vinegar at all in your diet? I have read so many different opinions about it but not sure what to think. Can you shed some light for me?

    Thanks 🙂

    P.S..Love this blog, it is my daily highlight!!

  12. you have me hooked on suja juice!:) which one is your fav or which do you recommend drinking most often?-suja or other recipe

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