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A Lil Q & A Sesh

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and fashion.


You guys asked, I answered. I’ll continue this section as long as you guys have questions. If you have more questions, LMK below in the comment section.

Here ya go:

Becky asked:

Hey I’m LOVING this question and answer feature!! I have a little question for you too… I’m buying my first house in a few months time, and I have NO IDEA where to start on decorating/color schemes/organization etc? I have a tendency to just buy things I like the look of without any idea of a plan, and it all ends up a bit of a mess! Your house always looks so nice! Any ideas?

OOOOhhhh how I love decorating. I’m, like, soooo obsessed it’s annoying. I mean, so many possibilities!

What got me hooked? I blame Pinterest & Architectural Digest magazine.

Pinterest is f-ing ( I wish I could say the real F word— because sometimes it’s necessary ) amazing. It’s a game changer. Whatever you’re after- Pinterest has it all.

I would definitely have a lil plan: start with a color scheme & add accent colors. & do not, I repeat do not, buy things that aren’t in the color scheme. I really, really stuck to my color scheme & I couldn’t be happier. Also, utilize Etsy, Anthropologie, & Home Goods ( << lifesavers ).

Allison asked:

I would love to know your take on dairy! I try to stay away from it as much as poss! What do you think?

Everything in moderation…but I’m not the biggest dairy fan. I don’t drink milk. I try to avoid cheese. & I used to like yogurt as a snack…but it’s not a staple anymore.

I’m sorta a dairy snob. I love cheese…but I also love dark chocolate…but that doesn’t mean I need it every-Fing-day.

So to answer the question: I def don’t eat dairy everyday.

Jasmine asked:

Hi Lauryn, I would love to know what your favorite travel destinations are? It would be awesome if you had like a mini guide with hotels/healthy area restaurants/cool area boutiques. I think you get my drift. xoxo.

My favorite travel destinations is Venice, Italy & Cabo San Lucas. I will definitely post a mini guide next time I travel.

Venice, Italy is the most romantic place in the universe ( think the best view/wine/pasta/ambience ever ) & Cabo is my idea of a good time. Just perfection in every way.

I would also recommend Aspen for a ski/snowboard retreat. I’m dying to go there soon ( wink, cough, nudge ).

Amelie asked:

Hey! I have a question for you: what do you think about protein shakes?
Love from France.

Hmmm. Protein shakes. I’m scared to give you guys my real opinion because…I have super STRONG opinion.

Pretty much: Not a fan.

I used to be a fan circa 2011.

Not anymore.

Now I eat eggs/nuts/avocado.

But. If they work for you, then to each its own.

(( Side note: do you guys want a gnarly, in-depth post on this? ))

Shannon asked:

Hi Lauryn, I was wondering if you use apple cider vinegar at all in your diet? I have read so many different opinions about it but not sure what to think. Can you shed some light for me P.S. Love this blog; it’s my daily highlight!! Thanks!

Hi Shannon! I”m so flattered you like the blog! You’re so sweet : ).

I love apple cider vinegar ( make sure it’s unfiltered & unpasteurized though ). I have a tablespoon ( or gulp ) every morning— I actually love the taste. Use a straw though- it ruins the teeth’s enamel.

Sometimes I’ll add it to green tea ( I tried adding it to Michael’s & he noticed the odd smell…whoops! ). Read more on the ‘cocktail’ here.

x L

  1. I want a post on the protein shakes! I add a scoop of Perfect Fit (organic, vegan, raw plant-based protein!) + frozen banana, chia seeds and unsweetened almond milk into a blender after any workout in which I do strength training. I’m curious why you’re opposed!

    1. Hello, I came upon this blog article, which made me think twice about making protein shakes… Sadly even the “organic” kind still has VERY processed ingredients, you literally have to research or google the ingredients in some of these “healthy supplement/protein” powders.
      Here is the complete list of the ingredients, and link to the source I found.
      Maltodextrin, Whey Protein “isolates” Acesulfame Potassium or Acesulfame K

      Hope this helps!

    2. yes on the protien shake topic! i have a love/hate relationship with them and would love to hear another informed girl’s opinion!!

  2. I’m kind of obsessed with your blog. I only check it 343,729,498 X a day.

    Anwayyyyy. Do you eat wheat? Any particular bread products/brands you prefer? I’m trying to cut down on carbs and it’s so fcking hard! Any recipes or suggestions? Thank you!!!

  3. Well !! Interesting question by Becky & really very smart answer also. I am a regular visitor of your blog and i like the stuff of all fashionable things. Keep posting & wish u Merry Christmas..

  4. Definitely want your thoughts on protein powder, I use the Sun Warrior vegan, organic, no nasties one. I hope that meets your specifications!

  5. Have an amazing Christmas and New Year. Thank you for your blog, it’s meant a lot to me in 2013. I have fallen off the fitness wagon the last month with work/Christmas activities etc and it’s scary how quickly my skin has gone icky, psoriasis has come back, I feel fatter etc.
    So keep up the good work in 2014, and any motivational new year posts would be much appreciated to give me the kick up the bum I need to make it my happiest healthiest year yet xx Love xxx

  6. YESSSSS!!!!!! —-> (( Side note: do you guys want a gnarly, in-depth post on this? ))

    Would love to hear more on the protein shakes. 🙂 Thanks for all you do, Lauryn!

  7. I luv the q&a, you’re so present on your blog and answer almost everyone’s questions! keep it going…l like the interactive quality it gives …agree with you about the protein and I WOULD like to see you go balls out with your opinion! I eat eggs every day, 3-4 whites and 1/2 -1 yolk, just love eggs!

  8. I think protein powder is gross. What’s it even made out of anyways?! I eat eggs and avo instead. I think it’s a great post idea!

    Hilary x

    1. Hello, I came upon this blog article, which made me think twice about making protein shakes… Sadly even the “organic” kind still has VERY processed ingredients, you literally have to research or google the ingredients in some of these “healthy supplement/protein” powders.
      Here is the complete list of the ingredients, and link to the source I found.
      Maltodextrin, Whey Protein “isolates” Acesulfame Potassium or Acesulfame K

      Hope this helps!

  9. I have a question. I just moved to San Diego from Seattle. I’m confused as to what to wear right now. Technically it’s nearly winter but the weather is kinda warm. Can I wear vampy lips and black in a beach town? Help.

  10. I would also like to hear more about your take on protein shakes! My breakfast every weekday morning is a shake made with natural, unflavored protein powder (about 19 g protein per serving). I’ve noticed quite an increase in my muscle definition but I also started a 2 x week strength training class around the same time I started drinking the protein shakes so not sure how much the protein shakes had to do with it.

  11. i totally agree with you about the protein shakes! there is no reason we can’t get adequate protein from whole food sources whether they come from eggs, nuts, beans or fish/meats. if you absolutely must have a protein shake, i like hemp protein powders but that’s without anything else added to it (just nekkid hemp)

  12. Yes I would love to hear your review…..I wonder if it’s in line with my thoughts on them 🙂

  13. Love your blog!! Would you consider doing a more in depth post on your beauty routine?? You’re so great about giving the nitty gritty details.. I’m thinking skin care, makeup, hair products, the whole deal! Maybe a lil tour of your bathroom counter/ medicine cabinet or video tutorial? Thanks Lauryn! 🙂

  14. Hi Lauryn I’m thrilled you picked my question! Venice Italy is next on my list and I will have to plan for Cabo and Aspen in the future. Can’t wait for your mini guide and love your blog!

  15. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!! Need I say more? 😉 I want to hear your take on the protein!!


  16. I feel the same way about dairy. I am not lactose intolerant so I don’t cut it out completely, but I save it for things I really love…feta on salads, goat cheese on flatbread, etc. I pretty much only drink Almond Milk.

    As for the protein smoothies, I’ma HUGE fan. I’ve been trying to use cleaner versions of powder than I did in the past though: i.e. brown rice protein or grass-fed whey, but I think they’re addition to smoothies along with healthy fat to fill you up. Would love to hear why you’re against it.


  17. Yeah, would love to hear your thoughts on protein shakes!! I used to be a huge fan but I’m thinking now that they’re not so natural. Even the “natural” ones concern me; like what exactly IS in all those ingredients on the label??

  18. Agreed with the protein shakes… I’m not a fan either. I think as long as you are getting a variety of proteins and covering your essential amino acids it’s better to get those proteins from real food. Some of the recommendations out there for how much protein should be consumed are really high based on what I’ve learned about metabolism in medical school. A lot of those supplements out there I don’t think are really necessary if you’re eating a balanced diet.

  19. Hey!

    I’m wondering.. what do you edit your photos with? Is it just a filter, or do you take some time editing, and what website? I love these Q&A sesh’s!


  20. Question, what is your daily food plan? I am sure you switch it up constantly, but what do you usually eat for every meal?

  21. I would be really interested in your take on protein shakes. I don’t use any at the moment as I’m not currently working out (injuries suck!). But trying to get different opinions on it before I get back into it. Also, any advice for those thinking about starting up a healthy lifestyle blog of their own? Reading yours has inspired me as I haven’t found many bloggers doing it from the UK! Much love xo

  22. I would love a protein powder post too! I just started using whey protein powder and like it so far…

  23. First of all — Yes please on a gnarly post about protein powder! Would love to hear your take on it.

    As for my question: I have very little storage space (like, a tiny closet. No shelves, coat closet, anything!) at my place, and I was wondering if you have any creative and still cute storage ideas? Love your blog! 🙂

  24. please explain why you dont do protein shakes? i have my own ideas why i dont like it but….I’d def want to hear your reason!

  25. If it’s the dairy part that’s holding you back, a really good Non-Dairy yogurt I found at Whole Foods, called CHIA POD made in Australia! And it’s just chia seeds, coconut milk instead of cow’s milk and the natural flavors of the fruit. Also they contain FIBER and Omega 3’s as well as Protein. I tried both the Vanilla flavor, and the Banana, which was EVEN BETTER, it tasted like mashed banana-tapioca pudding.
    I just posted yesterday a blog on it. Enjoy!

  26. Do you have any tips on loosing weight in the lower stomach? It would be great if you could do a whole post on how to really target that section. I see a bunch of different articles on it, but nothing really gives you all the best tips and tricks including the best diet and exercise.

  27. i like the style you write the conversation it really helpful to understand the message your want to pass. thanks for sharing a great post again 🙂

  28. Hi Lauryn,
    I’m very new here and have found this Q&A session to be very interesting and unique when compared with others. I have a question for you. I’m having a very dry and sensitive skin texture and currently, I’m using Cetaphil moisturizing cream for face and body ( It is helping me to regulate my skin dryness. I would love to know your opinion about this moisturizing cream for face and do suggest a daily skincare routine for me to give a try on 🙂

    1. Hi Mary- thank you for sharing! Simple is always consistent & great 🙂

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