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KRISTIN CAVALLARI Talks Jewelry, Diet, And Why She’s Type A

Kristin Cavallari is goals.

I dislike the saying goals but she is goals, right.

She’s a mom of THREE. LIKE CRAZY!! Her bod is insane & she seems to balance writing a book, her husband, kids, chic shoe line empire, & now jewelry line…all while wearing heels, of course.

When Kristin & her team reached out I KNEW I HAD TO GET HER ON TSC. Immediately. She beats to the tune of her own drum & I needed to get her secrets. SO not only is she on the blog today, she will ALSO be coming on the podcast early next year when her SECOND ( just no big deal ) book comes out. You know I love a hustler.

Kristin took her platform of Laguna Beach & The Hills…and just ran with it. She’s a prime example of a woman who’s created a strategic future ( who’s completed their compelling future by design printable?! If Kristin doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will! ).

Anyway, I’ll let Kristin do the talking because I’m sure you’re dying for her tips, tricks, & to check out her latest jewelry line: UNCOMMON JAMES.

Give us some background of how you got into jewelry? Like all the details- how did your idea come to reality?

Kristin Cavallari: My dream was always to have a shoe line, which I thankfully launched about 5 years ago. I’ve loved being in the accessories world since I think they make or break your outfit. Jewelry was the next natural step for me and Uncommon James is very special since it’s my own company.

It’s the first time in my life I have complete creative freedom which is the best feeling in the world. 

When you design- who are you designing for?

KC: The modern woman- a girl on the go who doesn’t want to spend 10 minutes trying on jewelry. She wants fashion to be easy; throw these pieces on and never take them off. 

Favorite piece in the line and why?

KC: It’s honestly hard to pick just one. I go through phases where I like one more than others. I’ve been obsessed with All Day, Purdy, & the Fishbone necklace at different times since they are all effortless and go with everything. 

Talk to me about layering jewelry- what’s your layering strategy?

KC: Keep everything dainty and I never do more than three necklaces. You want them all to be slightly different lengths so each piece stands out. 

You’re a busy mom- how do you balance work life/home life?

KC: I wouldn’t be able to do it without my husband ( cheesy but true ). He’s incredibly hands on with the kids and I never have to think twice about leaving him alone with them for a couple of days. My mother-in-law is also a saint; she watches the kids whenever we ask.

I always get everything I need to get done during the day so come dinner time, I’m never looking at my phone or thinking about work and I can just focus on my babies. 

What keeps you organized? Any apps we need?

KC: My type A personality! I’m naturally super organized, I can’t think straight when everything is all over the place.

I have 3 separate calendars with everything written down ( my phone, a calendar in my office, and a big one on the wall with everyone’s schedules ). 

What is your plan for the jewelry line? We’d love to hear what’s in store for Uncommon James!

KC: I just launched a couple of months ago so I’m still working out some kinks but overall I’m excited to keep bringing women simple, effortless jewelry.

I’ll also be launching Uncommon James Home in 2018!

How does social media play a role in the line?

KC: I’m very thankful for social media because in a sense, it’s free advertising for me. 90% of my sales come from Instagram so I’m grateful for it. It’s a nice way to connect with fans in a way we never had before. 

Switching it up- what are your favorite 3 easy, go-to snacks when you’re running to the office?

KC: Well my office is in my house! But when I’m traveling, I love Epic Bars, homemade trail mix, and almond butter packets & cashew butter packets.

 What’s next? You’re such a hustler!

KC: I have a pre-show for all the big award shows this year on E!. I’m also working away on launching Uncommon James Home, I have a cookbook, True Roots, out in the spring, and I’m constantly working on my shoe line and Uncommon James Jewelry. 

Where can everyone find you and your line on social?

KC: Follow us at: @kristincavallari @uncommonjames!

kristin cavallari uncommon james | by the skinny confidential


downtown ear cuff

+ purdy necklace 

+ alpas bracelet

+ illicit ring

Huge thanks to Kristin for taking the time to hang out on The Skinny Confidential! Stalk her line here ( I love the Fishbone ).

x lauryn

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  1. Such a great interview! It’s amazing how far she’s come since Laguna Beach – so inspiring and love her determination and jewelry designs.

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