Pumpkin Cooler w/ Light Beers


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I really become immersed in holiday seasons. I love the festivity & how it reunites friends and family  [ added plus: I get work off ]. Along with the fruit kabobs I made for game day we also carved out a giant pumpkin and created a pumpkin cooler. We filled it with ice, light beers and sliced limes. I chose Corona Light because they’re refreshing, compliment most foods & contain 105 calories and 5 carbs. This whole process took about fifteen minutes. P.S. I would highly recommend leaving the pumpkin carving job to someone other than yourself! [ & thanks to my step-mom, Julie, for the idea ].

( Serve some pumpkin margaritas & apple pie dip for a snack to complete the party )

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  1. Michael

    I love how all the google ads that attach to this post are about getting help for alcoholism. Lol.