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Let’s Get Leggy: Shaving 101 Because I’m NOT A Waxer

In collaboration with Bic Soleil

let's get leggy | by the skinny confidential with bic soleil

Let’s get leggy, shall we?

I’ll be honest here: I’m totally one of those girls that ‘forgets’ to shave. We can’t all be supermodels & have perfectly shaved legs 24/7. BUT whenever I do shave, I SHAVE. I commit, you know?

For the record, I’ve never been a laser or wax girl. EVER. It just doesn’t work for me. I prefer to shave always. In the bathtub if I have time.

lets get leggy 2 | by the skinny confidentiallet's get leggy | by the skinny confidential with bic soleil

These are my tips for keeping your legs supermodel ready, year round:

+ SHAVE UP. OMMMMMGGG make sure you’re always shaving up. If you shave in weird directions, you may run the risk of getting ingrown hairs.

+ Make sure you have the right razor. This is VERY important. Some of my friends will have rusty razors & I NEARLY die. You definitely don’t want to shave with a rusty razor. Keep your razor out of water when you’re not shaving. Recently BIC® Soleil® sent me BIC® Soleil Shine® pretty white / yellow / pink razors that are EXTRA strong. I like my razor like my margarita, STRONG. You know? Let’s get the job done. These razors provide a SUPER close, easy shave which is just perfect on all ends. I keep these razors in my toiletry bag, the shower, & even in my car…BECAUSE you never know when you’re going to need a razor. Plus the cuter the razor, the better. There’s something very therapeutic about the razor matching my shower’s aesthetic. YES, we’ve established this, I’m psycho. My shower most certainly does have an aesthetic.

+ Shaving cream..this makes all the difference in the world. Without a good shaving cream, you’re screwed. We’ve all been there, there’s nothing worse than being in a rush to shave your legs without shaving cream. It reminds me of seventh grade when I used to not care & get those missing spots all over my legs. For shaving cream, I like EOS shaving cream ( maybe because it’s pink & again, fits with my shower’s aesthetic ).

+ Lately, when it’s time to shave my legs, I’ll make it an experience. This sounds weird, but it’s nice to play some Bossanova with candles & shave my legs in the bathtub as opposed to rushing out the door with missing spots all over my legs you know?

+ As far as how much of my legs I shave? I shave starting at the tip of my ankle all the way up my leg. I want to be as bare as a baby’s butt. Let’s fully finish the job if we’re going to start it.

+ Other random tips: shave in warm water, always shave LAST ( it opens the hair follicles & softens the hair, making it easier to shave ), & dry brush afterwards. Dry brushing afterwards stimulates the skin for some reason. I don’t really understand this but after a good shave, the dry brushing really pulls the whole thing together.

Do this ESPECIALLY before a spray tan. Also, I always shave at night. Trust me, it leaves your legs smoother.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

let's get leggy | by the skinny confidential with bic soleillets get leggy 5 | by the skinny confidential

Why shaving over waxing? Glad you asked. I’ve tried waxing before & it always grows back the same. So what is the point of ripping hair out of my skin for no reason? I’m just not a fan. I mean maybe if I could have a glass of wine before. But I prefer to avoid the pain & go for the shave. Maybe just me.

As far as laser: I’ve never tried it. But honestly it seems like it takes A LOT of effort – I’m more of a 5 minute, one & done kinda girl. Easy & quick. Which is why I prefer shaving, you know. I don’t have all day to worry about the hair on my legs.

To keep the theme of this post going, I created a dance party playlist because…

1.) you guys have been asking for one, 2.) when your legs are perfectly shaved, you totally want to throw on a little black dress, & 3.) there’s nothing better than an insane playlist when you’re going out with your girlfriends. NOTHING.

Head over to Spotify to access The Skinny Confidential PARTY PANTS Playlist ( of course you won’t be wearing pants while listening but you catch my drift ). When you’ve had a long day at work & you’re ready to have some fun, this playlist will totally do the trick. I feel like when you’ve worked ALL day there’s nothing better than a little brightness AKA going out with your friends for some champagne.

Life will instantly get brighter with this playlist, trust me!

OF COURSE, I have a bunch of other fun, sassy playlists too!!

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This post is really reminding me to shave my legs, the stubble is real today. So I guess I’ll go turn on the new playlist & whip out my razor. Much needed at this point considering I’ve been wearing leggings for three days.

If you have any shaving tips: SHARE. I’m thinking I’ll do a whole shaving series for you guys? Because let’s be honest, there are so many areas on the body…SO MANY….where there’s annoying hair. Stay tuned for more shaving realness.

Chat soon, lauryn xx

+ listen to the latest playlist.

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let's get leggy | by the skinny confidential with bic soleillet's get leggy | by the skinny confidential with bic soleil

  1. Lauryn! This was a super fun post. I love that you keep it real, that’s why I wanna know- would you ever do a post ABOUT brand sponsored/collaborated blog posts like this one? How they come about (through management on your end or the company itself?), what the payment is like, what the companies ask for (i.e you have pictures AND copy in this post – is there a photo minimum? do they send guidelines as to how the product needs to be captured?)? A lot of bloggers do sponsored posts while seemingly skimming over the fact that they’re getting paid to do so. There’s this reticence to talk about the fact that bloggers need to make money from posts too, and since you’re so transparent and authentic I thought you would be so good at writing about it! Anyway, just a question. love your blog!

  2. What do you think about hair removal creams? I’ve always been opposed because of the horrid scent and how little they seemed to work for me, but I recently tried some on impulse and loved how well it worked on stubble and how less…rotten…it smelled.

  3. I ALWAYS exfoliate before shaving. I think it was in Allure that I read this, but exfoliating helps the hairs loosen up and stand up better to get a closer shave! It really makes the biggest difference ever. One of my favorites is the Strawberry Body Polish by The Body Shop. It smells like fresh strawberries. It’s divine.


    Rebecca Rollolazo

    1. Laser hair removal is the best! I do my underarms & brazilian area. Each session is really quick, I literally am in & out within 10 minutes. You do have to do 6-8 sessions about 6 weeks apart. There’s not much pain, maybe a little in some sensitive areas. The hair that does grow back is way finer than before! I definitely recommend it

  4. Love this! Always in need of a new razor to try. Any tips for razor burn? Will try this new razor asap! Thanks! ♡
    xx Taylor | | @taylorwinkelmeyer

  5. I can’t stand when people use rusty razors either! Little tip – This sounds weird but after I shave, I always take my razor out of the shower, dry it off and leave it on a on a shelve in the cabinet under the sink (the razor lasts so much longer and never rusts). I NEVER leave it in the shower, it harbors bacteria that way.


  6. Use an exfoliating towel first and I stopped using women’s razors like 6 years ago. Men’s Gilette is where it’s at! (That is, when I actually DO shave). My poor boyfriend…

  7. Great post, Lauryn! I am a shaver too – I feel exactly like you. Waxing is just not for me. At all! But I definitely need a new shaver. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  8. Oh lordie girl…why on *earth* are you still shaving your legs…??!!? I’m totally shocked, lol. GET THEE to a laser, now. Laser is utterly amaze-balls. It will be the BEST money you have ever, ever, ever spent on anything, seriously. I’ve done my bikini, underarms, and legs – it’s simply heaven. And the appointments, btw, are crazy fast – they do not take hardly any time at all – even for legs.

  9. THANK YOU for this post!! I am tired of hearing girls tell me they would rather wax over shave and bla bla blahhhh. its so much more convenient and cost effective to just shave at home. I need to get on your level with the music and bath. Right now im just bent over in the shower trying to make it work without knicking the back of my knees!! hah

  10. So fee you on the shaving over waxing. What’s the point of waxing?!? It’s overrated.

    Bree | baby on the move –

  11. I’ve definitely become more of a shaver now, it’s just so simple and efficient!
    I grew up in Brazil, so I actually grew up waxing everything off – including legs and underarms. Nowadays I’ll only wax – or epilate – my legs if I’m away for a long holiday and don’t want to bring a razor with me. Way less suffering!

  12. Unrelated topic but did you ever find a chemical free deodorant that you liked. I know you were doing some research and testing some out, wondering if you had some results to share. Thanks 🙂 love your blog and all of your beauty knowledge!

  13. I have always been more fan of shaving too. Recently though I bought the Lumea machine from Philips and have added it to my hair removal routine. I have to say I have noticed my hair grows slower and some spots it has even started to disappear. Just in case you wanna give it a go 😉

  14. I’m a guy, so commenting to this post, is a little bit awkward. Just want to say that, all the girls out there that, whatever it is that you prefer, shaved or not, I wouldn’t mind at all. My girlfriend shaves her legs, and there are lazy days that she just doesn’t want to, at all. She only shaves her legs if she’s going to wear a short, skirt, or a dress. By the way girls, was thinking about buying her a shaving cream, she kept on changing shaving cream products, she sometimes complains about it, she has sensitive skin, so I don’t know anything about sensitive skin when it comes to ladies. Do you have any suggestions? Something that would not hurt her sensitive skin when shaving?

  15. There’s something very therapeutic about the razor matching my shower’s aesthetic… Haha love this!
    It definitely helps when your razor looks cute!

  16. Not all electric shavers can be used to shave legs, but can be used only for the first step in shaving legs, then continue using a razor and shaving cream for a perfect result.

  17. I’ve definitely become more of a shaver now, it’s just so simple and efficient!
    I grew up in Brazil, so I actually grew up waxing everything off – including legs and underarms. Nowadays I’ll only wax – or epilate – my legs if I’m away for a long holiday and don’t want to bring a razor with me. Way less suffering!

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