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quip toothbrush daily morning routine | by the skinny confidentialquip toothbrush daily morning routine | by the skinny confidentialWELL HELLO!

This post is a long time coming- why? Because I’m always finding hacks to get ready faster. In fact, I’m not a huge getting ready fan to begin with. I mean there’s too much hoopla. By the time I’m ready, I’m tired. LOL.

I’ll never forget reading this old school magazine when I was like 14 years old. There was an interview feature on Gwyneth Paltrow. In the article she said she would shower, wash her hair, get out of the shower, blow-dry her hair…& by the time she was done blow-drying her hair? SHE HAD TO GET BACK IN THE SHOWER to take another shower because she was sweating from blow-drying her hair.

But like, that’s how getting ready is to me- it’s so much effort, you know? After the spray tan, nails, hair washing, makeup, etc., you’re already tired. And sweating. And need another shower.

Ok well maybe Gwyneth is an extreme case, but you get the point.quip toothbrush daily morning routine | by the skinny confidentialquip toothbrush daily morning routine | by the skinny confidentialI’ll get straight to the point here because time is money. & I sure as shit don’t want to waste your time. I mean that’s kind of what this whole post is about right? Time? SO LET’S GET TO IT:


1. HAVE YOUR MORNING SITUATION GOOD TO GO THE NIGHT BEFORE: ok so here’s the thing- a lot of people ( probably me & you ) are very specific with how they start their morning. Ideally, I like to wake up, open the shades, meditate, do Morning Pages, enjoy a water with lemon & pink Himalayan salt, & move my body for at least 5 minutes. This morning routine takes 30 minutes- if I am limited on time, I can do 15 minutes. That’s just me, I am faster in the morning.

BUT I can only get in one page, not three of the Morning Pages. When you’re in a hurry you do what you gotta do. If I know I have an early morning where I’m going to be running around, I have ready to go: pre-cut lemons, water jug, salt nearby, & my Morning Pages journal with my favorite white pen. I move my body for like 2 minutes by doing yoga stretches ( you know I like to get the blood flow going ).

You could also dry brush for 30 seconds in the shower if you’re running late- JUST WAKE THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM UP. IT’S SO IMPORTANT. So many people in China walk around hitting themselves in the park in the mornings. They do this because they’re waking the body up. Whatever, you can find me hitting myself in the kitchen tomorrow while making my Detox drink or lemon water. You gotta do what you gotta do.quip toothbrush daily morning routine | by the skinny confidentialquip toothbrush daily morning routine | by the skinny confidential2.) ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH + TONGUE CLEANER: one of the first things I do every morning is clean my tongue. We had Sahara Rose, an Ayurvedic specialist, come on the podcast & she informed us that cleaning your tongue removes nasty bacteria. When you drink water with all that nasty morning breath bacteria, it goes to your gut- we don’t want this. ( YOU CAN IMAGINE I GOT MY WHOLE FAMILY TONGUE SCRAPERS AFTER HEARING THIS FUN FACT- HORRIFIC ).

SO WAKE UP, clean your tongue. AND DON’T BE JEALOUS but my electric toothbrush has a tongue scrubber on it too. I KNOW! Then comes the fun part- the part that we all ( hopefully ) know well & love: TEETH BRUSHING. I am a snob when it comes to my toothbrush- well not really because I’m going to tell you about the best toothbrush ever in a second. When I say snob I mean I like an electric toothbrush- especially after jaw surgery. It makes such a difference. Don’t think I’m crazy here but you know how much I like stimulation right? WELLLLL, stimulating the gums is a thing. A thing that’s VERY important. Your gums need to be stimulated to stay healthy & I just feel like the electric toothbrush does this best – one of the best hot tools must-haves.

The one I like is by QUIP. First off, it’s rose gold. LIKE! DO! YOU! DIE!? A ROSE GOLD TOOTHBRUSH. I know, don’t be jealous- I’m jealous of myself. I kid. But really it’s very TSC…so much so, I think it belongs on the MASTER LIST? Anyway, this toothbrush is amazing because it’s quick, efficient, gets the job done, & you can use it in the shower or outside the shower. Ideal if you’re running late. I take mine on vacation- what I love most about it for travel is that it’s lightweight. You know how some electric toothbrushes are overly heavy? This one fits right into your cosmetics kit. None of that bulky, 2001 crap. The best part is this: it sticks to your mirror!!! YOUR MIRROR!! So again, no bulk. And it’s affordable.

Starting at $25 dollars affordable. You can stalk the brush I have here. They also have this insane subscription program. Here’s the details: dentists recommend you change your brush every 3 months before your bristles become nasty, worn out, and ineffective at cleaning. QUIP delivers a new brush head every 3 months for $5 dollars with free worldwide shipping.quip toothbrush daily morning routine | by the skinny confidentialquip toothbrush daily morning routine | by the skinny confidential3.) KEEP YOUR AM SKIN CARE IN ONE PLACE: moving right along. All my AM skin care is in one place. We again, are looking for a seamless situation here, right? All mine is on this white lacquer traymso I can slap some product on my face, do a little facial massage ( we’re talking 1 minute if I’m running late ), & finish it off with sunscreen, always. Having your skin care everywhere is a waste of time, create a little space that’s just for skin care to save time.quip toothbrush daily morning routine | by the skinny confidential4.) USE A MULTI-TASKING HAIR TOOL: lately I’ve showcased a product that does it all. It works best for me because it’s a hair brush, straightener, & blowout in ONE. I love this so much. Anyone can use it too. You can watch the video of when I do my hair in five minutes to see what I mean. Regardless, find one tool that gets the job done. I spray some texturizing spray on my  hair & we are golden.quip toothbrush daily morning routine | by the skinny confidential5.) MAKEUP? WAM, BAM, THANK YOU MA’AM- NOW LET’S GO: to be real, I keep this so simple. I’m not a huge fan of heavy day makeup. I’ll use sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, a bold brow          ( BRUSHED UP ), & lip conditioner. If I’m running late, I do not get fancy. Sometimes less is more. Ok, ok if you’re not into the natural look though? Keep red lipstick, cc cream, blush, bronzer, the works in a little makeup bag that’s already in your purse.  You can always do your makeup in a random bathroom like me! OH!! And the makeup bag will fit your new rose gold toothbrush too ; ).  More on my makeup products and how I organize them here.

6.) Alarm clock.  If you’re feeling like you need more time in the day for self care,  wake up 15 minutes earlier than normal. I mean, if you can’t carve out 15 minutes for yourself, are you really living? Save time?! set an alarm. Oh, we have a custom TSC alarms. Check it out here.

OTHER WEIRD HACKS? Simple ones: I lay my workout outfit the night before. cold brew is already mixed with cinnamon in a Starbucks tin mug, I add ice, & GO. Wash your face using turmeric. Car keys along with other keys are always in a key jar- Michael & I have this at the front door next to our sunglasses. Coffee? Check. Keys? Check. Sunglasses? Check.


GIVE ME THE JUICE. Like all of it. We need all the help we can get over here.

X, lauryn

++ SHOP: pink holder | toothbrush | pink swan | M.A.C lipstick

++ This post is in collaboration with QUIP. As always ALL opinions are my own.


  1. I work 65hr/week so everything I do has to be time efficient!! I sleep in my workout clothes so I can wake up & workout, dry brush while the shower is getting warm, do most my skin care routine in the shower while conditioner is in my hair, and have hardboil eggs or RX bars while I’m racing out the door! Keep the tips coming!

    Love this toothbrush! Is the one you posted have a tongue scraper attached to it??

  2. Im not a morning person, so I make sure I prepare as much as I can the evening before. My phone alarm is on snooze for 45mins every morning. Two things I make sure I do is prepare my outfit and lay it out the evening before as well as prepare breakfast be it chopping up some fruits, cutting some pieces of cake or spreading butter on my bread. Its all prepared before hand and all I do is is shower and make a cup of tea in the morning. Thank God I dont do makeup, just a little lipbalm and lipstick.

  3. I have the best thing for staying cool while blow drying your hair! You won’t sweat and need to take another shower. It’s a necklace fan on amazon. It’s not the weak rectangle ones. It’s oval, black and super powerful. It’s 19.99 and AMAZING!! I use it every time I blow dry or do a blowout and it keeps me cool and sweat free! I use it on walk too!

  4. Can you tell me where you got the cute pink spiky thingy that your toothbrush is standing upright from??

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