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Kris Jenner’s FAMOUS Lemon Cake

We want to show up tomorrow with a cake or something festive. But in reality who has time to bake 3 cakes? I sure don’t.

Well I just solved this problem for you. Eer, well actually Kris Jenner did.

Let me explain. Last week I was watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians. You know the one where Kris & Khloe have a bake-off? Missed that one? Oh, well it was a good one. Anyway, they have this whole bake-off & Kris makes her famous cake. A cake she’s been making for 20 years. Actually she even is said to have made it for Lamar Odom weekly when he was married to Khloe, #TBT. AND IT’S A LEMON CAKE!

Of course you know how I love lemon so my ears perked up from my laptop. Khloe gives her so much shit because this famous cake she bakes is out of a box. Well two boxes, actually- but we’ll get to that.

Listen, I am a busy bitch so something like this is right up my alley. I like Kris’ style. She does it all & bakes an insane, delicious, famous lemon cake? I want IN.

Like I love the whole juggle of the situation.

So I investigated. I do what I do best. Remember when I found their tea? Or how about those damn salad bowls? I’m all about the dig.

AT FIRST all I could find was Kris saying “fresh eggs & fresh oil, duh.” I LIVE. But I dug deep into the deep, dark web & found one measly article on Kris Jenner’s famous lemon cake.

If you follow along on IG Stories & Snapchat you know I made FOUR CASUAL LEMON CAKES last night. So look at me- Suzy Fucking Homemaker ready to show up to Christmas with my hands full of cakes for everyone. Not boring cakes either…TASTY, buttery soft lemon cakes! You know my relationship with lemon!! This is the perfect yearly tradition for me!

Who gives a shit if it’s out of the box?

Ok, Khloe does. But I sure don’t! I’m more of a Kris than a Khloe anyway. You?

Moving right along.

This is a “recipe” I can give you the night before Christmas & you can pull off.

WHY? BECAUSE it’s a total GET SHIT DONE CAKE. The “recipe” is easy & no one will know.

Well, I guess some people will know because my Dad reads my blog. Shit.

Anyway, you don’t have all day so let’s get to the easiest recipe in the world? Alright: first things first- it’s basically Duncan Hines Lemon Supreme Cake Mix, JELLO lemon instant pudding mix ( this is the SECRET ingredient I feel ), vegetable, eggs, & milk. There’s a glaze too, made with powdered sugar, & lemon juice. YESSSS.

Let’s get exact though, according to the Duncan Hines site:


+ Makes 12-16 servings


♡ 1 package lemon instant pudding Mix ( 4 serving size )

♡ 1/2 cup vegetable oil

♡ 1 cup water

♡ 4 cage-free eggs

+++ GLAZE: blend 1 cup powdered sugar w/ either 2 tbsp. milk or 2 tbsp. lemon juice ( use juice of 3 lemons- we like it tart )

+ directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Blend all ingredients in a large bowl; beat at medium speed for 2 minutes. Bake in a greased & floured tube pan, 10″ or fluted at 350 degree for 45-55 minutes, until center springs back when touched lightly. Cool right side up in pan for about 25 minutes, then invert onto serving plate. GLAZE: Poke holes in the cake and then drizzle.

* note: I multiplied the recipe x 4 because I made 4 cakes- my fam, Michael’s, a friend, & Michael’s aunt!

& this my friends, is how you get shit done like Kris J.

Anyone else want to be like Kris Jenner? Or are you more of a Khloe? Khloe does her shit from scratch.

Just wanted to get this up for you guys before tomorrow because it’s totally doable to whip up in seconds. I feel like every Ralph’s on the planet has the ingredients too.

I’m just at DryBar, multi-tasking as usual. Blowout, work, some champagne— & yes, don’t be jealous that my four famous cakes are already made.

It’s totally a yearly tradition now.

My future kids already love me!

Happy holidays to the BEST community on the planet. I love you all more than lemons.

X lauryn

+ my cake holder & pink bundt cake pans are from Home Goods & I just got it, so it’s probably still there ; ).


  1. Yummm, my mom’s been making this cake for years!! It’s definitely not the best ingredients in that cake box mix but it never disappoints and is always super moist! Once a year during xmas never hurt anybody!

  2. Omg ur a genius! Your future kids will love you. I love you and live for anything lemon. I made Italian Lemon cookies three times this week and still trying to figure out how to make them into balls as theyvkeep flattening out when I bake them! I’m also scared of bundt pans and that half the cake will stick so I’m proud urs didn’t! Xo

  3. I love reading your posts because I read them in your voice. Haha, I’m definitely more of a Kris!! Thank you for sharing this easy peasy amazing recipe! Can’t wait to wow the fam!!! Happy Holidays to you… and Susan! xx

  4. I am all for baking from a box! I get way too distracted baking from scratch, so I’d rather let the professionals measure everything out for me. I do have a few homemade frostings that I like to bust out in case someone tries to call me out.

  5. Very Southern girl recipe. So much of their cooking includes prepackaged food.
    But c’mon, free range eggs! Thats kinda ridiculous considering the industrial cake mix and instant pudfimg.

    1. Hi Em! To reply about your comment that pre-ppackaged food as southern, being born and raised in the south, we make most of our food from scratch the way our mamas and grannies taught us. There is certainly not anything wrong with breaking out a box mix in a pinch, but to assume that all southern cooking is “pre-packaged in incorrect.

  6. My mom has been making these “semi homemade” cake recipes using these box mixes and pudding ever since i was little! She makes this exact lemon one with a yummy lemon glaze also. Two more of everybody’s absolute faves are a black russian which has kaluha and vodka and a double chocolate one too! It’s crazy how moist they always come out. I’ll somehow have to get one of these cakes to you the next time i see you!

  7. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Quick question – Do you actually prepare the Jello pudding according to the box (add milk, etc) and then add it to the cake mix or do you just add the dry contents of the pudding mix? Thanks!

    1. DO NOT prepare the puddling mix according to the directions… just add the dry mix with the cake mix…I usually sift the cake mix, pudding and I add about a half cup of flour to balance the pudding (cuz it’s mostly sugar)

  8. Ok….thats what they have on Duncine Hines website as a Lemon Pound Cake Girlfriend. Hate to break it to you but Kris Jenner didnt do anything…. And, Ive done that same recipe for years. That’s because I dont keep up with the Kardashians…

  9. I have been making this cake for over 40 years. My grandma would put in a 9×11 pan. The only difference was instead of water we use lemon juice or you can use half water half lemon juice. When the cake comes out of the oven poke holes with a fork and pour on the glaze

  10. OMG! You write like I talk! I LOL while reading it. You inspired me! I’m writing up a recipe book for my college age kids to send them off. I’d like them to actually hear me as they read the recipes. Thanks for the inspiration. So, I love Kris’ recipe. Looks like I’m making a cake today. LOL!

  11. Can’t wait to try this! Plan on subbing tequila for some of the liquid in the cake. Yum!

  12. I am trying to find khloes tear drop cake pan she has on her counter. Can you help me locate it?

  13. I too, Lauyrn, love love your writing!! It’ll be nice change to make it from box and anything tart like lemon or lime ..or rhubarb is a + for me! Thx.

  14. Who gives a f#@$ what any of the nasty Kardashian-Jenner whores make or eat. Sad so many people care when she sold her daughters sex tape to get where they are. Horrible family and shame on you for posting anything about them. Shallow and evil and self absorbed. Will not look at you site again.
    World coming to an end when they are used as any type role models.

    1. Didn’t your mama ever tell you, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?” You’re calling women that you don’t know ‘whores’ and are trying to ‘shame’ the owner of this blog for enjoying a television show. You literally went out of your way to be hateful when you could have EASILY walked away. How much energy did you waste on being rude? Maybe you should take a look in the mirror and try and figure out why you’re so BITTER.

  15. Lol, have to laugh. I’ve been making this exact cake recipe 45 years, so I’m pretty sure Ms Kris Jenner found this recipe from another source. That being said, you can’t beat the easy peasy recipe that results in an excellent cake. I make this a lot in summer and keep it in fridge.

  16. Lauryn, thanks SO much for sharing this recipe! I made it for both my mom & my MIL for Mother’s Day and they both loved it!

  17. I’m trying your recipe but I don’t like your dirty language.
    Please clean up your post.
    I hope I like your cake, it sure looked easy.

  18. I’ve been making that cake for years! Duncan Hines is the best for any cake. ? The Lemon pound cake
    was my son Rob’s favorite for his Birthday every year.
    Debbie Tubbs, Florida Girl

  19. Kris Jenner’s Lemon Cake? Uh, no. That recipe has been around for 50 years. My mom sometimes added rum extract to the cake as well. Kris Jenner my ass.

  20. I turned this recipe into cupcakes and it was fantastic! These are a favorite for my family and friends now. I did a buttercream icing made with lemon zest & juice and topped with a Brach’s Lemon Drop candy for decoration. So cute and yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  21. I very seldom bake in a bundt pan, came out awfully short and squatty. Wish I woul have put a double recipe in the pan

  22. I love this cake,and it’s very moist and taste awesome!!! Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  23. I can’t wait to try this cake! Thanks for all the PI work you put in to find the recipe!

  24. Way too much swearing and a real disappointment! I couldn’t even read it to the recipe. You might want to rethink the language?

  25. Today I am trying this is chocolate… love the lemon thought though it might be good in chocolate.

  26. Lauryn, you are my favorites minutes in Instagram, love your way, your test and i even learn about everything ! Please so not stop to write ..


  27. I love this thank you so much watched the episode and wanted the recipe. Loved the read and all the personality you put into it.

  28. Thanks for reminding me about this cake. My mom who passed away 2 years ago used to make this for her brood of 6 kids and we loved it every time. Back in the 60’s she called it the Donna Reed Bundt Cake. I believe she found it in the Los Angeles Times newspaper submitted by the famous actress.
    I can’t wait to make it for my siblings and their kids and see their reaction.

  29. Outstandingly wonderful cake! Thanks Ms. Skinny C for reintroducing this old recipe. And thank you, Kris Kardashian! I had lost the recipe and was SO HAPPY you posted it! Never disappoints! You rock!

    1. yes all thanks go to queen kris first and foremost LOL! thank you for the support

  30. Hey there! it’s me, Shelby — again, just being persistent. I’ve noticed a few typos here and there on the blog and would seriously love to proof blog posts for you! I’ve always loved editing content and do quite a bit at my current job. I’ve just been looking for a side hustle that I’m interested in. If you ever need an extra set of eyes on your content before it goes out, please let me know!

    this is what I found on this post: ‘vegetable, eggs, & milk. There’s a glaze too, made with powdered sugar, & lemon juice. YESSSS.’ (*vegetable oil)

    anyways LOVE the blog and congrats on baby Zaza! <3

  31. I was going to try this Cake. But after reading just a few lines your language is atrocious !! I’m sure you could express yourself without that kind of language. Kids could be looking up recipes and they should not be exposed to this language. Kids could see your name and that could get them to click on your recipe! Keep your recipes PG…
    Clean it up in the future or better yet clean up this one.

  32. How would you alter the recipe for making cupcakes? Any suggestions? Same ingredients? Cook time? Different frosting?

  33. Too bad you couldn’t give the recipe with all the unnecessary swearing. IQ must be really low!!!

  34. I’m from SC and a true daughter of the grand old south and ANYTHING that I cook in my house is HOMEMADE! THIS recipe is a keeper, bless your heart!

  35. This recipe is as old as the hills on my grandmother’s chest. Back in the 1960’s Duncan Hines has the recipe on the box and called it Pound Cake!

  36. I made a glaze for this. 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup of lemon juice, 1 cup sugar and 1 stick of butter. I boiled this for 2 minutes. When cake came out of oven I poked holes in it and poured this over it. I let it set for approx 10 minutes and then inverted it. After it cooled I added the icing/glaze that the recipe called for. It was moist, delicious and very lemony!
    P.S. I also added a pint of blueberries to cake mix mixture.

  37. My mom made this cake all the time when I was a child and now I have been making it for years! Way before Kris Jenner , anyway, always a hit!

  38. I draw the line at your language in this Recipe post. You can talk trash with your friends, this is a site to post and share recipes.
    Very inappropriate.

  39. Made this for family event quite a few months ago and they loved it! After they ate it I told them I used a box mix and they couldn’t believe it. Will defiantly make again. Thanks!

  40. I was browsing for a simple lemon cake recipe and happened upon yours, young lady, this is Pinterest, a place to share recipes and ideas. Your choice of language doesn’t belong here. You’re neither impressing, nor endearing anyone to you with the use of it.

  41. KRIS JENNER CAKE! Whoa, my mother made this over 50 years ago, only difference is organic eggs.

  42. I made this cake before very good and moist try using the pineapple and butter cake by Duncan Hines

  43. But also, this isn’t her cake. My husband grew up eating this cake and I’ve met many others who have too. The Kardashians get enough credit. This is a promotional recipe from the back of a Duncan Hines or Jello box. Maaaaybe Betty Crocker. Definitely not Kris Jenner.

  44. Love the way your real in the way you talk. I am making this as our dessert on Christmas

  45. I make this cake all the time, but instead of 1 cup of water, I use 1 cup of sour cream!!! Soooo good!!

  46. Fingers crossed! I am on an endless quest to find the perfectly moist, flavorful lemon cake! I have tried many recipes from scratch & starting with a mix. I hope this will be the one, although I have some concerns. I only had a Pillsbury Lemon Cake Mix, but I added the lemon pudding mix to it. I used 1 cup of water, but substituted the 1/2 cup oil with 1/2 cup melted butter & my 4 eggs were not cage-free! LOL! Oh, I also added a 1/2 tsp of lemon extract for good measure! If it doesn’t work, I guess it’s my own fault since I strayed from the recipe. Wish me luck! It’s in the convection oven now – I’m such a rebel! If it’s awesome, I will report back!

  47. Well, hell. I mean slap, fleebip, flipp flopping. You mean you flopping clap it and wheezed your cujo?! Flag poled up that totem pole piped pottery pot smoking nasty mouth? Wow! I’m not impressed with your choice in language, pick your head up and get up out of that guttural tone and behave like a lady! No brownie points given! Become an adult. Act as if your grandmother was in the room when you speak, please!!! This is what has become of a society of young ladies who have drowned themselves in other people’s distasteful image of women. Hold your chin up. Be a LADY.FOR THE SAKES OF ALL OTHER YOUNG LADIES WHO LOOK TO THEIR ELDERS FOR KNOWLEDGE!THANK YOU.

    1. I have been making 5 of these cakes every week for 22 years for a street ministry but the only difference is to change the cup of water to 1/2 cup and add 8 ounces of sour cream. I promise u it is way better than a cake without it. The cursing is a big turn off. Totally not necessary.

  48. That recipe was on the Duncan Hines Lemon cake box back in the late 60’s-70’s, they recipes on their cake box, one for orange,May have been pineapple, choc. The lemon became my father-in-law’s favorite cake

  49. Making this cake at 5 am for a Fathers Day Event tomorrow. Hoping my future grandchildren will love me! You’re a badass?

  50. I just made this cake last weekend, it was absolutely delicious.I would love to have the pink Bundt pan with cover. It screams “Woman”.

  51. Fuck these bitches that complain about your language. This recipe is the bomb and so are you!!!

  52. it looks sort of plain after the glaze is there anything i can add so it looks a little more presentable?

  53. I made this for mother’s day I add butter milk for water and add butter for oil this cake was great my sister husband hurt himself and his son took the rest I really didn’t eat a slice but we loved it

  54. Seriously??? This variation has been on the Duncan Heinz box for decades!! When did it become Kris Jenner’s creation?????

  55. A little “oops” for you. Your photo show cook and serve pudding. The recipe clearly states instant.

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