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Juice Detox: Day 1

Juice Cleanse in Solana Beach with all fresh veggies and fruits by blogger Lauryn Evarts

[ Day 1- Fresh 7 Liver & Kidney Detox ]

Back in September I wrote about the juice cleanse I completed through Juicer’s in Solana Beach. With all the bustling excitement in regards to the New Year I feel it’s entirely appropriate to go through the process again. I rallied some friends [ Ian, Pilar & Alana ] to participate too.

The cleanse entails three days [ today is Liver & Kidney juice: apples, beets, carrots, celery, cucumber, lemon & tomatoes ] of hourly juice consumption. Massive amounts of water and tea are encouraged too. A big plus? One meal a night is allowed [ 6 ounces of lean protein & veggies ]. Tonight’s meal will be chopped veggie salad with grilled chicken.

Juice Cleanse in Solana Beach with all fresh veggies and fruits by blogger Lauryn Evarts

[ Equals out to 64 ounces of juice ]

Juice Cleanse in Solana Beach with all fresh veggies and fruits by blogger Lauryn Evarts

[ Every half hour, drink 8 ounces of water ]

Juice Cleanse in Solana Beach with all fresh veggies and fruits by blogger Lauryn Evarts

[ Juicer employee, Alysia made my delicious concoction for day 1 ]

Juice Cleanse in Solana Beach with all fresh veggies and fruits by blogger Lauryn Evarts

[ Cucumbers, beets, apples & celery ]



  1. I have been looking for a juice detox for the past few days, so I think I’ll try this. Interested to see what day 2 and 3 are like as well. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Hello from Canada
    I’m so glad I came across your blog. I will be trying this on Monday-wedn
    Thanks for this post

  3. I’m interested in knowing what day 2 and 3 are like as well, could I get an email with those instructions too? I had a baby 5 weeks ago and having been looking for a cleanse I can use. Thanks!

  4. Hi! I think I may want to try this as soon as possible. Do you blend your ingredients using a blender or some other juicing device? Also, what brands can you recommend or any specific things that helped you through the three days?


  5. Hi! Loving this site, super inspirational!
    Am soo gonna try the detox! Is there a more exact recipe as to the amount of each ingredient?

  6. Love your blog! What type of juicing machine did you use? I had a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer for 3 days… returned it after I covered my kitchen cabinets in juice and pulp!

  7. Can someone send me the instructions??? my email is


  8. Hi Lauryn!

    I love your blog! I am starting this cleanse with a friend and would love the full instructions!

    Thanks so much!!!

  9. Excited to try this! Could you please send me the details/instructions? Much appreciated!!

  10. Sounds awesome, i’m so excited to try! Could I please get the full instructions? Thanks!

  11. My best friend and I want to try this detox! Is there anyway you could email me the instructions and any other cleanses you suggest! Thanks so much! Love your blog!

  12. Starting this tomorrow! Question: I have the details on the cleanse from my friend (that received them from you) and you say to drink plenty of green tea, but the actual instructions say to avoid caffeine. I am forgoing coffee so I can actually use the bit of caffeine, but just want to double check that is ok? Also, is coconut water ok in place of water at times?

  13. Hi lauryn,

    I just found your blog since you posted on Skinny Runner. My boyfriend and i are interested in the detox. Can you email me instructions and tips. I have never done a detox before but have heard rave reviews from friends and coworkers. Thanks. Loving your blog already 🙂

  14. Hi, this juice detox sounds great! I would LOVE more details on this detox…i truly need one! Thx!

  15. Im on day 2 and want to eat everything i see. I have to say i feel good enough to go on a 3mile run tonight after i eat my huge 6oz meal of sliced turky, yum…… I cant wait for this to be over!

    1. Drink TONS of green tea to flush the system out and have some scrambled eggs if you’re hungry. : )

  16. Hi Lauryn,

    For the protein and vegetables after 6pm. Can the vegetables be cooked in oil and other ingredients or do they have to be raw?

    Thank you,

  17. Hey 🙂 Is there any replacement for the beets? Something that’ll have a similar effect? I’m living in Korea and I’ve never come across one, so I doubt I’d be able to find any for this cleanse.


  18. Hi 🙂
    Can you email the instructions for the cleanse. Thanks 🙂

  19. Hi Lauryn,

    My husband and I are interested in trying this out. We have a vitamix which would utilize the entire vegetable and fruit – what are your thoughts on that? We also have a juicer but it started breaking our hearts throwing away so much fiber and nutrients. It would be interesting the know why you wouldn’t want to keep that stuff.

    Also, in regards to the protein with veggies at night – how strict would you be on dressing. Would an apple cider vinagrette be acceptable with a little olive oil for the salad (or even your delish recipe for the champagne vinagrette)? And what about the protein? Just season with salt and pepper or are other herbs and spices acceptable?

    Thanks so much and your site is definitely my new inspiration to be good to my body!

    1. E-mail me at for cleanse details.

      Apple cider will work…but not champagne vinaigrette. Salt & pepper are perf. Herbs/spices are all acceptable too! I am so happy you like the site, doll! XO

  20. I just bought everything : beginning 3 days cleanse tomorrow , may I have the instructions , thank you so much for your help

  21. hey lauryn 🙂
    this really sounds like a great manageable detox program!
    could you do me a favor and send me the instructions to this?
    So excited to try it out 😀

  22. Would you mind sending me the instructions and tips as well please! 🙂

  23. I was reluctant to start this. I even got all of the ingredients yesterday and procrastinated juicing till I was starving. I was pleasantly surprised that it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I wonder how I will feel at the end of this first day 🙂

  24. Would love to get a copy of the full instructions and possibly a suitable vegetarian tofu recipe for the meal? Thank you!

    1. You can do anything with tofu for the protein or eggs ; ). I’ll e-mail you the cleanse deets now!

  25. Hey there, just stumbled across your page and love it. Could I get the instructions for this juice cleanse. My e-mail is . THANKS!

  26. HI would love to try the cleanse…..can i please have the details

    my email is

    love this blog

    1. Sure; I’ll send them over now! Thanks for the support on the blog, Nikki! XO.

  27. My friend told me to check this out!! I want to try the juice cleanse before the new year comes! Will you email me instructions?

  28. Hi! I was curious if you would email me the instructions for the full three days? Thanks so much!!

  29. Hello, love your site. Will you please email me the full details/directions that everyone is asking about. Also, what kind of juicer do you use/recommend? thanks,

  30. Hi Lauryn! I’m really interested in trying this 3-day detox. I read previous posts and saw that there is a full list of instructions for this! Is there any way you could email them to me? Thank you so much!

  31. Hi there… just found this via Eat Yourself Skinny!

    Looking at this first detox…. haven’t got to the other two just yet.
    I HATE tomatoes. Will this work as well without them?


    1. I would sub them for spinach : )). xoxo. E-mail me for details at !

  32. Can you please send me the details of this detox? Ready to look my best with the upcoming holidays so near. Thank you!


  33. Hi Lauryn,

    Hubby and I are active juicers but never thought about detox dies… i would like to try this.. Can you send me detailed instructions for all 3 days?

    Thanks and love your blog!


  34. My husband and I are interested in the detox, can you email me details. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  35. I am giving this cleanse a whirl tomorrow, last time I did a juice cleanse with beets the juice tasted terrible. Can anyone tell me what Day 1 Tastes like?? Thanks!

  36. Hi Lauryn,

    Great post! My roommate and I want to try your juice detox. Can you email me the ingredients and instructions? Thanks so much! Excited!


  37. I just had my detox day yesterday, and made pumpkin! I will follow your detox days, it may inspire me to make some more:)

    Love from France

  38. Can you email the 3 day cleanse to me please. Im not crazy about kale – is it necessary.

  39. Hi Lauryn-

    Could you send me the exact measurements and instructions for the 3-day Juice Cleanse please? Thank you 🙂

  40. I’m very interested in trying this cleanse, but I live in an area that doesn’t seem to have any juice bars!?!? Could you recommend a good at home juicer? I don’t want to break the bank just in case juicing isn’t my thing.


  41. hello I recently became a vegetarian and found your blog because I was looking for a 3 day juice detox…my questions is what should I eat after the 8 hours to replace the 6 oz of protein you stated?
    thank you

  42. Hi Lauryn I am very interested in starting this cleanse in the next few days. Can you please send me the details and instructions for this? Your blog is very inspirational! Thank you, xo.

  43. Just finished day 1 of the detox. Wasn’t too bad. Just wondering if the juice is suppose to be so think. It kinda reminded me of a smoothie constancy. Did I do something wrong I thought it was suppose to more of a juice. Any pointers on what I may have did wrong.

  44. Hi, just came across your blog and I would like to try the 3 day detox. Can you email me the details? Thanks

  45. Hi Laura! Emilia from Sweden found her way back to your lovley blog! Would really appreciate if you could send me this Detox one more time 🙂

    Have a great day 🙂

  46. Lauren-

    Question about our protein meal:

    What kind of seasonings/marinades (if any) are acceptable to use? For instance, I often cook my chicken with a small amount of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and chopped garlic. Would this work for the cleanse, or should I tweak it?


  47. Hello, just wondering if you could send the full cleanse instructions to please! 🙂

  48. My daughter (28) has been wanting us to do a cleanse and found this. I love it! However she can’t eat carrots. Would you just leave them out or put the peppers in place of them as you had mentioned if it didn’t make 64 ounces? Anything else she could do in place of carrots?

    1. E-mail me for cleanse details at You can substitute carrots with apples or beets or bell peppers. Either of those work! xx.

  49. Wow, I am really super slow . . . .

    Tomorrow it´s the midsummer holiday in sweden and since I will be working the HOLE weekend I thought I would do your great cleanse to keep me occupied 🙂 Can´t wait 🙂

    Your blog looks great, The only think I thought is that it´s a bit hard to read the headlines in your archive since it´s in a super light pink . . . .

    Happy midsummer from Sweden…. Lots of huggs 🙂

  50. Hi Lauryn! I found the entire 3 day plan from another one of your posts, ran out to the store tonight and bought everything I need for Day 1 (I had to take a bus, I’ll go back tomorrow for Day 2 and Day 3) Needless to say I’m VERY excited to start this cleanse! Wooo! Thanks for sharing it! 🙂

  51. Hi…I just found your website and was wondering if you could email me the instructions to this detox! It sounds amazing and I would love to try this!!

  52. So sorry sent you the wrong email…could you please sent instructions for the detox to this email!

  53. Hello Lauryn, one meal a night is pretty awesome. We have some clients who might be interested in this. We’ve found that a lot of people seem to go a little crazy when they can’t eat. Even if they’re not hungry it’s like they feel strange when they drink/juice all day and don’t eat anything. We know some people who this could really help. Thanks!

  54. Por favor você poderia enviar as instruções de uso, tive bebê a 5 meses gostaria de me desintoxicar. Obrigada!

  55. Hi! Could you email me the full version?

    Looking forward to starting….even talked my hubby into doing it with me?

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