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NO I AM FUCKING SERIOUS though- this salt. Like I’m telling you. It’s ZE BEST.

You will never go back to boring old salt once you start on the Le Saunier de Camargue Fleur de Sel Sea Salt.

Too long to pronounce? Me too.

I just call it Fleur De Sel Salt & it feels just as bougie, right?

Backstory: this is the salt that my stepmom, Julie ( she owns Burlap & Crystal AND is a master interior designer- she’s done a bunch of our homes ) always uses in the kitchen- she’s an insane cook. She’s used it since we were kids. Really little kids- always in her mustard salad dressings, scrambled eggs, Thanksgiving stuffing, pastas- you get it. This is her go to. In fact, I cannot remember a time when this salt wasn’t present in our kitchen. It’s one of those things that makes me think of my parents’ house- you know?

THEN my French friend, Ingrid of Simply Gangster Chic, who you know already- started using this specific, crunchy salt on her inulin chocolate chip cookies. She waits until the cookies are fresh out of the oven, all warm & then sprinkles a few sprinkles on top of each cookie. ONCE I TRIED THIS TIP, my Fleur de Sel Salt, I was dead.

It’s just perfect.

This salt has so many pluses, I don’t even know where to begin really?

First off: it’s a fab alternative to boring-ass table salt like I said. AND forget kosher salt- this is WAY better, in my opinion. You can taste the difference immediately. Best texture ever, think: small, flaky, crunchy- k? The meaning of Fleur de Sel is the flower of the salt AKA the best part of the salt. Also you should know you will find this salt all over France– in Provence I saw it at the Farmer’s Market. It’s a classic staple. AUTHENTIC salt !! I’m telling you. 

Other benefits because we love a detail over here:

♡ made of distinctive salt crystals & slightly damp- it’s a unique salt that enhances food.

♡ real cork top.

♡ used in place of table salt for a healthier, more delicious meal.

♡ no plastic involved- I LOVE this.

♡ superior taste that will blow your mind.


I like to add this to all my meals ( just a pinch ), cookies, & even in my water in the morning for electrolytes. So many people have told me to make dark chocolate caramels with it…OMG.

Oh. And 91% of people on Amazon give it 5 stars. Whoever gave it less than 4 stars? I am fighting you. I kid- but like- WHAT! It’s a 5 star salt.

I have mine in a tiny, chic glass salt jar. Well, to be honest I have 2 jars. One in a cute, glass situation which is by my white teapot ( for easy access ) & one in the pantry to remind me of my stepmom. You will want 2 of them- I’m telling you it’s one of those things you just keep on ordering.

TSC master list approved, you know what I mean?

Hope you’re all having the best Tuesday ever. I am off to take some CBD, read my latest book ( HOWARD STERN’S LATEST!! ), & drink some mushroom cacao. Goodnight.

Until tomorrow, lauryn the Fleur de Ser Salt bae.

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  1. I definitely need to try out this salt! I am one of those people that puts salt on most my food, although I hate to admit that. Thanks for sharing Lauryn, hope you have a great day.


  2. A good salt makes all the difference!! I haven’t tried this one but I do ;ove the Maldon fleur de sel – the texture is so cool like little pyramids and adds a nice crunch… love a good crunch too lol. so interesting that these are slightly damp! That texture sounds divine, ordering now! x Shannon •

  3. Salt is the best for rinsing–using salt water to rinse off your mouth post-brushing or oil pulling just aids in breath freshness and bacteria removal. It’s fantastic! This salt looks so glamorous–you must have felt like you were spoiled from a fancy resort with this little tub of salt. Flaky and crunchy sea salt flakes > kosher salt. ANY DAY.

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