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Just Some Travel Must Haves

travel game must haves | by the skinny confidential

We’re finally HOME!

France was such a blast! Can’t wait to share all of the details with you guys. Travel itineraries, memories, & outfit detail posts are COMING SOON. Promise.

That being said, there are a few items I literally would have died without while traveling. They kept the whole situation organized & feeling cute while bouncing around France, so I figured I’d share them!

Here are some travel game must haves:

ONE: Sleek Rolling Carry On

LOVE this carry on. It’s super sleek & chic. Plus it has TONS of compartments inside so you can stay completely organized. While traveling abroad it’s very likely ( unfortunately ) that your luggage could get lost. So definitely ALWAYS bring a carry on with at least two days worth of clothes & all of you’re valuables ( jewelry, sunglasses, favorite makeup! ). Trust me, if you’re luggage gets lost you’ll be glad you did!

TWO: Collagen Eye Masks

Guys, these eye masks are just EVERYTHING. These little under eye masks give your face LIFE. They reduce under eye bags BIG TIME. Traveling is SO hard on your body, under eye circles definitely get worse when you’re on the go. Use these regularly and you’ll notice a huge reduction in pesky dark circles. Every morning you’ll find these under my eyes.

THREE: Super Collagen Mask

Again, traveling is SUPER hard on your body, no surprise there. Anywayy the first place it shows is the skin. Keep your skin hydrated & nourished so you can keep that dewey, healthy look throughout whole trip. This mask is definitely one of my favorites. It’s also small & convenient which makes it ideal for travel. More mask posts coming.

FOUR: Super Cute RECOGNIZABLE Suitcase

Another little travel tip, get a suitcase that is EASY to recognize. When you’re standing in baggage claim it’s so much easier to spot this cute suitcase than a generic black bag that looks like every other black bag. Plus, how cute will you look walking through the airport with this bad boy?!

FIVE: Edgy Black Backpack

I’ve learned this one the hard way. Opt for an edgy backpack instead of a shoulder bag when you’re traveling a ton. Shoulder bags ( especially when filled with snacks, water, laptop, & all of random essentials ) can be really hard on your neck & back. A backpack is better because the weight is distributed more evenly. Find a cute, edgy backpack that you can also use when you’re being all touristy! Plus your posture is protected.

What do you guys want to see on our upcoming travel posts? We’re going to share all the details from our trip! Any requests?

Let me know!


Lauryn’s Travel Essentials…Very Needed:

  1. Are those the actual eye masks that you use? your eyes always look so well rested.

  2. i will be traveling to paris in November! what should i pack for paris in fall/early winter? and are there any things you could not have lived without aside from what is listed above?

    1. Lots of black. Turtlenecks, black jeans, black long sleeve lace tops, & also I love a good Parisian bootie. E-mail me for more ideas! Have fun x

  3. I need these eye masks! Also, love the Mario Badescu collagen mask, it’s one of my favorites right now.

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