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If you’re anything like me you are always on the go. This can make finding time to focus on the things I love, like reading, challenging. I’ve gotten creative and will try to read any and everywhere now. Instead of checking social media while in an Uber I’ll read a chapter. You can even find me squeezing in a couple of pages while I’m brushing my teeth. Even if you can’t time block a whole hour you can always find a few minutes here and there. Although with these juicy reads it’s pretty likely you’ll forget what else you have going on. Let’s dive into it.


The Secrets of My Life
 | caitlyn jenner

Obviously there’s a lot we don’t know about the Kardashian-Jenner clan. That’s why I was excited to read The Secrets of My Life and hear about things from Caitlyn’s perspective. Cait dives into the nitty gritty of Bruce’s marriage with Kris, his struggle with becoming Cait, and the admission of not being the best father throughout this. If you follow the Kardashians or you’re interested in transformation stories then this is a must read.

How to Murder Your Life | cat marnell

If you read one thing this summer let it be this book. I picked up How to Murder Your Life and could not put it down. Thinking to myself “DUH who doesn’t want to murder life?” I figured this was going to be an encouraging, self-help, business type of book. Boy was I wrong. This book details how Cat Marnell actually ruined her life. She was living the dream in New York as an associate beauty editor but was struggling with addiction to prescription pills and an eating disorder. This book was SO well written & is incredibly juicy.

Confessions of a Suicidal Policewoman | thomas fitzsimmons

If you’re looking for a page turner this is it. Confessions of a Suicidal Policeman is a thriller that takes you into the world of cops and drugs. The characters come to life and the excitement is unreal. Thomas keeps you engaged until the very end.

…And All Things Kardashian | kris jenner

The Kardashians are a household name because of Kris Jenner. She is the biggest business woman in the public eye & built an empire.  …And All Things Kardashian takes the reader through her journey from setting up a paparazzi shoot for Kim & Nick Lachey, capitalizing on Kim’s sex tape & creating KUWTK. Kris shares her thoughts on these moments and how she used them to make millions.

Girl Code | cara alwill leyba

If you are looking for a badass business book then check out Girl Code. Cara breaks down how the magic really happens when women support women. It’s not your typical business book of how to be productive and more efficient. Instead she talks about confidence, creating community & figuring out your why. This book really dives into the crucial elements of business that are not typically talked about.

Summer is the perfect time to knock out some reading. Whether you’re spending time lounging by the pool or flying in a plane, pick up a book. It’s stimulating, interesting & relaxing. Any other books you guys can’t put down? I can always use a few more juicy reads.

x, lauryn



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20 replies to “JUICY JULY READS”

  1. I love reading book recommendations – there’s always something new I want to read in there! For me in this collection it’s ‘How to Murder Your Life’ – I’ve already added it to my Amazon wishlist ready to order in my next batch of books. Thank-you for sharing.

  2. Just recently ordered Girl Code and can’t wait to read it! I love that you’re a big reader. I really believe reading is what sets people apart in the best way!

  3. I’m super bad at reading non-fiction (I just need a story to follow!) but these all sound so interesting, I think I could definitely get through them.

    xx Pia

    PS. I think your ‘commentluv’ link button might be broken!

  4. I’ve been dying to read how to murder your life – its sounds soooo good! I just finished reading Kelly Oxfords new book and her first one was good too! The babe Walker/White Girl Problems ones are pretty good too 🙂