On Le Bloggy: The Stone Cold Fox Babes

July 13, 2013

Lauryn Evarts talks to the girls, Cydney and Dallas from Stone Cold Fox.

Lauryn Evarts talks to the girls, Cydney and Dallas from Stone Cold Fox.

Ok so, if you don’t know the brand Stone Cold Fox, come out from the rock you’re hiding underneath & get with it.

These badass babes are rad.

Cyd & Dallas’ line rocks my world. It’s super effortless, cool, & perfect for any hottie with a body.

So let’s just say I was pretty stoked to interview them! I mean, they’re everywhere: Urban Outfitter’s, Revolve Clothing, & check out their sex kitten lookbook here.

Happy Friday & enjoy!

+ Introduce yourselves.

Cydney Morris and Dallas Wand: Cydney Morris, 26 & from Venice beach ( designer/owner ) & Dallas Wand, 26 from Venice beach ( production/owner ). We own Stone Cold Fox.

+ Tell us about your line and how you got started?

CM & DW: We got started in 2009 as a blog & from there it has gradually grown into a gem of a company! The idea started after we both graduated college. We took Cydney’s senior fashion collection & turned it into a line. Now we are in several stores worldwide & we have an online shop on our website.

+ Quick skinny tips or tricks?

CM & DW: Work out regularly & cleanse every once in awhile. Feels good & gets you starting your week off to a good start!

+ Weekly workout schedule?

CM & DW: We do a lot of Soul Cycle, Pure Barre, & morning runs. Just depends what we’re in the mood for.

+ Favorite go-to healthy food?

CM & DW: Kale salad, definitely. Or a nice grilled salmon or tofu!

+ Cocktail of choice?

CM & DW: Tequila- Don Julio with lime & a splash of ginger beer.

Lauryn Evarts talks to the girls, Cydney and Dallas from Stone Cold Fox.

On Le Bloggy: The Stone Cold Fox Babes

+ Favorite SCF piece?

CM & DW: We love the ‘Holy Tube’ right now; it looks amazing on everyone & it’s great for the bust area ; ).

+ Can’t-live-without beauty product:

CM & DW: Emu Oil, Rosehip Oil, & a good blush.

+ What’s in your purses?

CM & DW: Credit cards, Kai Oil, Fresh Sugar tinted lip treatment, iPhone, & a water bottle.

+ Top five looks for spring/summer:

1.} The SCF ‘Amour Jumper’: great for over a bathing suit or with black boots & a blazer.

2.} The SCF Eyelet ‘Holy Tube’: so cute with denim cut offs or a leather skirt at night.

3.} The SCF x Beach Riot Galley Cook bathing suit: perfect for under maxi skirts or shorts.

4.} The SCF White ‘Onyx Gown’: we love this in the summertime with sandals. It’s one of those gowns that you can easily dress up, pair with a belt, &/or dress it down for a night out.

5.} The SCF ‘Love Jumper’ in Bloom: it’s another one of those amazing throw on items. It’s a definite show stopper & an instant fashionable look.

+ Quick, easy (healthy) recipe?

CM & DW: Anything on Sprouted Kitchen– we love the ‘bean bowl with poached eggs’ or ‘the tomato and burrata salad’

+ To follow the Stone Cold Fox girls on Insta, click here.

Check out my personal favorite Stone Cold Fox items:

Lauryn Evarts talks with the girls from Stone Cold Fox.

1.} Long-Sleeve Lace Dress in black or white

2.} Guerrilla Tank in black ( << my favie )

3.} Virgin Dress in black or white

4.} Onyx Gown in seafoam

5.} Crochet-Back Dress in white

6.} Lace Strap Cami in black & Scalloped Shorts

On Le Bloggy: The Stone Cold Fox Babes

Lauryn Evarts talks to the girls, Cydney and Dallas from Stone Cold Fox.


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