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7 replies to “Just a Reminder…”

  1. Very true. It’s still five pounds, it just looks different…and works differently for the body too.

  2. Hi there Lauryn!
    New follower here :). Really enjoying your stuff! Especially how you seem to be able to have fun just make smarter choices when you “splurge” and only “splurge” very occasionally. I have a quick question, I know you are a huge proponent of lots and lots or water drinking. I saw you said you drink your body weight in ounces! I had heard only half your weight! Anyways I’m really trying to consume more–but doesn’t that mean that you are bloated–i.e. FULL of water all the time? For example I’m trying to lose some weight and like to weigh myself when I get home from work, so I try to stop drinking water at noon to make sure I’m a “real” and low weight–not full of water–so I don’t get discouraged. Just a thought?

    1. Half of your body weight is fine! If you can drink more, try it. It really flushes you out ; ). As you drink half your body weight in ounces, you’re good. Thanks for reading Katie! xo