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K’pure Founder on Why Essential Oils & Natural Products Are Key

Why Essential Oils & Natural Products Are Key

Today we have Karen, the founder of K’pure on the blog. You guys have probably seen or heard Lauryn LOVING her Settle Down spray for years. She is just obsessed with this super clean brand.

We’re so excited that Karen is here to talk about why natural products are key. Not only is she a badass entrepreneur, she’s a mom. So she really gets that people don’t want to put shit on their baby’s skin (or their own for that matter).

Let’s get right into it. (& stay tuned for a special code at the end of the post).


Karen, the founder of K'pure

When my third son (I have three sons and a daughter) was a newborn, he was found to have high levels of aluminum and parabens (plastics) in his system.  Turns out, what I was putting on my body with deodorants and body lotions was entering my system and in turn, his breast milk. That day, I researched homemade deodorant recipes and kept a bowl of baking soda mixed with coconut oil under my bathroom sink.

Fast forward six years: I owned a small fitness studio for women and I made some lip balm and body scrub as promotional items for the gym. Those items were noticed by the women at the studio and knowing I was also making my own deodorant, they requested products for themselves. They turned out to be the best test market for my deodorant and the products evolved into what is now K’pure Naturals. No longer making the products in my kitchen, you can find us online and in over 300 retail stores across North America!

I’ve learned a lot in the twelve years since I first made clean products for myself and my family.  Here’s what keeps me using and producing products containing naturally-derived ingredients and essential oils.

Why Essential Oils & Natural Products Are Key:

♡ What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body.

Our skin is our largest organ and it will absorb all of the ingredients we apply. This means skincare, body lotion, deodorant and yes, even makeup!

Did you know: the average woman consumes 4 to 9 pounds of lipstick/lip balm in her lifetime?

Recognizing and being able to pronounce the ingredients in your skincare keeps you in charge of what enters your body.

Learn to read the lists on your products. You may be surprised at how many chemicals and fillers are in your favourite products.

Did you know: the term “natural” is not regulated, which is another reason to be an advocate for yourself and taking the time to read ingredient lists to recognize them.

 Using pure essential oils instead of artificial fragrance not only prevents unwanted headaches and possible health issues, they just smell better! 

Learn to properly dilute essential oils when diffusing at home. And always check ingredient lists for unnatural fragrances, especially those that contain phthalates and parabens.

Did you know: you’ll need the peels from 25 large oranges to make a teaspoon of orange essential oil. Orange essential oil is one of the best smelling oils in my opinion. And one of the most inexpensive to buy. Remember, no matter how good they smell, never ingest oils.

Why Essential Oils & Natural Products Are Key

 Clean, natural ingredients can be just as effective, if not more effective, than synthetic ingredients. 

When it comes to taking care of your skin, a long list of ingredients does not guarantee better results. Think organic shea butter, organic calendula oil (we infuse our own calendula petals into organic oil for ultra hydration and skin healing) and sweet almond oil for moisturizing skin head to toe.

Did you know: a good tip is to apply a generous layer of your favourite plant-based moisturizer or balm (I use our Fix It repair balm) to dry heels and feet before bed. Cover with a pair of cotton socks to lock in moisture, and to keep your sheets clean. And wake up to smooth, hydrated feet! The same can also be done on dry hands, using a pair of cotton gloves.

♡ Natural products are generally better for the environment than synthetic products. 

The closer the ingredients are to their natural state, the better they will be accepted back into the environment. Things like nut butters and oils will be absorbed back into the earth. Where the process of manufacturing and disposing of ingredients like parabens and phthalates, will cause harm to mother nature.

Did you know: k’pure does not use outer packaging with any of our products as an additional step to reduce unnecessary waste.

K'pure toner and body spray
K'pure natural deodorant

♡ Clean ingredients and most natural skincare are not tested on animals.

Always check that the brand you are supporting is cruelty-free. But when the products contain only clean, natural ingredients, you can feel confident knowing that animals were not subjected to testing of chemicals and unnatural ingredients.

Did you know: lavender essential oil, when used responsibly (not ingested or applied topically undiluted), is great for calming dogs. A favourite of ours (and Lauryn’s) is our Settle Down spray and diffuser oil.

♡ Clean products can be multipurpose.

When products are clean, with easy to read ingredient lists, you’ll find they can be used for more than what they’re marketed for. When we started selling our organic baby wash, Sleepy Time, we kept hearing from moms who loved using it as their nighttime facial cleanser! This means clean beauty for the whole family without needing a cluttered counter of products!

Did you know: marketing has led us to believe that we need a different product for every part of our body. And for different times of the day. Our Drenched whipped face and body butter is a great example of organic ingredients combined to provide deep hydration, head to toe!

♡ Natural products are usually undiluted and concentrated, meaning a little can go a long way, which also makes them easier on your pocketbook.

When products are free from unnatural fillers and water, you can control how much is applied.  For example: apply a concentrated body butter to damp skin.  This allows the butters and oils to be absorbed into skin and much less product is used.

Did you know: the average woman puts 168 chemicals on her body each day!

The most important part of wellness is education. Take the time to learn about the values of the brands you choose to support, the ingredients they use and find products that work best for you and your family.

Coming later this year, k’pure is launching a daily mineral-based SPF and a vitamin infused serum. You can find more about k’pure at and on social @kpurenaturals and use code LAURYN25 for 25% off your online order!

K'pure Karen on TSC


We hope you guys loved this post and are also going to try some of the most delicious k’pure products. So generous of Karen to share a code with readers. Perfect for holiday gifts!

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

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