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In My Kitchen <3

The Skinny Confidential talks cleaning the kitchen.

The Skinny Confidential talks cleaning the kitchen.

Let’s talk about cleanliness.

A lot of you guys have e-mailed me asking what products I use for cleaning so I figured today I’d share how I add a little sparkly-sparkle to my kitchen.

Frankly I’m EXTREMELY particular when it comes to cleaning the kitch. I have a whole routine & always make sure to use natural products, well at least as natural as possible ( um like baking soda because it DOES

The Skinny Confidential talks cleaning the kitchen.

Like a lot of you: when I clean, I CLEAN. I get down & dirty. Think: full blown mop on my knees perspiring, surrounded by lots ( & lots! ) of pretty sponges with smooth jazz playing on Spotify.

Some all-natural options I use for cleaning? Lemons ( removes dirt & rust stains…I use it allll the time! ), white vinegar ( works like a charm for mopping floors ), orange/cinnamon/nutmeg ( natural air freshener ), baking soda ( hello best toilet cleaner! ), hydrogen peroxide ( rids urine stains ), & lastly, natural salt ( great for cleaning granite with baking soda).

The Skinny Confidential talks cleaning the kitchen.

Anyway can we talk about these cutie sponges?! They’re so fun!! Not only do they totally add a little sparkle to the kitchen, they also make me feel cute while cleaning. So cute in fact that I teamed up with ocelo brand to promote the launch of their new Sparkle Chain campaign which they’re giving twelve of you guys the opportunity to add a lil sparkle to YOUR kitchen! To get the party started, they sent me my own sparkle item-these pretty, gold accented dishes for my sponges to live in. Totally necessary because no one should ever set their sponge down on the counter, right?!

Here’s a fun, little video too:

What’s in your kitchen that sparkles? Anything cute?!

If you have something pretty to share, ocelo brand is throwing a rad, little contest. All you have to do is upload a photo via Instagram, & use #sparklechain #sweeps and tag @ocelobrand and @theskinnyconfidential. The photo should show off a sparkle you have in your own kitchen, which can be any pretty twist on an everyday item. Twelve readers will win a sparkly package from ocelo brand complete with surprise goodies and a sparkle item of your own selected by yours truly! Click here for more details and the official rules.

Mwah, Lauryn

+ Floral top found here.

pics: Teresa Fae || video: Chris Tran Media

The Skinny Confidential talks cleaning the kitchen.

The Skinny Confidential talks cleaning the kitchen.

  1. So this isn’t related to the post, but idk how else to let you know. I’m having issues trying to read your blog! Whenever I click on next page, or any page, it just sends me right back to the first page. It’s happened on different computers too so I know it’s not just me! Very sad I can’t read moreeeee

  2. Dr. Bronners Organic Castille Soap is the best! I use a little mixed with baking soda to mop, in a spray bottle to to clean counters etc. My favorite scent is Almond.

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