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Life Tips From Your Favorite Real Housewives

Life Tips From Your Favorite Real Housewives

Recently Michael & I were lucky enough to sit down with some of our favorite Real Housewives for The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast. I’m a huge Housewives fan & Michael pretends he doesn’t watch it, but I can see his eyes popping out of his head from the corner of the room every time I’m watching an episode. LOL.

Today I wanted to share with you some tips from Lisa Vanderpump, Meredith Marks & Heather Gay. To be real, these episodes truly are must listens, but I wanted to sprinkle some of their tips on the blog too because I always want this to be a resource for you.

In this post you’ll get a little sneak peek into the podcast episodes with Lisa, Meredith & Heather.

Life Tips From Your Favorite Real Housewives:

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump is an ICON. If you haven’t heard of her she is the former star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. We were lucky enough to record her podcast episode at Villa Rosa & it was breathtaking. She told us that her life is so busy- running restaurants & businesses that her home needs to be a sanctuary.

If you’ve been reading the blog of the last couple years you know that I very much relate to this. It’s the reason I’m all about my meditation station & indoor fountain.

Lisa shared some of her tips for creating a beautiful space that you want to be in even if you’re in a dorm room.

flowers: She LOVES flowers, but she knows they’re ridiculously expensive. Even if all you can afford are carnations or picking wild flowers, or just one rose, flowers can really brighten up a space.

lighting: She’s is a big fan of lighting & so am I. Just one candle at dinnertime can change the whole atmosphere. If you’re in a small space that doesn’t have a lot of natural light, Lisa suggests putting mirrors near windows to double the space & create more light.

get outside: Especially if you live in a small space & spend a lot of time on a computer, Lisa thinks exercise & getting outside is super important. Not only is exercise important to her, she also like to passively multitask!  You already know that I’m all about this. Answering emails while walking on the treadmill, listening to a podcast while going for a walk are ways to make your time exercising go by quicker, but also you’re being so efficient.

Listen to Lisa Vanderpump’s full podcast episode here where she spills all the Housewives juice.

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her

Meredith Marks

Meredith Marks is from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. And I must say I LOVED the first season.

Meredith went through some relationship hurdles on the show but she was so stoic & poised through it all. When we got to interview her for the podcast I really wanted to pick her brain relationship tips.

try not to let kids take all your focus: Meredith & Seth had all their kids back to back & the only thing she regrets about that is how they shifted their focus away from the marriage. It’s hard but important when you have kids to stay in tune with your partner & be aware of what is happening with each other.

communication is a must: It’s so important to really talk & spend one on one time with your partner. Meredith talks about how her & Seth would be together, but not actually present & focussed on one another. Even just half an hour of talking & really paying attention to each other can make a world of difference.

have a positive mindset: Find bright spots in adversity & focus on the positive, not the negative. It’s important to take a breath, understand what’s happening, whether it’s in your marriage or business, & understand where people are coming from before you let your emotions take over. Being in control of emotions prevents a situation getting mean & ugly.

Be sure to listen to the whole episode where Meredith spills her wellness routine, BTS of filming & beauty tips & tricks.

Heather Gay

If you looked up “living life on your own terms” in the dictionary, Heather Gay’s face would be there. Heather is another one of the stars of The Housewives of Salt Lake City & her story is impressive.

She came on the podcast to share her story & in her episode she talks about what it was like to grow up Mormon, raw truths of Mormonism, life after divorce, & how to persevere when life throws you curve balls.

Heather’s podcast episode is interesting, inspiring & for anyone who wants to create their own path.

As I said, Lisa, Meredith & Heather‘s podcast episodes are so good so be sure to check them out.

Which Real Housewife do you want on the podcast next?

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