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Julianne Hough On Dancing, Fitness, & Grease

Julianne Hough x The Skinny Confidential | by the skinny confidential

Julianne Hough x The Skinny Confidential | by the skinny confidential

Can you blame me that I was VERY, very ( very? ) excited to interview Ms. Julianne Hough?

She is just UNREAL— a real girl boss in every way.

I mean the woman stars in Grease ( Sandy!!! ), recently landed her own clothing line, acts, dances, blogs, & is on like every single cover of a bunch of women’s fitness magazines, sooooo GOALS.

OH. AND she was insane on Dancing With The Stars, no big deal.

Regardless, I’m here to report to you guys: she’s down to earth, relatable, newly engaged, & extremely sweet.

Just see for yourself:
| Introduce yourself to The Skinny Confidential community |:

Julianne Hough: I am a dancer, actress and singer. Entertaining is my life’s passion, and I’m a two time champion on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars & currently a judge. On January 31st I performed the role of “Sandy” in NBC’s live production of Grease.

And last but not least, I have just signed on as brand ambassador for athletic wear brand, MPG Sport, where I’ll be curating a selection of my favorite pieces this spring, and designing my first-ever athleisure collection debuting this Fall.

Julianne Hough x The Skinny Confidential | by the skinny confidential

Julianne Hough x The Skinny Confidential | by the skinny confidential

| Tell us ALL about your new line, I speak for everyone when I say: we can’t wait! |:

JH: MPG Sport & I were a perfect fit from the start. The company was founded with its roots in dance, and it’s seamlessly versatile.

For spring/summer 2016 I’ve curated some of my favorite pieces in the collection— the pieces that I feel best represent my lifestyle from workouts/rehearsals to errands and lunches with my friends.

Then I will debut my very own designs for the brand for fall/winter 2016, which has been an exciting challenge for me!

| Explain the process? How much were you involved? |:

JH: My working relationship with MPG Sport has been fantastic, because they are so willing to let me explore what I like and be true to my own aesthetic. They are the quiet front leaders in innovating technically forward fabrications, so I feel so passionately that we are creating the best product out there— & for an exceptionally fair price point!

| What’s your favorite piece in the collection & why? |:

JH: I love the Distinct sports bra, paired back to the Blend ¾ pant.

The sports bra has great lines that make it feel uniquely feminine, & the pop of teal against the heather-ed charcoal palm print is really great. The pant has great seaming and the ruching at the leg is really flattering & very elongating.

| Um, ok so you’re Sandy in GREASE?! Tell us about the experience |:

JH: What little girl in America doesn’t grow up idolizing Sandy and singing those songs? It’s a classic story about coming into your own, and iconic to our generation. This role is truly a dream come true for me, and I had an amazing time with the cast and crew.

Julianne Hough x The Skinny Confidential | by the skinny confidential

| How do you manage working on Grease & your own clothing collection? Tips are very much appreciated for all the girl bosses out there |:

JH: Time management is key.

Rehearsal schedules & filming can be consuming, but exploring my passions, like fashion and design, is important to keep growing. I make the most of my down time & use my time as effectively as I can.

| How do you stay healthy being SO busy?? What’s your favorite healthy snacks/fitness tips? Share! |:

JH: My tip is to keep your fitness routine lively & non-repetitive.

Same with snacking. Repetition gets boring, so I love to mix up what I’m snacking on.

And because I love to eat ( haha ) I lean towards healthy snacks.

| You just got engaged, congrats! Any wedding plans? |:

JH: Right now, we are just enjoying being engaged!

Julianne Hough x The Skinny Confidential | by the skinny confidential

| And along with all of this…you’re also designing some fitness-wear, tell, tell! |:

JH: I’m so excited about my partnership with Canadian fitness brand, MPG Sport. My curated selection for spring/summer 2016 will be available at on February 15th.

There are some great tanks, asymmetrical jackets, cropped pants, & more. And my designs for fall/winter 2016 will be even more fun! We will be selling in the U.S. at Lord & Taylor stores, in Canada at Hudson’s Bay stores, & at hundreds of specialty stores across both countries.

| What can we expect from you in 2016? |:

JH: The year has already started with a bang, appearing in Dirty Grandpa & I’m still on a high from starring in Grease: Live.

Honestly, it was a dream come true for me & was the best experience of my performing career so far.

The fact that so many people watched & seemed to love it was really icing on the cake— I’m so proud of what we did & will miss being with everyone every day. We’re working hard to continue to grow the community we’ve created with my “Jules” blog & a lot of fun lifestyle and charitable projects connected to that.

Of course, I’m super excited about launching my MPG curated collection this spring along with immersing myself in the process of designing my first collection for fall 2016.

Apart from that, I’m looking at a lot of really exciting film and television projects as an actress and producer.

+ follow Jules on Instagram.

Julianne Hough x The Skinny Confidential | by the skinny confidential

Julianne Hough x The Skinny Confidential | by the skinny confidential

  1. Great post! I’m such a fan of your interviews with those girlbosses and to read their tips 🙂

  2. Julianne Hough is one of my all time favorite celebs, As a former dancer myself, I’ve always looked up to Julianne. BTW, her snapchat stories are hilarious. You need to follow her 🙂

  3. Love your interviews section! Always great to read about talented and inspiring personalities! And love the picture with Cavaliers at the top, they are so cute! xx

  4. I am going to need to know where that swimsuit on the bottom is from – so amazing! I loved her tidbit on Time Management – it’s always a great reminder on how important it is, and how even the busiest of busy can deal. Great feature – She is a stunning Sandy! xx

  5. holy shit this is soo soooo awesome!! god! she looks amazing. we all grew up idolizing her and singing along..this is just so fun to see what she’s doign now! LOVE this! xo


  6. I just adore Julianne!
    I definitely show photos of Julianne to my hairdresser, like everytime. Still never nails it tho.

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