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meet up around the USA | by the skinny confidential

Can you blame me that I am very, VERY excited for this post?

Why, you ask? BECAUSE UM, a meet-up!!

That’s right. YESSSS.

For the past couple months I’ve been really brainstorming with TSC Team on ways to connect with you guys in a more intimate setting. The best way to do this seems to be a SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL MEET-UP!

Fun, right?

Basically I’ve been putting money aside to travel to three places in the US ( hopefully we can expand outside the US next time ) to come meet some of you! BUT I need to know where to go, so I sort of need you guys to tell me?

I was thinking we could meet up, hang out, & of course, I’ll bring the champagne ( & rosé ) and appetizers.

ALSO Michael & I were thinking of live podcasting at the meet-up too. You know like actually do an episode of TSC Podcast live with all of you guys there. We could sorta have like a full on discussion / Q & A sesh & then put the episode live on iTunes. Thoughts?

Everything is SO social media driven right now & it all feels kind of untouchable. So I think it would be cool to actually meet, talk, & have a real conversation without the computer?

The Nanz would be proud. Look at that, real conversation. Maybe I’ll bring her.

Also, if you’re a blogger, I would love to check out YOUR blogs. BYOC = bring your own computers!! I’m very open to sharing any blogger tips, checking out your sites, & helping in any way I can. I feel like a lot of you are bloggers & we can compare tips/tricks in person.

Ok so, let me know what you guys think! If you’re interested in a TSC meet-up, just fill out the survey below & leave any recommendations below.

OH! & the dates would probably be in the next couple months. If all goes well, we will make this a thing?

Anyway, SO looking forward to meeting some of you. Really, I am VERY excited.

Happy Sunday! Off to eat some watermelon jerky & watch Game of Thrones.

– lauryn x

+ two new exclusive posts are LIVE in TSC App: “How To Be Relentless” and “My Obsession With Peppermint Tea Explained.”

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Survey time! Give me some details so we can plan:

[powr-survey id=257c578e_1465506269190]

  1. This is such a great idea! Would love to meet you guys and steal a tip or two from you!


    Tamara – Topical Print Fever

  2. Love this idea! You should definitely come up to Canada (specifically Vancouver!) once you start expanding out of the US.

  3. omg I LOVE love love this for so many reasons. One, to meet you would be a dream (so damn inspiring!) and Two, it shows just how much you truly care about your readers which is so rad. Selfishly, I want SF butttttttt wine country would be super cute and fun, right?! I also love the idea of BYOC – and just making a COMMUNITY of it! Love and can’t wait to see where you end up. I will do my hardest to make one of them! x Shannon

  4. I’d love to meet you guys! I just recently started blogging and I always come to your blog for inspiration <3 Come to Washington D.C! 🙂

    x, Sam

  5. omg so much yes!!!

    please please please come to Vancouver, B.C. one day! if not, possibly Seattle so those of us from Vancouver could make the trip up 🙂

  6. How fun! Would love to connect if you come to Chicago. I’m at Let me know if you need restaurant/spa/gym/rooftop bar recommendations!


  7. I LOVE this idea. You’re such an inspiration to bloggers, and this shows how much you want to help us out! Thanks, Lauryn. I will do whatever I need to to make the meet up! EAST COAST PLEASE. Philly, NYC, DC I’m there.

    1. For anxiety, definitely make sure you’re taking care of your gut! Stress and anxiety can get worse if you’re digestion isn’t super regular. Make sure you’re taking a probiotic and magnesium daily. I hope this helps Ana!! xx

  8. Phoenix/Scottsdale (bougie vibes central), AZ! All my girlfriends, family and co-workers are readers. Would love to have you out here!

  9. Atlanta! I am sure you have SO many TSC in ATL. Also, ATL is such a fun, young and hip city. The 45 year old women here are more hip than me, I swear. In addition, it is a huge city for business, marketing, professionals and hustlers. Tons of bloggers and individuals in the beauty industry. Your tips and tricks on all things beauty, wellness, blogging, travel and business would be MUCH appreciated and eaten up. Hope to see you <3 Muah!

  10. I feel that Santa Barbara captures the feel of TSC, with the great food options and healthy lifestyle along the beach. It would be a fun place to start, especially because it’s very close to me lol. Hopefully I can attend wherever you choose, I’m obsessed with the TSC just like you’re obsessed with cayenne and jade rolling.

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