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Lauryn’s Latest: Favorites Lately

Lauryn's Latest: Favorites Lately

You all know that Lauryn loves to search high and low to find the best products that she can try, test and recommend to you. As she says, she’s an over-sharer by nature and when she finds something she likes – well, she can’t shut up about it.

In the spirit of never gatekeeping and finding new fun things to try, here are Lauryn’s favorite things lately.

Lauryn’s Latest: Favorites Lately

Barefaced toning pads

The toning pads by Barefaced are something I’m always stocked with and I use them a few times a week. The way they’re helping my hyperpigmentation – I can’t believe it. They’re full of antioxidants, hydrating, fight dullness, improve skin texture and I fully recommend trying them. The reusable eye pads are brilliant too. If you want to hear how they were created, read this interview with the founder, Jordan Harper.

Use code SKINNY for 15% off your first purchase.

Snow Fox gua sha hair brush

THIS BRUSH! It feels so good on your scalp. What it does is brush over your reflexology lines and stimulates acupressure points. It boosts circulation to the scalp which can enhance hair growth. You can find all my other hair growth tips in this post.

Mane Addicts thermal brush

A recommendation from Hayley Heckmannthis brush makes my hair so bouncy, so shiny, so smooth – I just can’t get enough.

How to Get the No Makeup Makeup Look

Verona t-shirt

You may have seen this t-shirt all over my LTK shop recently. Get it in every color. It’s so comfortable and flattering, I’m absolutley obsessed.

Mint Roller

It comes everywhere with me. I use it to depuff and contour in the car, in between meetings and recording podcasts, anywhere really. Mint Roller is double-sided so you can use the V-shaped side to sculpt and drain your jawline, cheekbones and nose and the smooth side for everywhere else. It’s the best little on-the-go companion.

Gray phone case

Very into gray right now. These cases are so affordable and you can get them in any color you want. I have the whole rainbow. What can I say? I like to be coordinated.

Emi Jay claw clips

Love this big clip by Emi Jay. The styles are so fun but still classic. Using claw clips to put your hair up for Pilates, or for skincare give you much less breakage than traditional elastics. Plus, they’re easy to use. I have them all over my house and car.

TSC Mint Roller | Lauryn's Latest: Favorites Lately

Charger from Amazon

If you have a busy day where you’re on the go, this portable charger is a must. There’s one in my car and one in my bag at all times. It’s thin, compact and you can choose from a few different chic colors.

Black vest

Love this look for layering. This vest is perfect for transitional weather. Wear it with a long sleeved tee, a short sleeve tee or on it’s own. Super casual but gives you a put together, preppy look. You can read more of my fashion tips in this post.

Pilates socks

As well as weightlifting, I’ve been doing classic Pilates in a studio and with the Pilates by Bryony app (use code LAURYN for 2 months free). These socks are super grippy and the best I’ve found. Perfect for floor Pilates or Reformer Pilates and even at-home workouts.

If you’re loving these favorites and want more, be sure to checkout The Skinny Confidential team’s summer fashion finds, your most-loved items from last week and Lauryn’s favorite hair products right now.

x, Lauryn and The Skinny Confidential team

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