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Lauren Conrad’s Perfect Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lauryn Evarts makes Lauren Conrad's sea salt chocolate chip cookies.Lauryn Evarts makes Lauren Conrad's sea salt chocolate chip cookies.

Lauryn Evarts makes Lauren Conrad's sea salt chocolate chip cookies.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know yesterday was my birthday ( << such a Gemini, right?! ).

So in true birthday fashion I whipped up my favorite treat: super simple chocolate chip cookies.

And for the record I’m a picky bitch when it comes to my chocolate chip cookies.

AKA a total Gemini.

Gemini’s are the sign of the twins, so typically they want what they can’t have but when they have what they want, they’re looking for the next thing.

So anyway when it comes to chocolate chip cookies I like them crunchy but I also like them chewy. I like them warm but I like them the next day too…so basically I’m just really confused.


This recipe put all my cookie concerns to rest.

First things first, make sure you use an ice cream scoop to make your dough balls. You want them to be perf & an ice cream scoop really does the trick.

Next, store your dough for 24-48 hour before you bake. So don’t make your dough the day of & throw it in the oven— be patient.

Seriously though, patience is what makes the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Lauryn Evarts makes Lauren Conrad's sea salt chocolate chip cookies.

Ok so let’s talk about Lauren Conrad.

If you don’t know who she is then clearly you were sleeping all of 2007/8/9. I mean, come on! Hello! She was on a little show called The Hills. She’s the girl that everyone said was the ‘prettiest crier ever.’ I can vividly remember where I was circa 2009 when Heidi & Lauren’s friendship ended. It was so traumatizing, OMG.

Anyway, this is LC’s recipe but naturally I took her recipe & modified it.

For example I used dark chocolate chips instead of semi sweet ( more antioxidants in dark, der! ). I also used light brown sugar instead of dark, because dark brown sugar is nasty in my book ( it’s way too overwhelming ). & lastly, I cut the sea salt in half. I’ve never been a salt fan ( unless we’re talking about Flaming Hot Cheetos. Their salty, spicy goodness gets me every time!! FML. ). So basically this is a skinnier version of L.Conrad’s sea salt chocolate chip cookies.

These babies were enjoyed on my patio ( << I just redid it & can’t wait to share it with you guys! ) with a chilled glass of my favorite Pinto Grigio & a good book.


Ok, so what’s your favorite b-day treat? xx. le

Lauryn Evarts makes Lauren Conrad's sea salt chocolate chip cookies.Lauryn Evarts makes Lauren Conrad's sea salt chocolate chip cookies.

  1. This looks soo yummehh! God Im going to give it a try soon for my family 😀 hope it will work!. Thank you love for sharing this yummy recipe <3 ^_^

  2. I love love love chocolate chip cookies, my mom used to make them for me all the time growing up but of course with Crisco *yuck* I have to pick up her book I adore Lauren! Lots of Love C

  3. Those look AMAZING! Gah I hear ya on the way you like your chocolate chip cookies. I’m the same way too! I haven’t had cookies in a long time so I’ll try your version of the recipe soon. 😉 Thanks girly, and I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Happy belated birthday <3

  4. Oh no, I can see myself eating the cookie batter before they are even baked! They look delicious!

    Hannah xx

  5. Ahh! Love the recipe and I am a Gemini too, June 19th. Oh! And I am a twin! Can totally relate to that feeling Happy Bday babe and I can’t wait to whip up these cookies for my own bday!

    xoxo Pri

  6. First off Happy Belated Bday! Sounds like it was amaze! Im totes trying these esp your new version….and I love when you say “der”. 🙂


  7. I love this recipe a lot better than the original (no offense to Lauren– I love you) and Happy birthday! May all your wishes, dreams, and desires come true and the world yours for the taking!

  8. What does letting the batter sit do? I’m guessing it’s to let the air out? My fav trick is, once the batter is scooped out, to give the baking sheet a few hard taps against the counter to get rid of air bubbles, which results in that denser, flatter, crispier cookie.

  9. LOL at your comments about being a Gemini. I was born 5/26 and basically i totally get you. thanks for keeping it REALZ b/c i need that in this world.

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