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What is the Tea the Kardashians Are Always Drinking?

If you haven’t watched the Kardashian’s drink iced tea & eat salad out of plastic bowls– have you really been alive in this century?


Kourtney contemplates Scott’s infidelity as she stabs a cherry tomato from her salad sipping the tea. Kim refreshes her Instagram feed & plays with her eyelash extension, sips tea. Even Khloe organizes her OREO cookie jar with an iced tea near by.

The tea. It’s everywhere. It’s basically a fucking Kardashian at this point.


So you bet your ass I investigated…& I’m rather proud of my findings.

Oh- & I don’t officially encourage you throw away your other teas or anything, but duh, I do totally highly recommend you get this tea.

Why? Because it’s GOOD. Like real good.

The Kardashian's Favorite - Green Mango Iced Tea 4


That’s right, I of all people am NO tea whore.

Picking out tea is something I pride myself on- I read the review, I taste it, I taste it again, & again, & again, I try it over ice, then hot again, I ask friends, I add cinnamon, maybe a dash of almond milk- you get the drift. I don’t just recommend teas like they’re going out of style is the point I’m going for here.

Ideally the teas I recommend are non-GMO, all-natural, no added sugars, maybe a hair of caffeine, and cute packaging gets bonus points obvi.

If you’re anything like me, you’d prefer an infused tea. They’re just better ( trust ).

The reality is tea is the perfect drink to wake up to…& the perfect nightcap. Just make sure it’s the right tea.

But back to the Kardashian’s because they’re relevant to this story.

Kardashian Iced Tea: The Kardashian's Favorite Green Mango Iced Tea 7

What Teas Do The Kardashians Drink?

Now first I should say you can get green iced tea at Starbucks or whatever, but it’s just not the same as this Kardashian GREEN MANGO TEA.

To be exact it’s called an ICED GREEN MANGOTINI, since we’re getting specific.

( Let’s do a side note here & say that if you do in fact go to Starbucks, tell them to add NO WATER. They always fill that shit up with water to water it down. A splash of passion fruit is fun too- if you’re feeling spicy. #TBT to this million year old post. ).

Back to GREEN MANGO TEA. Yes, mango. If that doesn’t intrigue you, stop right here because clearly, you’re not a true tea fan. The mango was what got me.

So, my story. I was in bed one night watching KUWTK- amidst the drama of Kris & Caitlyn, I saw Kourtney drinking one of those damn teas. I did what everyone has done ( right? ) & Googled: “tea the Kardashians always drink.”

Not surprising ( but surprising? ) a million articles on this very subject popped up.

( Had to click around here because NO, I’m not talking about the Fit Tummy Tea bullshit they post on IG- I’m talking about the iced tea in the plastic to-go cup, k Google? ).

After some research I found out the tea is from Health Nut in Calabasas/Woodland Hills, CA ( GO IF YOU’RE IN THE AREA…& tell me everything ). The tea is kind of kept on the downlow but I found out that the tea they buy is a very specific brand. AND GUYS!! I FOUND THE BRAND ON AMAZON. It’s the exact brand. ::JAZZ HANDS::

So I did what you know I had to do: I bought the Kardashian Mango Green Tea.

For the record: the Kardashian Mango green tea is good- real good. I like it iced. You could also enjoy it hot. The other day I made a huge pot of it & put it in a pitcher. I filled the pitcher & put it in the fridge so we had a bunch of iced tea all week- Michael loved it because for once something was made & ready for him. BA!

You can also add FROZEN BLUEBERRIES to the tea! I did this the other day instead of ice & it was so good. Frozen fruit is really very delicious in tea or sparkling water as a substitute to ice. Obviously you could do frozen fruit in vodka or sangria too…but anyway, my frozen blueberry idea was bomb & I would definitely do it again- like tomorrow maybe:

TSC Tea 1 | the skinny confidentialThe Kardashian's Favorite - Green Mango Iced Tea 5

In the morning I like to wake up, ice roll ( you know this ), throw on my refrigerated cucumber eye pads or maybe a mask, have some green mango tea with a little lemon in it, diffuse oils, & turn on a Bossanova playlist. It feels right.

There you have it: KARDASHIAN ICED TEA. The mystery is solved. I can put away my magnifying glass.

Just kidding I’ll keep that around…; )

You should know this: if you’re wondering about the damn salads they always eat- I did a post on this very topic for you. See: Kardashian Salad. Happy reading.

I am off to watch Game of Thrones !!! With a bowl of lentil pasta!!! Who has watched it? Expect a lot of blog content this week- I planned out two weeks of posts for you today. A little business, a bit of style, maybe a wedding post ( ya, I’m not finished ), & a lot of budget posts on beauty because you liked this post so much!

Hope you all had a relaxing but productive weekend. Kiss, kiss- lauryn x

+ if you’re looking to start a YouTube channel be SURE to listen to the latest episode of the podcast. It breaks down the whole process.

SHOP THE POST: Kardashian tea | ice roller | to-go bottle | rainbow pitcher ( similar, sold out )

{ pics }

green mango tea kardashian drink | by the skinny confidential

Kardashian Iced Tea: The Kardashian's Favorite Green Mango Iced Tea 3


  1. Do you know my favourite thing about this post? How excited you are for tea!! (nothing wrong with that) but I love how your energy and personality can be picked up so easily while I read your posts. I’ve followed you for a while now and once I got to the end I was like “damn girl, you really love this tea” and I felt like I was talking to an old friend that finds something that they LOVE and won’t stop raving about. Kudoos to you for being you and all the work that you put into your business- it shows!

  2. Oooo, now I’m craving a good glass o’ iced tea (although my basil water next to me is pretty good too). I love the idea of sticking a huge pitcher (with a spout of course) in the fridge. Definitely going to order a few for my house!

    ? Pia

  3. I love how you are willing to share your old posts (such as the old tea one)! Shows how much you’ve grown yet you still are open to sharing your earlier work.

  4. OOOOO…I must try this tea!! I’m also an iced tea junkie, but have never been a huge fan of watching the Kardashians. It definitely feels far too scripted for my taste. Yummy Iced Tea {especially with mango!} is something I can definitely get on board with. Thanks for the tip Lauryn!

    xo -sara

  5. I love this post and am OBSESSED with this tea. I’m from a Chicago, but was in LA last week for work. I made it a point to go to HealthNut. First, it’s everything it’s hyped up to be! I also bought 2 large teas( no fucks given) because it was that good!

  6. only here to say that i audibly laughed when i read this post e.g. “..have you really been alive in this century?”. dead.

  7. Buying this tea immediately! Was just up in Malibu and should have stopped by the salad joint on the way home! Bummer! Where did you get that rainbow pitcher from?!?!? Love it!

  8. Integritea is a newer startup in my hometown of Lexington, KY – several local restaurants serve it. I went to college with one of the founders – we both graduated with engineering degrees and he left the industry to pursue this and I thought he was crazy lol. Had no idea that’s what the Kardashians were drinking all the time! The Bluegrass Breeze is a great flavor too if you try one of the others. Thanks for promoting a small local business!

  9. I agree with a thanks for referencing old posts- I recently read about your musical ssuggestion of Sergio Mendes. I listened to a few songs, bought a greatest hits album, and now listen to it all the time! It gives out the best vibes, and my friends all comment on it! Thanks!

  10. I bought the tea and it was good! How come it looks like light green when they drink it? When I brewed mine it’s a normal tea color.

  11. You are fucking hilarious! I Googled Kardashian drink, and I’m so glad I clicked on your link. Thanks for making my night!?

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