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How To Keep Your Manicure Fresh and Pristine


So here’s a weird question I get asked a lot on Snapchat: how do you keep your manicure looking so shiny?

Well as you can imagine I’m very SPECIFIC but in the easiest way possible.

The whole thing is down to a system at this point really.

Firstly I am not posh & bougie about my manicure.

Like I go to this hole in the wall which probably isn’t the most hygienic. It’s a real, real hole in the wall.

How To Keep Your Manicure Fresh

…In fact, I don’t usually get a manicure.

Here’s trick #1: typically I skip the mani & go for a polish change.

You can count on me running late so this is efficient.

Plus a polish change is SO EASY GUYS. You basically run in & like 7 minutes later you’re out the door. It’s usually $6 bucks ( plus a tip! ) & I pay the extra buck to have my nails filed VERY VERY VERY square & short ( do whatever flatters your hand, everyone’s hands are different so cuts/lengths should flatter the hand  – always file your nails ). After they quickly add a base coat & paint my nails ( usually using one of these colors ).

I pull out trick #2: my own top coat.

Right now it’s a tie between two…I’m still debating. My two favorites are: Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail CoatCND Vinylux Top Coat.

One is kept in my car for the nail salon ( Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat ) & the other is kept at-home for trick #3 (CND Vinylux Top Coat ).

The reason trick #3: the first one is ideal for immediately after & the other one is great 2 days later to preserve the manicure.

That’s the big trick: two days after the manicure or polish change paint over it to keep your nails super, SUPER shiny with CND Vinylux Top Coat. I’m telling you I bring this shit on vacation. It’s a game-changer; can’t live without it on my nails two days after applying polish ( this is why I think I get asked this question ). You just need a thin layer of topcoat.

trick #4: Don’t soak nails before painting them

Do not soak nails before applying paint and coat for nails retain water and tends to shrink when painted and your polish will no longer fit your nails.  Use cuticle oil instead.

Last nail salon tip: paint the edge of the nail

Ask the person who’s painting your nails to paint the edge of the nail ( this is hard to explain without a visual so bear with me ). The edge meaning like the tip & then downward towards the tip of your finger. It’s like the smallest thing ever but having the nail polish on that area prevents chips. If this doesn’t make sense, let me know.

♡ ♡♡ The Skinny Confidential Nail Tips & Tricks ♡ ♡ ♡

Always spray tan before a nail salon visit, never after. The spray tan ruins the nail color & kind of yellows it.

Avoid putting your hands in the sun- it ruins nail polish…& your skin!

Also I try to stay away from lots of lotions/makeup on my nails. Use a beautyBlender to apply makeup & this makeup palette to keep it off your nails.

Avoid exposure to wind when applying polish for it will cause air bubbles.

I like to bring my own nail polish too, fresh polish is always best.

It’s ok if you like to do your nails at home too. Just make sure you GET A NAIL POLISH REMOVER PEN. It’s so good for mistakes.  Alternatively, you can wipe your nails with white vinegar to remove nail polish before applying new coat.

If you want a manicure to last: AVOID MATTES. They chip and peel quick.

Oh ya if you’re in a pinch with a chipped nail & have no time, just add silver glitter nail polish to the tips of them. VOILA, festive nails.

Wait as long as possible to wash your hands. Make sure the polish is completely dry.  I’ve found water screws up the polish change.

Gels…I don’t love them because I feel like they ruin my nails & they look so bad ( yellow ) when they grow out. Going to the nail salon once a week for a polish change works best for me.

If you’re ever using neons make sure to start with a white coat of polish. This will make the neons pop  ; ).

Having a nail polish will extend the life of your manicure but protects the nails as well.


AND if you’re wondering: when Michael asks me to itch him, I use my chihuahua’s claws to brush through his hair instead of my fresh nails. He has no idea. Don’t believe me? Go watch it go down on Snapchat: @laurynevarts.

HA! That’s really all. Going to eat some watermelon jerky & read my latest book: The End of Normal: A Wife’s Anguish, A Widow’s New Life by Stephanie Madoff Mack ( Bernie Madoff’s son’s wife, VERY interesting read so far- I highly recommend ).

Kiss, kiss- lauryn x

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  1. I HATE getting my nails done! But love to HAVE them done, lol. I’m such a sucker for gel polish since it lasts so long and I don’t have to worry about it chipping 🙂

  2. This is so timely as I was just thinking I should go get my nails done. Your tip about asking the person to paint the “edge” definitely makes sense and I will be sure to follow the tip! Thanks so much!

  3. I’m like you, I don’t normally get manicures… in fact I’ve never had one! I really want to treat myself this new year though so these are super helpful tips. I know I’ll be too stingy after the first time to try a second time in a short while.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1. I normally opt for a polish change just cause it’s so much quicker and also a lot less expensive if you’re getting your nails done frequently! xx

    1. Slash….I love this post! I have always wondered how your nails always look so clean and fresh!

  4. I usually do gel or dipping powder because it always stays SO much better/longer than polish but my nails are slowly hating me for it… I might try your tick next week and just go with regular polish! Thx for the recs, as always!!

    And by the way I literally died laughing so hard at work this morning watching your snap with the chihuahua claws on Michaels head ommmmg hahah.

    I love ya’ll.

    XO, Madison.

    1. Oh I’ve never tried that before! I’ve done gel a lot but my nails are SO much healthier with regular nail polish. And LOL I love bugging him! xx

  5. That’s so much dedication to your nails! I’m impressed!

  6. YESSS to painting the edge of the nail! That is definitely the best trick to keep polish lasting longer. I always do my nails at home but I’ve never tried the doing an extra top coat after 2 days trick ( I usually only do top coat right after I do the polish)- I should try that too!

  7. this could not have come at a more perfect time, literally just sent a snpachat to my friends of my one day old, chipped mani. SO annoying!!

    I’ve been using the seche vite top coat too, as I noticed it at my salon, but i’m finding it yellows the colour of my polish (which i only realized when the top coat dried and I saw that I had missed a nail side note, how do you miss an entire nail!? anyways, the nail i missed was a nice bright white, while the ones with the top coat had a yellow/beige tinge). Now i’m on the hunt for a better top coat so i’ll def give the CND a try!

    1. Oh I’ve never experienced that but good to know! Yes try the CND top coat and let me know how you like it 🙂 xx

  8. This is so perfect. I finally have all my nails grown out and love doing my own manis but the shine never lasts. Thanks so much!

    1. I wish I was good at doing my own nails! Would save so much time and money LOL. But a good top coat is key! xx

  9. You’ve convinced me to go for the polish change!! I usually do gels but freak out over the long term effects (can’t be good for you) and they take so long to do. LOVE the seche vite top coat but will need to try the CND one as well. You always have the best tips for looking polished (pun intended) on the fly!

    xx, Amy

    1. Thanks Amy! A polish change is such a time saver and gives your nails a break from gel polish. Let me know how you like the CND top coat! xx

  10. where do you go in San Diego for a polish change? I can’t find a place that won’t make me do the whole “manicure” thing to save my life! HELP!

  11. You are right about the gels some of the brands can change the color of your nail beds to a yellowish shade of color. have you tried to use long-lasting gel-like nail polishes? I LOVE the Essie Gel-like nail polishes lasted on my nails for about 10 days, no need in UV lamp.

  12. You explain it really in detail, this two days later paint over it really work. I tried it the result are really awesome, although its still not shine like yours yet lol.

  13. You explain it really in detail, this two days later paint over it really work. I tried it the result are really awesome, although its still not shine like yours yet lol.

  14. This is so perfect. I finally have all my nails grown out and love doing my own manis but the shine never lasts. Thanks so much!

  15. It’s great to know that we can easily get our nails done and polished in just a few minutes. I guess I would have mine done on the day of the event itself. I will be hosting a party in the evening this coming Saturday, so I need to look my best. Maybe, I’d go to a salon near me in the morning.

  16. I want to get my first manicure this month. I really want it to last a long time. So, I liked what you explained that a polish change will last longer. It also would be smart for me to talk to the nail artist about what I do in my day to day life.

  17. I think fresh nail polish is effective in getting great looks as it need less effort to apply besides these it will also long last and shine much better than old ones. Try getting fancy looks with your nails and get along with latest trends and styles. For manicure related queries you can contact Vancouver’s best manicure salon.

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  19. I’m so glad a polish change is something that can be done relatively easily and quickly. My wife’s birthday is coming up soon and I think it would be fun to send her to a salon for a few hours. She doesn’t get to treat herself very often so visiting a place like that would be really refreshing for her.

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