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Kathy Hilton’s Favorite Sheets and Tips For a Cozy Home

Kathy Hilton him & her show

Last week Kathy and Nicky Hilton made an appearance on The HIM & HER Show and you can bet it was one for the books.

If you have yet to meet Kathy Hilton you should know that she’s HILARIOUS, down to earth, extremely generous and a great mother to her 4 kids (Paris Hilton included). If you watched her on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills then you also now that she loves pranks, is an incredible host and keeps such a cute and cozy home.

In fact, Kathy inspired Lauryn to get a cute little travel pillow that she now takes everywhere with her. In the episode they talk about growing up in the Hilton family, and their go-to beauty and wellness hacks. We also dive into how to curate a cozy home, what it takes to be a member of the Hilton Members Only Club, and we get to see firsthand Kathy’s talent for prank-calling.

And we promised we’d tell you Kathy’s favorite bed sheets and they are: Pioneer Linens. You can’t go wrong with anything from Pioneer Linens, she says. And her pillows are usually from D. Porthault.

Kathy is also a big fan of Lunya travel pillows and filling her purse with Bubble Yum, flip flops and spare hair! She is full of surprises. Let’s get into the top takeaways from the show.

Kathy Hilton Episode Takeaways:

Keeping a Nice Home: Kathy decorates for every holiday and birthday, always has candles lit, music playing, switches out decor (like pillows – she loves pillows!) and likes to keep fresh flowers. Even if you pick one flower from a garden, she believes in keeping your surroundings fun, fresh and cozy. It also keeps your kids coming back when they grow up and instills in them to do the same for their home.

More Than Meets the Eye: The Hiltons are involved a ton of charity work, but most of that isn’t reported in today’s media. They donate money and time to helping others and causes they believe in. Kathy is also extremely proud of all her kids for their accomplishments and endeavors.

Showing Up: Kathy takes us back to the way certain superstars, like Michelle Pfieffer and Michael Jackson would treat their fans and crowds in public. They always had time, didn’t need a huge entourage of protectors and were just themselves. No one does that anymore. Everyone considers themselves so important they don’t stop, acknowledge or show up for their fanbase.

Kathy Hilton's Favorite Sheets and Tips For a Cozy Home


What it’s like to be in the Hilton family

How to be a great curator

Working as mother & daughter

How to curate a cozy & functional home

How to be in the Hilton’s members only club

Motherhood in the public eye

Their beauty hacks

How they feel about the press

Publicity in the 90’s VS in 2024

Their opinions on celebrity life

Prank calling BTS

Kathy and Nicky also discuss their beauty hacks like NAD drips, face masks and lymphatic drainage and talk about their new Ruggable collab which is to die for.

Be sure to listen to the full episode and if you want to shop their rec you can click here. And if you’re interested in their chic summery dresses, you can shop them here.

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