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Kourtney Kardashian’s Magical Apple Tea

Recently I was watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians & Kourtney was drinking this delicious looking drink out of her chic Bodum mug. Shout out to Bodum for making the best mugs ever. 

Just gonna go off on a tangent about these mugs for a sec:

If you guys don’t know about these chic glasses, let me fill you in. TRÉS MOTHERFUCKING CHIC. This was a recommendation from Ingrid & she really delivered. They’re light-weight, chic, fun, BPA free, easy to wash & look so cute on Instagram. Never going back to ceramic mugs EVER. Be sure to follow my new Instagram account for more gems like this.

Anyway, as she was drinking this magical elixir, simultaneously I was reading an article on Poosh ( which is Kourtney’s new site ) & I saw her recipe for apple tea.

Immediately I read the post & apparently Kourtney found out about the tea from Kourtney’s baby nurse, Grace. The magical goodness is filled with organic ingredients that boost the immune system. Think turmeric, ginger, & cayenne if you like to keep things spicy. ( More on the  importance of spices here ).

If you watch KUWTK, you probably know that Kourtney is really mindful when it comes to feeding herself & her kids & is big on organic everything. You can always see her drinking mango iced tea, eating a big Health Nut salad out of the classic Kardashian bowls, or sipping on tea.

So, if you’re looking for something warm, delicious & immunity-boosting, this your new go-to.

During my pregnancy I’ve made this tea a lot & it’s absolutely delicious. It tastes sweet without be overly sweet, ya know what I mean? & it reminds me of the holidays in all the best ways.

Ok, you guys are probably drooling so I’ll get on with the recipe. But if you make it on Instagram, be sure to tag me so I can stalk you.

So there you have it- Kourtney Kardashian’s easy, delicious apple tea. You guys know I added extra cinnamon & cayenne for spice.

I’ll be enjoying this with my pinky up while I finish the last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm & read my latest book ( Suzanne Somers’ new one ).

How fun would it be to get Suzanne & Kourtney on the podcast ?? Let’s all put that out into the ether.

In the meant time, if you’re a Kardashian fan check out these posts on the Kardashian salad bowls & they’re blanket obsession.

x, lauryn

+ if you’re looking to up your fiber, check out this recipe for peaches & cream oatmeal.

++ & if you’re more of a coffee drinker, scope how to make an inulin coffee.


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