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Mini DeLites: France + Happenings


{ shirt is by Rolling Roses Boutique– they have the cutest vintage tees }

MINI DELITES FRANCE 6 | by The Skinny Confidential

{ my go-to always | purse }

It’s been a minute since I posted Mini DeLites. So here I am- writing, at my hole in the wall sushi restaurant eating $5 dollar chicken teriyaki ( light sauce ) with a happy hour Pinot Grigio ( it COULD be a little less sweet but what can you do? ). Mimi & I are working here because we wanted to fight traffic but it’s like 2 hours after traffic & we are still here. We love what we do! Which is why I want you all to create your own compelling future– when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.

Ok! So, happenings.

Happenings are like what’s been happening. What’s up? What’s new? What’s going on? You know, just random thoughts.

I’ll get right into it.

As you know we went to France for like 3 & a half weeks. We lived there for a while in a house in St. Tropez ( you can find out all the details on the podcast ). It was magical but I definitely felt antsy to come back to work- I worked while we were there but there’s something reassuring about being in San Diego/LA. I will do a full breakdown on France soon ( where to go, what to eat ( bread ), & what to wear ). If you follow along on Snapchat & IG Stories you kind of know the gist of the trip which included so much pasta, a lot of wine, jokes, Michael’s purse, sun ( but I was in the shade with a visor ), a little working out, reading, & family. It was real fun…& you know how I LOVE LUNCH. They lunch everyday there which is just so ideal. Lunch is my favorite meal, if it’s done right. There’s nothing better than a GOOD lunch. Especially when it involves BREAD!! I ATE SO MUCH BREAD.

MINI DELITES FRANCE 1 | by The Skinny Confidential

{ my ideal packing situation | pink suitcase x rosé }

MINI DELITES FRANCE 4 | by The Skinny Confidential

{ La Réserve de Beaulieu in France }

Next up. Well the second we got back it was back to work. Firstly I had the opportunity to speak about confidence at Bang Bang in San Diego on behalf of the cool-ass, Lady Killas. They’re rad- 40% of the ticket sales went to the charity, Girls Rising ( which is a non-profit organization. Girls Rising helps girls achieve success through a mentoring program by pairing each girl with an individual mentor to serve as a positive, consistent role model in their lives. ). The attendees were a bunch of women ( hustlers, entrepreneurs, business bosses ) who wanted to network & connect. It was amazing to see that some of you met through TSC Secret FB group- THIS IS WHAT IT’S ABOUT. If you were there be sure to leave your information below ( website, IG handle, whatever ) so I can check you out. WANT TO MAKE SURE whoever attended got a meal plan too! I met SO many badass women- everyone was SO COOL. I will put my speech up on TSC Podcast asap.

We definitely had some champagne…

Which brings me to the next day! Champagne does not mix well when you have to wake up VERY early. Wouldn’t recommend it. We had to be up bright & early for a speech at Chula Vista High School. The coordinators, Luis & Erick, were amazing & set Michael & I up with 200 students to discuss creating your own future. The students were so warm & sweet- we had THE BEST TIME. So many aspiring YouTubers, which was just really fucking cool to see. If anyone is out there who’s a teacher in the SD or LA area, we’d love to speak more to high schoolers. Both of us were blown away- the students were so goal-oriented & driven. It was special.

MINI DELITES FRANCE 9 | by The Skinny Confidential

{ so Instagrammy at Dior Cafe }

MINI DELITES FRANCE 7 | by The Skinny Confidential

{ Aperol Spritz: 2 oz Prosecco, 1 1/4 oz Aperol, soda water with lemon ( top | sunglasses ) }

One second later we had a podcast shoot. The podcast shoot was kind of a promo shoot for upcoming episodes. We are very focused on bringing you guys tons of value through the podcast & we want our pictures/content to reflect our vision. If you missed it, we put up a new podcast on mistakes last week AND this week’s podcast is on Tony Robbins ( you’ll learn all about the art of fulfillment & the science of achievement ). I’d love to hear what content you guys are interested in or any guest recommendations.

When I attended Tony Robbins, CONTRIBUTION was something I wanted to focus down on. So you guys have to scoop my latest Instagram– I am SO PROUD OF THE AMAZING TSC COMMUNITY. So many of you helped make contributions to a badass cause. To get specific, we helped Whiskey, the cat, get an eye ( he was a rescue cat without an eye- see my IG for details ). Whiskey is the cutest kitten & now he will get the help he needs.

MINI DELITES FRANCE 5 | by The Skinny Confidential

{ a peak at IG Stories of a fun braid by @janaragohair }

Since we are on the subject of charity, Michael & I just donated to American Red Cross to help those effected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston. Check them out if you’re looking for a way to aid the victims of the hurricane. They’re doing everything they can to help. If anyone knows a charity geared towards animals affected, PLEASE let me know. I have been looking for a good, legit charity to help the animals but have not had a lot of luck.

Ok, ok- over & out. Thank you to everyone who came out last Thursday- there’s many more meet-ups on the horizon ( SD, NYC, Austin? ).


Happy Tuesday! x lauryn

+ france clothing deets | Mimi’s experience

MINI DELITES FRANCE 3 | by The Skinny Confidential

{ burrata at the cutest island ever: The Île Sainte-Marguerite }

MINI DELITES FRANCE 2 | by The Skinny Confidential

{ a pic from Snapchat: MONACO- where James Bond was filmed! }


  1. For the animal rescue efforts in Texas:

    Thanks for including the relief efforts in your post! It makes everything you’ve written before that even more beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much for donating to the Red Cross for Harvey victims!! I’m from Houston (but live in NY now) and the past week has been horrible watching things unfold. If you do find a charity that helps the animals effected, please let me know as well! I’d love to do everything that I can until I can get down there.

  3. Please send donations too Dallas DogRRR here: They’re working directly with the owners of Tall Tails Animal Rescue, Kat and Kevin. These two saints have lost everything but the clothes on their backs when a dam opened up North of them without warning and flooded their shelter, trapping over 100 dogs, cats, and pigs. Their main focus was just to rescue their animals without any regards for their personal possessions.

    They worked tirelessly and never gave up on their furbabies and got EVERY SINGLE animal out alive safely. Now they’re scrambling to find shelter, food, and water for their beloved animals. You can check out their story here:

    Alicia is also affiliated with this group and is currently on the ground going around rescuing abandoned dogs that were affected by Harvey. You can check out her fb here: She has a link to another place where you can donate on her page or you can click here:

  4. I’m from Houston (moved to LA) and my family is there now. This group is legit and needs financial assistance. They have a long road ahead of them with rescue, finding owners and getting pets adopted. This amazing group is currently in Houston and surrounding areas saving animals domestic and wild.

  5. I chose Austin Pets Alive for donations toward animal shelters. It’s a no kill shelter that has taken in over 300 animals from Harvey’s destruction. LOVE that you are bringing awareness to its importance

  6. I donated to Austin Pets Alive and Dallas DogsRRR. Both organizations are doing rescue missions and are taking in so many dogs that were left tied up outside. Thanks for spreading the word about the animals too! They’re so helpless and need us.

  7. Austin Pets Alive has now taken in over 600 animals from Houston. They’re just all around the tits! You can check out what they’ve been doing and how you can help here
    Thanks for thinking of the four legged evacuees too!

  8. Hey Lauryn! I donated to
    They’re helping take in a TON of the animals. I have a friend who works for them so that’s a plus too : )

  9. Check out the best friends animal society, they specifically help shelters when events like this happen!

  10. @muttnation is doing great work, going in to rescue 70 dogs at a time in Houston ans taking them to shelters in nearby states.

  11. Hi Lauren! Here’s a great article that lists out a bunch of animal charities and shelters. So happy you’re asking! You’re the sweetest and very thoughtful. Thousands of people in the Houston and surrounding areas just entered Dallas for shelter with their pets as well as these shelters have taken in pets who have lost their owners.

  12. I have been looking for your favorite purse FOREVER and can not find it anywhere! Anyone have any tips? Its not on the website linked….

    1. It’s by Shashi on Revolve! I searched like crazy for it and luckily my obsessive detective skills paid off 🙂

  13. Either Austin Pets Alive or Dallas DogsRRR (go to their insta page dallasdogsrrr and you will see the horrible things these poor animals endured from the flooding) thank you for your help!!!!

  14. Lance McCullera with the Houston Astros has a fantastic foundation set up for animal rescue and assistance.

    It’s a foundation he has had set up for a while now but with the devastation in Houston he is really spearheading it now!


  15. Austin Pets Alive! is a great shelter to donate to! They’ve been bringing in rescues from Houston. We adopted one of our pups from them 3 years ago and had the best experience.


      This is the link to Austin Pets Alive donation page-they are keeping their current status up to date and listing out specific items that they’re needing.

  16. Please do another meet up in NYC! I missed the last one and would love to come to one!!

  17. Check out Miranda Lamberts animal shelter charity thing, they have already rescued over 200 animals from Houston (probs more now) and seemed pretty legit. I read an article on Refinery 29 if you wanna check it out.

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