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Kitten-ish Sexy, Valentine’s Day Hair

lauryn evarts hair tips | by the skinny confidential

Valentine’s Day is coming & I’m all about some feminine hair.

Some of you guys asked me on Instagram & Snapchat how I did this hair on NYE…& I DIDN’T. My friend & hairstylist, Shawn Knudsen did ( she also did my hair for the cover of LOCALE Magazine too! ). So I went straight to the source to get some spicy, kitten-ish Valentine’s Day hair.

Meet Shawn, a bubbly, perfectly blonde beauty who’s amazing at doing hair:

Hey guys! I’m Shawn.

I started out by giving Lauryn a side part. A side part as opposed to a middle part gives this look a sexier edge. Lauryn & I always talk about how we prefer our “good side” to be the side that we won’t be pinning back.

I love a swoop bang on my good side. It photographs better for me.

Anyway, then I curled her hair. I used a one and a half inch curling iron by Hot Tools. This gives a bigger curl. I like to call it a “Kardashian curl”. Which makes it look like a really killer blowout.

So after putting curls into her hair, I then did an easy, yet so pretty, half pinned style by taking the section on the side I was going to pin. The section is from her hairline right past the back of her ear. That section will be the pinned part. Rather than just pin it we made it a little more intricate looking. I took three horizontal sections at the hairline like I was going to braid them.

Instead I took that middle strand and pinned it straight back tightly. Then with the two other strands I crossed them over the middle strand to give it the X look & secured with bobby pins.

Try to pin the bobby pins out of sight, nobody likes bobby pins showing.

Also, I always like to mess with my curls to let them fall a tad as well. Lauryn loves when I mess them up, she never likes perfect hair.

Lastly, I finished with some flexible hold hair spray to tame any fly-aways…& BOOM you have yourself a sleek and chic look, perfect for a date night out or a lunch with some girlfriends.

lauryn evarts of the skinny confidential | by the skinny confidential


Here are the steps simplified:

1.) Pick a side part.

2.) Curl hair away from face ( soft Kardashian curl ).

3.) Section side to be pinned into three strands horizontally  ( top, middle, bottom ).

4.) Pin middle strand straight back & tight.

5.) Crisscross top & bottom strand over middle strand to make X shape.

6.) Bobby pin & spray.


Products used:

Paul Mitchell Worked Up ( workable hairspray )

Kevin Murphy Doo Over Dry Powder finishing texture spray

Drybar alligator clips

Hot Tools one and a half inch curling iron


Lauryn again! To maintain the soft curls Shawn gave me I do what I always do: The Sleep Bun ( at night ). All smiley today too because the curling iron of my dreams just came in the mail last week!! I’ll be filming some fun shit with it.

Also, I just started using THIS TEXTURIZING SPRAY & I am in looooooveeeeee with it. I can’t live without it. Not sponsored, just realness. It’s TO DIEEEEE. Seriously changes the hair game. It’s a bit of an investment for hair ( $39 ) but it’s worth every fucking penny, trust me.

If I decide to not wash my hair for a week ( which I literally do all the time ), I throw a little dry shampoo at the root. The stuff I use is like $8 & old school called Psssssst. Sometimes old school is the best. Super simple.

Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t make your curls last.


Washing your hair is such a bitch sooooo having Shawn curl my hair means no washing, no upkeep, no hassle for like a week.

By the way, The Nanz goes to Shawn to jazz up her bouffant ( I can’t ) & loves her.

To book with Shawn, e-mail her: & or contact her via Instagram. & of course, let us know what other hair styles you’re interested in seeing.

Happy Thursday! lauryn x

+ pink dress available here.

  1. Perfect! I know only for sure this wouldn’t work with my hair 🙂
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Hi Rena, why don’t you think it would work? What texture is your hair? I’ll ask Shawn for specific tips for you :)) xx

  2. I love your new ‘do Lauryn!! The curls are on point, and I like the blend from dark to blonde. I went to this from full on bleach blonde last year, and it’s been life changing. NO monthly hairdresser visits – WINNNN!!! HAppy Friday girl xo

    1. Hi Jill! Less maintenance is ALWAYS better. It’s less damaging for your hair. I do love the bleached blonde look though. Hope you had a great weekend

    1. Hi Sarah, yes that’s exactly what I was thinking! Are you single or taken? What are your Vday plans?? xx

    1. Hi Annie, are you trying to grow your hair out? Email me I’ll send you a bunch of hair growth tips! Email

    1. Thank you Tamara, you’re so sweet! I really appreciate you reading. Have any Valentine’s Day plans?

  3. Is the texturizing spray something you put on your hair before or after the styling? I already have a good volumizing mousse but not sure if this would be redundant.

    1. Hi Lavinia, I prefer to use it before so my hair has some texture before styling, it makes it easier to style in my opinion.

  4. Looking good! But how do you handle exercising and getting sweaty when it comes to your hair? Am I the only one who gets to be a sweaty wet-headed mess when going full force? I hate it cuz it ruins my hair style……

    1. Hi Delia, I use dry shampoo! I also naturally don’t sweat very much. Try using dry shampoo! If you’re hair is like, WET from sweat you should probably shower lol!!

  5. I’ve been trying to find a good curling iron for months and months. I got the Baby Bliss that everyone raves about and I’m not that impressed. Is this $30 Hot Tools curling iron the answer? I look forward to the video…skeptical and hopeful!

    1. Hi Kristy, shoot I didn’t take one! Sorry about that babe! Email Shawn for more info! Her email is at the bottom of the post above :)) xx

  6. Hey! Thought for you once you expand your empire. The Hot Tools link goes to the US Amazon website. It’s like 29USD on the US website and theres 1 for 83CAD on the Canadian website, and 3 left for 140 and 3 left for 150. Anyways, I tried creating a US account to get the US one but they don’t ship to Canada. Anyways not sure if it’s a partnership that you have with hot tools that allows it to be 29 from the link, but if so, it would be great to have Canadian links as well!

    1. Hi Alexandra, no I don’t have a deal with them! Maybe it’s more expensive for Canada because they work in the shipping costs? Sorry about that babe! xx

  7. Ohhh your hair is purrrfect! <3 I love curls for special occasions and I must try your version of the crisscross side part 🙂 xx

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡

    1. Thanks Jacqueline, yes definitely try it! Let me know what you think and Snapchat me if you have questions. xx

  8. Love your hair!! What is your root base color formula & do you get balyage or foils? Your blog is so full of good stuff:)

  9. i love curls too, although their aren’t easy to clean,but i still love it. cheap malaysian hair

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