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Lauryn’s Top Picks From November

Lauryn's Top Picks From November

It’s time for another round up of monthly favorites. These are things that Lauryn loved last month, but also, these are the most loved/bought by YOU. Sharing is caring so let’s get right into it so you can see what the community loved in November.

This one really is a mixed bag – you guys are so multi-faceted and we love it!

Lauryn’s Top Picks From November:

stackable egg holder

glass storage containers with bamboo lids

electric garlic chopper


hot minute planner
Hunza G lilac scrunchie

label maker

Skims Ribbed Long Slipdress

Hunza G lilac swimsuit & scrunchie

Rika Sandals

crystal sound bowl


x, The Skinny Confidential team

+ stalk Lauryn’s Amazon storefront here.

++ scope all the pantry organization you need in your life.


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