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bathroom odor prevention with poo pourri essential oil formula | by the skinny confidentialYES, YES, YES- we’ve discussed so many taboo topics on The Skinny Confidential so this shouldn’t surprise you at all.  

This post has been a long time coming. A lot of you guys have reached out via DM that some of you are either constipated or just have questions about the digestive system & gut.

Disclaimer: shocker, obviously I’m not a doctor. I’m just telling you within this post what works for me & what always helps. If you feel like your condition is medical, definitely consult your doctor.

These are tips & tricks that I’ve used forever to really get things moving…if you know what I mean- wink, wink, nudge nudge.bathroom odor prevention with poo pourri essential oil formula | by the skinny confidentialbathroom odor prevention with poo pourri essential oil formula | by the skinny confidentialBefore we get into the tips, you guys know that I’ve been working with Poo~Pourri for the last year & a half ( absolutely love them ). Basically Poo~Pourri’s mission is to create a totally non-toxic, ‘no shame’ space where you can ‘own your throne’ & feel liberated to do what we all do…poo.

Their products contain NO aerosol, alcohol, parabens, formaldehydes or synthetic fragrances. Plus guys, they aren’t tested on animals…only stinky humans.

Poo~Pourri is all over my house- it basically works like magic. You spritz the bowl before you go & it creates this barrier on the surface of the water & traps the odor below. This is incredibly efficient if you share your bathroom with you S.O. or a roommate.

They just came out with this really chic, aesthetically-pleasing line called PRIVY by Poo~Pourri. It’s all these new, all natural, designer scents with amazing bottles. No, but like the decorative bottles are on steroids. These are bottles that you TOTALLY want on your vanity, next to your makeup. They’re a matte white & have a gold or silver top- they even have a rose gold top available which is SO major. I think these blends are a very Parisian spin of Poo~Pourri.bathroom odor prevention with poo pourri essential oil formula | by the skinny confidentialPRIVY by Poo~Pourri contains so many of my favorite essential oils. They have this one that has patchouli & peppercorn in it. It refreshes your bathroom in seconds & the scent isn’t too strong. So it’s not overcompensating the odor, it’s just adding this nice, subtle scent. If you’re more of a sandalwood or a sage girl, they have you covered as well.

You can get this starter kit, & within the starter kit you get an individual bottle, then refills for each of the scents. This is so great to cut down on plastic waste. As PRIVY says, ‘it’s the perfect accessory for the most fashionable of thrones.’

I’ve always been a huge fan of Suzy Batiz. She’s been on The Skinny Confidential podcast before & she talked about everything from ayahuasca to shame to guilt to abuse to molestation, & I think that her message is always so incredibly powerful. The whole Poo~Pourri brand is a big part of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence & they’re working to raise the voices of victims and survivors—because when a #survivorspeaks, it’s powerful.

Everything Suzy does has such detail & I could not be more excited for this launch of PRIVY. I have it in every bathroom & proudly put it out on display- because it’s so chic.

This stuff is also fabulous to travel with because, like I said, when your significant other ( cough cough, Michael ) is constantly up your ass, it’ll take the bathroom smell from shit to magic in seconds.bathroom odor prevention with poo pourri essential oil formula | by the skinny confidentialAlright, let’s get real into the digestive system. Here are 5 very The Skinny Confidential tips for maintaining a healthy digestive system where everything is moving right along:

Digestive Tea:

I love this shit- it makes you shit. I like to drink it before I go to bed when I feel like I could use a little help to get things moving. It’s a senna-based herbal tea & it doesn’t give you any kind of cramping like a laxative might. It just makes things move very smoothly.

Another plus is it has fennel & ginger in it & it really helps take away any cramping feelings. Just drink a cup before you go to bed & you’ll be good in the morning. You can expect a citrusy-orange taste but it’s also kinda spicy, so it tastes good too. Of course it’s caffeine-free & it’s known to be a natural stimulant laxative.

Inulin Fiber:

Inulin is a prebiotic & something that was recommended to me by my friend Ingrid of The Method. Inulin has been so key in my digestive system- I’ve never been more regular. I feel so much healthier when I drink it with my coffee. It not only gets things moving, it also fills you up & keeps you satisfied while cleaning out the gut & promoting a healthy digestive system. I like to put 2-3 scoops in my coffee every morning with cinnamon. Make sure you do a hot coffee & use a pink electric frother – of course the one I like is pink. The frother makes your coffee really good & creamy & you can’t taste the inulin at all. It sets you up for a really successful day, especially if you’re like me & a fan of intermittent fasting. I could not do intermittent fasting without inulin. It makes such a difference. It’s almost like the coffee is more like a meal, opposed to a drink. Other benefits include: curbs sweet tooth, reduces bloating, high in fiber, very versatile.

Fiber, Fiber, Fiber:

The more fiber I add to my diet, the more my digestive system is on fleek. Tanya Zuckerbrot of the F-Factor came on the podcast & it is SUCH a good episode. She talks all about the importance of incorporating fiber into your diet. I do this by adding tons of artichokes ( obsessed with artichoke salads ) & using GG Crackers as a vehicle when I feel like something crunchy. Eating a really hearty salad before a meal to get all that fiber in is great too. Other fiber-rich foods you can add quickly to your diet are, broccoli, edamame, pears, blackberries, bananas, flaxseed, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts & string beans.

Stay Hydrated:

This is so boring, but it’s so true- the more you stay hydrated the more things move along. My latest is to go to the farmer’s market & get mint, ginger, pomegranate seeds, tons of lemons, & make a pitcher of water with whatever medley I feel like. I leave it in the fridge so I have delicious spa water ready to go 24/7. It just makes it more fun. My friend Cara of The Champagne Diet always says to make your water more fun, add it to a wine glass & she’s so right. Another tip for drinking more water, is a Hydro Flask, obviously- can’t live without it ( you know I love a straw situation ). My water consumption has gone up like crazy since I got a Hydro Flask. Like, I drink at least 3 liters a day now.

Avoid Foods that Constipate:

Try to avoid foods that constipate you. These are things like white bread, red meat, dairy, unripe bananas, fried fast foods, & weirdly enough, persimmons. Constipation is not fun. There’s nothing worse than feeling constipated. Getting toxic shit out of your body & out of your life is something I’m a huge fan of.

If all else goes to shit, just have a cup of coffee. That usually gets things moving pretty fast ( add inulin ).bathroom odor prevention with poo pourri essential oil formula | by the skinny confidentialIf you guys like this post on digestion let me know because I’m thinking of doing a post that’s dedicated to the gut. The gut is the most underrated thing on the planet.

Be sure you pick up PRIVY by Poo~pourri- you cannot go wrong with this stuff. I’m telling you, you’ll think the packaging is so sleek & you won’t need to worry AT ALL anymore about any kind of odors coming out of the bathroom. You know I always have you covered.

And you must read my story on Barnes & Noble & the lines that were happening in high school. bathroom odor prevention with poo pourri essential oil formula | by the skinny confidentialWith that, I’m off to sip my inulin coffee. Hope you’re all having a fabulous, productive day & I’ll see you tomorrow.

x, lauryn

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  1. You read my mind! I actually wanted to try out Poo Pourri spray but couldn’t remember the name of the brand! That Privy line looks awesome and yes, more gut-focused posts please!

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

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