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Latest YouTube Addition: What’s In My Purse?!

What's in my bag?!

I swear my arm goes slightly numb because of the weight of my everyday handbag…but I can’t stop, won’t stop carrying every single thing ‘I need’.

You NEVER KNOW, right?

I may or may not have 3 phone charger packs…( they’re THE BEST! ).

Since I always see the ‘What’s In My Purse’ articles in US Weekly, I figured I’d share a visual of my purse. So, on the last TSC YouTube channel shoot, I literally emptied the contents of my black backpack for you guys!

What's in my bag?!

Products used:

black backpack
♡ white camera
tinted moisturizer w/ SPF
grey tee
black sunglasses
floral makeup bag
♡ grapefruit lip balm
white nail polish
palm print cell case
♡ tangerine, unavailable because I ATE IT! HA.

I’m filming more YouTube videos this week, so PLEASSSSSEEE ( please, please!! ), let me know all your requests. I want to make sure I’m filming what you guys actually WANT to watch : ).

Ok I’m off to watch Shark Tank ( I’m so obsessed with this show, it’s BAD! ).

Also, check out what’s in my gym bagpurse, beach tote, & Cabo bag!

– Lauryn, xx

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What's in my bag?!

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  1. Love your visual, so inspiring, as always.

    In love with your floral makeup bag though, it was the first thing that got my eyes.

    And yeah.. You look GORG! Just perfect!!

  2. Hey! Can you do a video on shaving? You said something about shaving with coconut oil? If not can you just do a post please :))

  3. Left a few ideas on your YouTube page for beauty tutorials I’d love to see (those lashes – damn girl!) but also would loveee to see your thought process/brainstorm process behind your home decor choices (do you pick the color pallete first? do you pick a staple piece and kind of work around that? things like that 🙂

  4. Fantastic!! What’s in my bag is my fave page of US magazine. I always thought it would be fun to do a gritty real world version on my bag, because I tell yah it’s a mess! I also love that you’re doing videos, they are so well shot…I have yet to master this. How about a video on doing video? 😉 Jill

    1. You can find it here: (mine is sold out but I just bought this one because I like it better!).

  5. I’ve read about your makeup routine in your book and I know you’ve discussed a bit on the blog. But, Id love to see an actual video of it – it’d be super helpful 😉

  6. this may be a weird observation but your eyelashes are gorgeous!! are you just wearing mascara or are they extensions? I would love to know your secret haha. love all these videos 🙂

  7. I like that bag A LOT! I’m starting a YouTube channel soon too! I’m so nervous though I look up to you so much for starting! I’m so scared! Great video xxx

  8. (1) A typical trip to a grocery store


    (2) Day vs Night make-up tutorial, specifically emphasizing the type of foundation you prefer to use.

    Thanks! 😀

  9. Absolutely freaked out when I saw you mention Skin Authority Age Defying Moisturizer. I just started using it and literally decided yesterday that I’m obsessed with it. Love your videos & blog!

  10. I love the video. It’s always fun to read the what’s in my bag articles in us weekly and you did it even better with a fab video. I’d love to see a post or video on what you eat during a normal day, or a video on your fav quickie exercises. Xo

    1. You can find it here: (mine is sold out but I just bought this one because I like it better!).

  11. Loved the video! Keep the videos coming! My friends and I have all subscribed! We would love to see more DIY tutorials, a skincare video, tour of your home decor, spring/summer outfit ideas, date night ideas, accessories collection… We love your blog, we all have your book and we absolutely love you YouTube channel! Can’t wait to see more videos!

  12. i’m such a sunglasses addict and love my Karen Walkers so much so thanks for pointing out a new brand/style i need 😉 Great vid yet again! xo

  13. I love this post! It reminds me of when I used to babysit as a teenager and I had a strange curiosity for what was in the closets and pantries of the people that I babysat for. So, its no surprise that I am equally fascinated by what is in people´s bag. Says so much about them.

    P.S. Can´t wait to get my hands on some alligator clips!

    By the way, I would love for you to do a post on “WTF´s in my Pantry” 🙂


  14. I love your Kate Spade IPad Case!!! I have a very similar one only mine is black and white with polka dots 🙂 I’m obsessed with everything Kate Spade lol xoxo

    1. You can find it here: (mine is sold out but I just bought this one because I like it better!).

  15. I’d love to see a Trader Joe’s haul! Or even something like the staple groceries you pick up from Whole Foods or Jimbos 🙂 WIYP – what’s in your pantry!

  16. Would love to see a video on your soft, dewy, amazing makeup in this video – So gorgeous!
    Also perhaps your daily eating routine/schedule at home and on the go

  17. In your fridge please? How you arrange your house? In your supplement collection? Typical make up? More videos please! x

  18. Such a cute vid! Question: since you are a sun psycho (totally awesome) what do you do to get a fake sun kissed look? Do you get spray tans or use a lotion yourself? My boyfriend always makes fun of me because I can NEVER get the lotions to go on right! And spray tans frequently can add up $$…. thanks girl!

  19. Hi Lauryn!

    The camera you linked doesn’t look quite the same as the one you have in the vid. What camera do you have? I’m in love with it and want that exact one if possible!

    Thanks 🙂

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