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Just A Little Sunday Random-ness For You

striped blouse with flares | by the skinny confidential

The love I have for these flared jeans is just unfair to Michael.

I cannot stop wearing them. I cannot stop thinking about them. I cannot stop with them in general.

They’re SO GOOD. In fact, they’re my favorite black jeans ever?

These are like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants kind of amazing but they’re never going to be traveling, actually they’re staying right on my ass. Because they REALLY tighten everything up, if you know what I mean.

striped blouse with flares | by the skinny confidential
striped blouse with flares | by the skinny confidential

In other news, make sure you check out tonight’s Snapchat. I’m LOVING connecting with you guys so intimately on a social platform. It’s not like Instagram ( sometimes too filtered ), or Facebook ( too saturated ), or even Twitter ( ZZzzz ). So ya, it’s safe to say I kind of LOVE IT.

Tonight Michael & I shared our favorite books lately ( you guys will love the tomato timer book, LOL ). And on Saturday we discussed brow tinting…you neeeeeeeeed to get on the brow tint wagon, will do a post soon. Also, The Nanz makes countless cameos.

So if you have Snapchat, let’s connect. My username: laurynevarts. See you there.

What else?

This month has been a total reset with no alcohol, lots of herbs/probiotics/green drinks, & lots of fitness.

…Time to mix in a little play.

striped blouse with flares | by the skinny confidential

striped blouse with flares | by the skinny confidential

On Friday I’m off to Dallas to speak at Create & Cultivate. The panel I’m on is: “Brand Vibes: How to create a brand that lives beyond the blog bubble.” If you’re going, definitely come say hi!! Excited to meet some of you in person. Anyone going?!

Also, for the record I think I might have my first sip of champagne ( in a month ) this weekend in honor of C & C. REBEL.

Ok, off to bed to read, relax, & prep for Monday!

See you on Snapchat, lauryn x

SHOP MY OUTFIT: striped top | flared jeans | yellow clutch ( similar ) | shoes ( ON SALE!! ) | sunglasses
{ photos }
striped blouse with flares | by the skinny confidential
striped blouse with flares | by the skinny confidential

striped blouse with flares | by the skinny confidential

  1. Absolutely adorable outfit! I want to get back into flare jeans, but haven’t found the right pair. I am really short, and they all seem so long. I love that shirt and I am adding it to my cart! Loving your snaps too 🙂

    1. Hi Alexis, do you have a professional tailor? I get everything altered! Also, if you purchase anything from Nordstroms you can actually get alterations for free! xx

  2. Looking gorgeous as always girl!! I’m loving those flares – and I too am all about the brow tinting lately! #lifechanging 😉 xx

    Lavender Earl Grey Tea Mist0 –>

  3. Great combination! Curious if the striped top runs small. What size are you wearing? I’m about your size.

    1. Okay – the one I’m looking at goes by numerical sizes 🙂 Is yours a 0 or 2?
      Thank you again 🙂

  4. Hey Lauryn,
    I’ll be volunteering on Saturday at C+C. Looking forward to seeing you and all of the other inspirational women there!

  5. Brow tinting is seriously everything!! Literally, life changing.

    I am soooo sad I am not going to C & C! I tried to get impromptu tix but it was, righteously so, sold out – will def try to get to one of them this year. Your panel sounds so interesting. Can’t wait for a recap post on it!

    Loving the outfit too – the stripes are stunning and I’m with you, a good pair of flares are literally a Khaled key.

    PS – In Dallas, you haaaaaavvvvve to go to a place downtown called Tei-An. I die for their spicy pressed tuna, white seaweed salad & soba ice cream with black honey omg. Very authentic Japanese restaurant with a bomb bar (and sexy rooftop with cigar service and sometimes Jazz)! You’d also love HG SPLY Co – it’s Paleo inspired with a rad rooftop (Dallas loves their rooftops) – and they take a page out of the TSC handbook & have frozen moscow mules topped with ginger kombucha! SO GOOD.

    Safe Travels!! xx

    1. Thanks Shannon! I wish you could have been there too! Recap post coming tomorrow most likely. And I agree, brow tinting is a TOTAL game changer. How long have you been doing it? Thanks for reading!

  6. It’s definitely difficult sticking to the “no booze” january. I think I might allow myself a redo next month tbh.

    Also, I have to say that I have problems styling anything other than skinny jeans but you’ve defo inspired me to go a lil throwback with flared jeans. They look super flattering on you!

    1. Hi Beryl, yes try flares! Just wear something slimming up top. How often did you drink during January. Are you really going to try for Feb? Let me know! xx

  7. You know, I was doing awesome with no booze January until I went to Jamaica for a wedding. Literally every hour they were handing out freshly made rum punches while I was just trying to lay on the beach and sip coconut water from a coconut. So anyways, after too many rum punches last week I am back on the train! You know what’s cool about giving up booze for a month though? You’ll get buzzed from like one sip LOL Have fun at the conf!! You’re going to kill it. xo Annie

    1. Hi Annie, I know right?? The second you drink alcohol again it’s so strong. I kind of like it! LOL! Thanks for reading

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