Kind Of The Best Valentine’s Day Dessert…Ever: 2 Minute Flower Cake

How to make an easy cake. By: The Skinny ConfidentialHow to make an easy cake. By: The Skinny Confidential

How to make an easy cake. By: The Skinny Confidential

Bubble bath…check!

Light dimmers…check!

Sergio Mendes playing all perfect & sexy in the background…check!

Meow-y black lingerie…check!


DELICIOUS DESSERT THAT LOOKS SO F-ING EFFORTLESS & PRETTY…eer, ehhhhhh…shit. This one NEVER gets a check mark from me on Valentine’s Day.

Like, ever, ever.

Honestly though, making sure there’s a dessert ready for Michael, is just really the LAST thing on my mind.

Ok so, ready for my 2 minute cake to surpass all your expectations? Mmkayyyy? Like, are you ready to just die?

Presenting cake for the Suzy NO-MAKER:

You know how I wrote a whole chapter about ‘faking it until you make it’ in The Skinny Confidential Book?


This is it, guys.



How to make an easy cake. By: The Skinny Confidential

Perfect for Valentine’s & hungry husbands/boyfriends/girlfriends everywhere. Especially on the day of loveeee.

( By the way, for the record, Michael still has no idea I faked this cake. He ate it with hearts coming out of his eyes, exclaiming what ‘a fantastic woman’ I am! With a huge crumb-filled smile. He even asked for three servings of my ‘homemade cake.’ AND his sister, Jordan tried it & asked me for the recipe…true story. I sent her the above video & told her to zip her lips! ).

If you’re a babe on a budget, this cake is for YOU— it’s very inexpensive to make & looks supppper pricey when it’s done.

So. Here’s what you do: go to the market, grab a frosting-less cake ( Yes. They have these. If your local market doesn’t have these, go to another one because their cake game is OUCH ), & get some pretty flowers ( I choose pink & red roses ) and some cream cheese pre-made frosting. Pre-frosted cake looks like this:

How to make an easy cake. By: The Skinny Confidential

At home, simply cut the flowers so the stems are about one inch long. Frost your pathetic/frosting-less cake & add flowers around the edges, in the middle, &/or where the F you want.



Then make sure to tell everyone you’ve ‘been slaving away in the kitchen all day’ as you set your cake proudly on the table & sigh deeply while wiping fake sweat off your brow…#whitelie.

Do you guys have any easy-ass Valentine’s desserts.? : )

Happy Thursday! – Lauryn, xx

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How to make an easy cake. By: The Skinny Confidential

How to make an easy cake. By: The Skinny Confidential

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40 replies to “Kind Of The Best Valentine’s Day Dessert…Ever: 2 Minute Flower Cake”

  1. Love this quick cute little cake! Could you do a youtube video on how you keep up with your tan skin color?! You skin always looks perfect and I need help! 🙂

  2. One of my favourite songs!! You might really like Atlantis {Late Night Edit} by Maths Time Joy, it’s similar and sooooo good. And LOVE this so so so so so so SO much. The cake stand you posted is GORGEOUS in the links below. Really adds to the sexy ambiance and perfect to display Valentine’s desserts! It’s amazing how something so simple can really elevate the elegance in a dessert and take 2 minutes to do – plus super versatile with flowers or any edible flowers. Thanks so much for sharing! x

  3. LOL, I read this and now will check out the rest of your site because it’s just about the best thing ever 😉 I DEFINTIELY am using this!!!

  4. Love this! Easy and cheap way to produce a dessert that totally looks like it was professionally decorated. Can’t wait to try this for Valentine’s day!

  5. I love this idea, too bad Im single at the moment or else this would be something for Vdays for sure! ug! lol Loved the video too!

  6. Aaah Lauren, how I love you! Wonderful idea and wonderfully written by the way. Love the way you write; I can just imagine setting that cake on the dining table with a huge tragic smile oozing such self-sacrifice lol. Love your site! Loads of love from Ghana.

  7. Ahhhhhh this is virtuoso! Thus, so virtuoso. Valentine’s Day is my birthday however, so I have some altogether different arrangements than a great many people!