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Just A Few Things I’m Loving Lately

loving lately | by the skinny confidential

Like any girl, my favorite pastime is browsing the Internet for ANYTHING, really.

While browsing yesterday, I came across a few items I’m just ABSOLUTELY loving & had to share.

ONE: The scarf trend. Tie this navy, square, paisley scarf around your neck instead of a necklace. You can wear it rolled up skinny OR half folded for more of a western twist. Either way, it’s totally chic.

TWO: Headbands for working out. It will keep your fly aways at bay, is SUPER cute, PLUS can be used to wipe away sweat. Functional & fashionable!

THREE: High waist, sheer, cover up pants. These striped sheer pants are by YFB. Not only am I loving stripes, but I love the sheer pants, bikini top combo for pool parties. It’s unique & looks totally put together.

FOUR: Mini Clarisonic for some deep exfoliation. I’m sure you’ve seen a Clarisonic before, they’re super great for exfoliation because they’re both gentle AND effective. How cute is this little pink one??

FIVE: Peter Pan collar tops: I’ve realized most of my business casual tops are long sleeve! This white top with the cute high collar & tie is adorable. Peter Pan style collars add a professional twist to a sleeveless top. It’s time to add a few professional items to my wardrobe that won’t have me dying of heat this summer!

SIX: Unique workout tops: I am LOVING the cut-outs in this long sleeve white workout top by Varley. It’s perfect for hiking and will keep the important areas out of the sun, but still super cool.

What’s on your loving lately list?


  1. What great pieces! I am loving the pants and mini clarisonic! I actually got rid of my old clarisonic because I had had it for so long and was looking for a newer model; this one could be perfect because it’s not a large and would be easier to pack 🙂

    Peter pan blouse is adorbs, kind of reminds me of my uniform I had to wear for 14 years, but still loving it!

    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Katie! Yes isn’t the mini pink Clarisonic so cute!! I die for it! You had to wear a uniform to school? I never did I was always kind of jealous of uniforms! LOL!! xx

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