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Lauryn’s Latest 3 Favorite Things

Lauryn's Latest 3 Favorite Things | First Aid Beauty Cream


For the last few months, I have kept a note on my “Notes” app & on that list is a rundown of my absolute favorite things- I add each product slowly & thoughtfully, making sure each addition has added actual value to my life. Instead of overwhelming you with all of them (it’s a long list, let me tell you), I figured it’s the most effective to give you my favorites 3 at a time. So, here we are- today we are discussing 3 things that will enhance your life.

Think: the butteriest, baby pink sheets ever (linen is my obsession), a body cream that will slay your cracked heels, AND a tumbler that is retro, the ideal size, & the best cup for hangovers (we will get to that mkay?). You know when I love something, I commit to it. Each of these are products I use daily & you’ll see why below.

But before we get into it, I have to say: I would very much appreciate each of you sharing your ride or die in the comments when you’re finished reading this post.


BECAUSE I want to make a list of your favorites too- like I want to purchase some of your obsessions, try them out, & make a whole list. It will be fun.

Anyway, let’s do this:

Lauryn’s Latest 3 Favorite Things


1. First Aid Beauty Cream:

The best cream that is. This cream is everything you ever wanted- a cream that reminds me of what my glamorous grandma used to use when I was little that solved all her problems, but better. This cream is a famous cream- everyone loves it. The reviews are glowing & my sister, Mimi, who’s a real freak about her skin is IN LOVE WITH IT. Even Jackie Schimmel of The Bitch Bible raves about this cream- & that’s very amazing because she’s picky with her products. It’s by First Aid Beauty & it has colloidal oatmeal & Shea butter which is the ideal medley if you have cracked skin, you guys know, because I have talked about them so often.

My heels were so cracked after pregnancy they looked like a broken window LOL. AND THEN I got a stress rash. Heard of it? UGH- the WOAT. Basically, whenever I get stressed, I itch my legs- this cream was the only thing that helped. Keeps things hydrated in the best way. Other pros: not greasy, lightweight, & helps with any kind of dry/rashy skin. You will love.

(AND since we are the topic of First Aid Beauty, I feel like I need to inform all 2011-2021 college grads that they have this FABULOUS program: they’re committing 1 MILLION (!!!) dollars to pay off student debt. You might remember they worked on a similar program last year, but have expanded it for 2021! And here’s the best part: 10% of the retail sales of Ultra Repair Cream and limited-edition FAB AID kits that include the cream will be added to their commitment.

Students get 15% off their products too which I think is so amazing, especially because when I was in college I was broke as joke.

The student loans everywhere let me tell you- I literally just paid them off a year ago which is so nuts. To enter you just fill out this form & share a short video sharing your student loan story- simple, easy, & most importantly, SMART!). 

2. Buttery, baby pink sheets: 

Ok, ok so my husband is not the biggest fan of pale pink but that’s his problem, not mine LOL. He will have to live with it for a while. I have made sacrifices for him so this will have to be one he makes for me. I first became VERY into linen sheets last summer- on a whim I decided to try them out & fell in love. They’re so romantic & light and this is weird so bear with me, but there’s something so nice about making the bed when the sheets are linen.

I have a real affinity for making the bed. Like every morning it has to happen or I can’t start my day- you know what I mean? So, when we have sheets that make that daily job easier, I’m about it. These linen sheets tuck in the loveliest way & they pull taut, so it looks like a hotel bed. You know the beds- at hotels- they always look so amazing when they’re made. That’s what I was after, a hotel bed.

Anyway, slight tangent but necessary to give you an in-depth explanation of the linen situation.

My first set was white, which I highly recommend because you can’t go wrong with classic white. The second set (because I loved them so much, I just HAD to get another set) obviously is baby pink. Because having another option is fun. Linen is all the things: bacteria resistant, practical, elevated, classic, crispy but soft, luxurious, sex up any bed, anti-allergic, ventilating, AND they’re amazing for the whole family (babies included, Zaza has some on her organic mattress!). I found this hot, little fact about them too: they’re 30% more durable than cotton. 

Trust me, try linen sheets & you’ll be over cotton for a bit. Start with white, but if you’re feeling bold try the baby pink.

Which brings me to my next product rec for you…

3. Tumbler

The perfect-sized tumbler (or hangover cup): ok so here’s the deal, I have a crushed ice maker that makes my world go round. No really, it’s by far one of the best purchases I made in 2020. You can get the scoop here. But what makes the Coffee Bean-esque ice even better is…wait for it…the tumbler. That’s right, you don’t want to use any old, crusty cup. You want a specific cup. And this one is .50 cents from Target. I got 8 because Zaza is obsessed with them. She always sees Mommy drinking from this cup, so now she wants the cup- seems to be how babies work, no?

So, this cup is ideal for mint/ginger/lemon crushed ice hangover waters. You want a BIG silicone straw too. I am obsessed. You could also do iced coffees. Or perhaps a tequila, Topo Chico, grapefruit situation? The sky is the limit. This cup is cute- real cute. It’s the perfect size. The price is right. I love it- I can’t live without it. I realize this sounds strange, but this blog has always featured random little hacks that make your life easier, so you know I had to share. 50 cents- get 10. You will love them. They come in other colors too if pink isn’t your jam.

…However, how INCREDIBLE would your pink tumbler filled with magical spa water next to your baby pink linen sheets & delicious, whipped body cream? 

I mean…

Ok that’s all for now- stay tuned for my next installment of my favorites. We will do this again. A lot. Hopefully one day with your recs- be sure to share below. 

Love, Lauryn x

+ stalk my favorite things from 2020.

++ read about my full college experience here. 

  1. My go to skin care products are the Laurel brand. They are whole plant, flower/herbal based products and my skin just soaks up the nutrients. My favorites are the antioxidant serum, California body oil and hydrating elixir. Definitely a must for high quality, slow beauty!

  2. I LOVE that you featured the FAB moisturizer – it has always been my favorite! Thank you for always bringing the prime content, you are my fave!!

  3. My go-to product is the Drunk Elephant bronzing drops! Leaves a great touch of color with out being too heavy!

  4. Obsessed with the First Aid Beauty cream. I use that and Versed Daily Dissolve every day. Best makeup remover ever. I combine it with a microfiber Erase Your Face towel to remove every trace of mascara.

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