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No, like really. It’s a thing.

So here’s the back story. We were in Aspen with our friends Gillian & Mauricio and after an oyster-filled dinner we went back to their room to watch Wes Anderson movies. Gillian was all curled up in this delicious, buttery leopard blanket & started to tell me how it was her favorite blanket, just the softest material ever & how all the Kardashians use the blanket for travel & how she even wrapped her son in the blanket. She let me borrow it while we drank almond milk hot chocolate & watched the movie,The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE MOVIE I WAS LIKE WHAT THE HELL IS THIS BLANKET AND HOW DO I GET ONE.

Gillian told me not to get one…And two weeks later Gillian & her husband generously gifted us one.

Well, technically not us. Me. ME ME ME ME ME.

Because I stole the most comfortable blanket in the whole world & wouldn’t even give Michael a measly sliver.

The dogs completely overtook it & Michael was left with a rag in the corner…

…Until he found the site to buy the blanket ( & on sale ) and went on to buy 3 blankets. He insisted he needed one for his man cave, one for our LA place, & one that matched mine. Well actually that’s not true. He tried to buy white & I convinced him it was wayyyy chicer to be matching when we travel. So now we are wrapped up in matching leopard blankets, feeling chic. Like, actually right now. He’s on one side, I’m on the other. The dogs? They’re on top of the blankets like they own them because GUYS THEY ARE JUST THAT COMFORTABLE.

As you can see the Kardashians are HUGE fans- I mean it IS in like every scene on their show:

I’m on a mission for everyone to try this blanket because it’s 100% TSC-APPROVED. In fact, it’s a thing. Like DM pictures of you in the sumptuous blanket, tag me, or hell- even email me. Once you get one, you will get it. I’ll never go without this blanket & my baby will go home in it. It’s not a display blanket ( although my beautiful friend, Christal, recently gifted us the most INSANE display blanket & I LOVE IT ). It’s actually a blanket Michael is allowed to touch. This is rare. Unlike our white couches because YOU KNOW I hate when he sits on my white couch.

This particular blanket is meant to be used. Chic, even to be used. I plan on bringing mine in my carry-on every minute, using it on the plane, taking it to hotels, the works. It’s a USE ME EVERY SECOND KIND OF BLANKET. This brand is known as “the world’s softest coziest hand knitted blankets, children’s apparel, and chic loungewear for adults.

If you’re not a leopard fan, there are TONS OF DIFFERENT OPTIONS. White! GreyDusty rose-pink!  Snow Leopard! You know, whatever your heart desires.

DID I MENTION that it also covers you if you’re super tall? I have a friend who uses it & he’s 6 foot.

And no surprise the blanket has 5 star reviews on countless sites. I should mention: if you’re one of the TSC readers who already bought one, here’s how you wash it: since it’s 100% polyester microfiber, you need to machine wash it cold on a gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. The site says: WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THE USE OF FABRIC SOFTENERS. THEY CAN ALTER THE LOOK AND FEEL OF OUR FABRIC.

Which obviously no one in the world wants to alter the feel. Because it’s the best feel ever.

( We even went as far as to buy Pixy a sweater made of the blanket which she wears every morning while she’s wolfing down her kibble, pumpkin digestive, & GLUCOSAMINE. Keeps her warm ).

Anyway, I needed to get this off my chest because if you’re on the hunt for a chic, buttery, perfect blanket- THIS IS IT. Promise.

Like once you get one, you’re screwed. You’ll never go back.

Currently: laying in mine with a cup of raspberry/lemon magnesium CALM tea, reading a book with the dogs. Got to go.

Sweet dreams! lauryn

+ this site always has some options on sale. And this is the exact blanket we have which is sold out right now but check back here for re-stock! You won’t regret it, TRUST ME. 


  1. Am I just going to be obsessed with a blanket after reading this post? Yes, I guess I am. I want to try it out so bad now! Especially that I’m sitting in a cold cold library trying to cover myself with my (luckily huge) scarf. On a mission to get one now!

    With kindness,

  2. I love everything made by Barefoot Dreams!! I have a robe made by them, which is the same material used for the blanket, and it’s HEAVEN!! <3 

  3. OMG, so I was trying to see if I could find these blankets anywhere for less because I’m obsessed with a good bargain and low and behold Nordstrom Rack has them in a couple cute chevron patterns for $49. Thank you for bringing this blanket into my life lololol. Pretty sure my dog is going to steal it though.

  4. i have one of their cardigans (wearing it now actually!) and i just ordered their robe. BEST fabric ever.

    xo, Nicole @

  5. Everything about this is right on the money! I’ve been obsessed with barefoot dreams since my first robe in High school.Our household currently has 5 of the blankets, my three kids came home from the hospital in their own and I have two… my husband steals mine constantly even though I’ve offerred to buy him his own a million times. You just convinced me we need more ?!

  6. You keep posting this blanket everywhere and I want it so bad. It is so cute. Need one when I get my own place.
    xx, Meghan |

  7. Bought this blanket after seeing it on your Insta story and I am OBSESSED with it!

    Even more magical, I received it the day it started raining in LA… aka I definitely cozied up to it on my bed and caught up on some TSC. Serendipity at its finest.


    1. Oh no, my blog didn’t show up!


  8. I have like 4 blankets but also the travel cardigan is magical. If you don’t want to carry a blanket while traveling get the travel cardigan. It’s chic, comfy, and amazing.

  9. I have 3 of these and am beyond obsesssd! The only thing better? Their beach poncho (qvc has them). Made of the exact same material (unlike other BFD clothing), its like walking around in public wrapped in one of these blankets – only it’s legit clothing. GENUIS. My friend says that I’m in a full blown relationship with this poncho Bc I wear it ALL the time. Check it out!

  10. Great post and we’re big into blankets too albeit different types. All our stuff is pure new wool and we do have the iconic Welsh tapestry blankets. Maybe you’ve never seen one where you are?

    Best wishes

  11. These blanket are so cool and seems like very useful as Kardashians takes it to everywhere. I really need to get one! Thanks for sharing.

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