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Why Being A ‘Larry Lazy’ Sucks

Lauryn Evarts talks fitness, health, and diet.

Oh, lazzzzzy days.

We’ve all experienced them.

Sometimes being lazy is fun.

But it’s totally, not at all fun when you’re Larry Lazy 24/7.

& FYI: I’m not just talking being lazy when it comes to fitness.

I’m talking about becoming lazy with your diet, relationship, friendship, work, & life in general. I’m also talking about being lazy when it comes to working on YOURSELF.

I know, life can be hard. A real balancing act.

But lazy never got anyone anywhere. Plus it’s not good for you, your ass, or your honey.

Let me get all vulnerable here for a sec: there’s definitely been days where laying bed sounded way better than getting off my ass to return e-mails, work towards my list of goals, workout, etc. If I sat here & told you guys I’m never lazy, I’d be lying my ass off. Even in a relationship it’s easy to get lazy ( << friendships too! ).

I’ve been trying to manage my lazy days.

Lately I’ve kept them reserved for Sundays ( read more on that here )— for me, it helps to keep a healthy momentum going throughout the week & then relax on Sunday.

Ultimately, it’s important to do whatever works for you…but if you notice yourself feeling lazy everyday, every week, every second— practice a lil self discipline.

I saw this quote on Insta the other day: “you have as many hours in a day as Beyonce.”


If you don’t like something get off your ass & change it!

Happy hump day <3,


  1. Wow, couldn’t agree more. I recently started working out every single day, and I found the discipline I imposed on myself carried over to other parts of my life too! Now I find myself really trying to kick everything into high gear in life.

  2. I agree, like 100%. I think it’s also good to know what triggers your lazy tendencies. For me it’s when I overbook myself. I start to think “if I can’t finish all of it, I won’t finish any of it.” Totally flawed thinking.

  3. I feel this, ive become a lazy larry lately. Letting everything get to me, but that insta quote just made me laugh. Need to get off my ass now and get too it!

  4. When I give into my laziness I just end up feeling guilty for being lazy so it’s never worth it in the end. I also find I never feel like going for a run but always end up feeling incredible afterwards so it’s totally worth it:) Megan @

  5. About 4 years ago, I was SO sick of hating my body. I moved to another city, starting working out sixish days a week, and started running, and subsequently running marathons. I eat better, I love the way my body looks, and I feel so energized, compared to the way I did before. Getting off my ass and changing it changed my life. You’re right!

  6. I needed this so much this week – that Beyoncรฉ quote is going to be on postit bites all over my apartment until I get out of my lazy rut! Great post – thank you!


  7. I’ve had so many lazy days recently I am beginning to dread them! The less lazy days there are the more we appreciate them!

  8. So true. That Beyonce quote especially gets me when its been a long day and I don’t want to work out. Someone like Beyonce puts in crazy long days every day and still hits the gym. I’m trying to get better about lazy mornings.. I get off to a slow start a lot of days and feel like I could improve my efficiency if I got up and moving a little earlier.

  9. So true. Lately I have been feeling like I am always exhausted and never able to get caught up or motivated. I’ve been struggling to get even a single chore done in the evenings. But other times I go through periods where I’m energized and able to tackle everything. I need to find a way to flip that switch. I love that Beyonce quote! Gonna remind myself of that one.

  10. TOTALLY agree! As good as it feels to relax and just totally enjoy being comfortable and cozy, I usually feel much better if I reserve that time for AFTER I’ve been productive. If I do it the other way around and procrastinate work until later, I usually spend most of my ‘relaxing’ time dreading the work I really need to do. Plus, I generally always feel better after I’ve been productive. Never regretted a day of productivity!

  11. Amen sistah! Nothing feels better than getting stuff done and actually being proud of yourself. We love our chill days but love to be busy too! XO

  12. I feel ya there! Just met with a girl for a potential work opportunity that I was wanting to put off – SO glad I did it, meeting went great!

  13. Really love this post, I like how you tell things like it is and don’t sugarcoat anything! I have tons of things to do in school now but I just keep postponing everything and then I get even more stressed out. It’s not like I have anything better to do, so I just have to tell myself to do it and stop being so lazy.

  14. This was a great thinspiring post! I live by the mantra “no on on thier death bed says ‘I wish I got more sleep'” So don’t put off what you can do today for tomorrow. Even if it’s calling that guy back, sending off that email or putting back those chips.

  15. Great post! I agree we need to care about ourselves enough to get off our butts and take care of ourselves and our relationships! However, for some, laziness could be a sign of mental or emotional struggle. So when we don’t feel like it, we should ask ourselves why we are so unexcited or unmotived to do our best in life! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. There are NO SUCH THINGS AS Lazy Days in my life!!! I am ALWAYS doing something productive to better me, my brand, my work life, my social life, etc!!

    PS: A nap is very productive too every so often ๐Ÿ˜‰

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