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Jordan Younger on Struggling With Orthorexia (& A Fun Giveaway!)


Fun surprise today for you guys: we are talking with Jordan Younger who’s the blogger behind The Balanced Blonde. Recently Jordan wrote the book Breaking Vegan which is all about her personal story of struggling with orthorexia. Last weekend I read the book & I really couldn’t put it down. It’s raw & real in every way. Plus Jordan has a very geninue energy ( example: we worked on a project in Seattle together & I was so, so swollen from jaw surgery. Jordan was SO comforting. She made me feel really comfortable at a time when I felt like shit ).

Basically she’s amazing.

Anyway, we ALSO want to give away a TSC X TBB Wellness Package: a signed copy of Breaking Vegan, a TBV tee of the winner’s choice, a signed copy of TSC Book& The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide membership. & we’re giving this package away to THREE LUCKY LADIES.

All you have to do is comment below on why you HAVE to win! Extra credit is to regram a pic from this post & tag us with the hashtag #TSCTBBGiveaway.

Okkkk let’s get to know Jordan better:

Re-introduce yourself. |

Jordan Younger: Hi TSC babes! My name is Jordan Younger and I write the health and lifestyle blog The Balanced Blonde. I live in Los Angeles and when I’m not blogging or working on my clothing line TBV Apparel, you can find me on the yoga mat, on a run through Brentwood, or snuggling with my perfect little kitten baby Hudson.

I love Lauryn’s blog & it’s one of the few that I read religiously, so this is an exciting day for me. Hope you guys love what we have to say.

| YOUR BOOK! I loved it. Tell us all about the process, start to finish. |

JY: Thank you! I know you are an avid reader, like me, so that means the WORLD! I feel so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to write my story and share it so publicly… And so “written in stone,” if you will, on paper and off of the Internet!

I work with an incredible literary agent, my girl Sarah, who was super helpful with the book proposal process over a year and a half ago. Sarah and I both knew I had a story to tell about “breaking veganism,” but the question was… How to tell it?

I pretty much decided that writing my story in memoir form would be best, because there was so much to explain about my background with food, my lifelong stomach problems, my tendencies toward extremes, some issues going on in my family that lead me to turn to food/cleansing as a form of control and restriction, and so on. Basically, I put it all on the table.

The process of writing the book itself was deeply cathartic, therapeutic, emotional, and at times— downright HARD. Some days I had to force myself to write, and other days the words flowed so naturally it was like the story was writing itself. All in all, I was thrilled to finish it and share it with the world.

And as you know from writing a book, the editing process is intense as shit! So that was intensive. I was also lucky to work with one of my BFFs and business partners to take the photos for the book ( he’s the best photog ever ), and that was an incredibly fun part of the process as well.

| I felt your story as I read the book. It seemed like you experienced a lot of pain. How did you turn lemons into lemonade? |

JY: You’re right, a lot of things that I went through during that time period were super painful. Living in such a bubble of restriction caused a lot of anxiety, depression and isolation. I was semi-oblivious to it while I was going through it, because it was pretty much just the norm to me at that point. But when I started realizing what I was putting myself through I came to learn that our lives are meant to be so much happier and enjoyable than the way I was trying to live. *Ahem* trying to be the healthiest person on the planet…

As far as turning those lemons into lemonade— I am very grateful for my journey. It’s made me who I am today. It has made me a more compassionate person, and it’s awakened a side of me that is deeply and profoundly passionate about helping others learn to live a more balanced life. My journey also gave me the opportunity to do a lot of soul-searching and ask myself: HOW can I be happiest, every single damn day? And eventually, if you reflect on that question enough, you start to live a pretty darn happy life. It’s been very fulfilling to get to that point.

the-balanced-blondes-book-breaking-vegan-by-the-skinny-confidentialthe balanced blonde's book, breaking vegan 7 | by the skinny confidential

| Recommendations to readers who are feeling unbalanced? |

JY: Listen to your body! Learn to trust your body! Trust is absolutely huge. Once we learn to trust our bodies, we can listen to them and nourish them properly. And if we trust what we are feeling, then we are more likely to be true to ourselves in all areas of our lives— in our relationships and interactions, our work life, our exercise and passions, and more. And as far as body image goes: see yourself from someone else’s eyes. Drop the judgement. Fall in love with yourself. Pick a mantra. Remember that one little “mistake” in your eyes won’t knock down all the progress you’ve made. Be KIND to yourself as you would be to a friend.

 | What do you want people to get out of your book? |

JY: Above all, I hope it inspires others to keep their own extreme personality traits in check. I know that people with orthorexia and other eating disorder histories will be able to relate, but beyond the eating disorder community, I want the book to serve as a reminder to those all-or-nothing, extreme, uber perfectionist individuals to be kinder to ourselves and more tolerant with our choices. It’s not about being perfect— it’s about being real. Being happy, sane, and balanced.

That type of inspiration & encouragement is what I hope to bring to people who read this book.

the balanced blonde's book, breaking vegan 6 | by the skinny confidential

|What makes your journey and book unique? |

JY: Ah, it’s definitely a unique book. And I’m not just saying that because the story is my own. I mean it because A) I was going through the healing process WHILE I wrote this book, which gives the story a unique perspective. I am actually different today than I was while I wrote it, and while I was writing it I was different than the girl I was writing about, who was suffering so intensely. It’s very cool to watch myself evolve in the process. B) I have been slammed, hardcore, by certain members of the ethical vegan community for writing this book. I have been told everything from “You’re fat now that you’re not vegan” to “You don’t deserve to live” to “You’re the stupidest dumb bitch on the planet” and I hear it all on a daily basis.

For anyone ELSE who has to go through that type of bullying and negativity, I hope this book serves as a reminder that you’re not alone– there will always be haters, and all that means is that you’ve made it.

| What do you suggest to other bloggers who are interested in a book deal? |

JY: Find a great literary agent who has gotten other books in your genre published. They will teach you the ways of book proposals, approaching publishing companies, and they will make sure you get the best deal and don’t get screwed. Also, just believe in what you’re doing.

If you are confident and passionate about your subject, chances are agents and publishers ( & eventually readers!! ) will be too. Don’t be afraid to ask other people questions who have done the types of things you want to do. You’d be surprised at how helpful others in the space can be! Most people will be very supportive of your endeavors— just believe in yourself.


| What is your life like today and how has it evolved since your struggle with orthorexia? |

JY: Oh man, my life has changed so much. I no longer wake up with that horrible dread of “What the hell will I eat / not eat today?” and “How on earth can I find happiness / balance again?” I am an overall happier and healthier person because there is so much more variety in my life. Not just with food. I’ve let people back in again whereas at my lowest point, I was pushing those closest to me away. I have way more FUN because I’m not so concerned about going to bed so early to exercise/drink a juice or smoothie for breakfast and I’m not fatigued from restricting my calorie intake. My body is grateful for the changes I’ve made, and that crippling anxiety is a thing of the past. Life is GOOD and I want to share that feeling with as many people as possible!

+ check out Jordan’s book here.


  1. Really really REALLY wanna win this, because you both are a great inspiration to a balanced life. Love reading and saving inspirational books. Also this has been a long year fighting with sickness, so Ii need the inspiration to get back on track. Crossing my fingers and toes here! 🙂

  2. I would be so honored to win because I am struggling with balance in my life (I’m underweight and am struggling to nourish myself more and to exercise healthfully, not obsessively). I am truly inspired by both Jordan and you, Lauryn; and I would love to be able to have your guides/tools to help me achieve better balance and overall wellness in life. Thank you both for everything that you do, and for sharing your respective health/life journeys thus far.

  3. Lovely interview, Lauryn! I love Jordans blog and I have been following her for quite some time. I admire her for being so honest and open about her struggles. It’s so inspiring <3

  4. I really loved Jordan’s honesty about her journey. I went through disordered eating and disgusting cyber bullying. Her story really resonates with me. So excited for her book and for all the amazing stuff she’s got coming ahead!

  5. I need the membership to get my body properly ready for summer! And i feel that i can really relate to Jordan because i’ve been through my own eating disorders – therefore i’m desperate to read this book 🙂

  6. OMG, just in time.

    I really would like to win those books because i ‘had’ to move alone a month ago to my own apartment away from my family and friends. But for the positive vibes, i’m taking it as a chance to start all over with a new healthier lifestyle.

    I started ‘trying’ to do all things healthy, but its hards sometime, specially when you are running errands all the time and you need food on the go, you only find junk food in your face. Specially if you gotta save time/money. I would hunger myself sometimes instead of eating junk shit if i couldn’t find anything healthy on my way.

    What makes me stick to TSC posts everyday is it always help me with the best tips for on the go. And have been interested in the TBB lately because it inspires me to stay on the right (healthy) track. I started walking and about to practice yoga. Leaving cheap unhealthy meals and start spending a little on food with benefits without loosing all my money lol.

    Having you guys (Lauryn and Jordan) in my life will help me. Because i’m not aiming to loose weight, i’m naturally skinny, but i’m aiming to feed my body good stuff. I’m aiming to stay fresh, to have that health glow, to be happy with my lifestyle. Aiming to balance!

    Although i tried to buy the TSC book but i couldn’t find it in my place book stores. But waiting for my credit card next week to get it online.

    I’ll be so glad to win the TSC book and the TSC bombshell guide and the TBB!! Gosh!! That would be the best holiday present ever!!!

  7. Oh I love this interview. I love it when someone I look up to is so honest and open about important things, its so educational! Which is also the reason I like to read your blog Lauryn! Love it! <3

    Ps. Why I have to have to win it? Because I'm really working hard on trying to make most of my 20's and though I feel like I might also have that tendency to be overly perfectionistic and have an all or nothing approach to "being healthy" I'm really trying to find a balance too, and share that with the people around me. Does that make sense? I don't know, I hope so haha!

  8. I’m a new mom and I need some amazing reading material for when I’m up all night, and I need the bombshell guide for a little fitness kickstart 🙂 xo

  9. I NEED to win this giveaway!!! I struggled with something similar to Jordan and orthorexia during my senior year of college and still struggle to completely get over it. I was extreme in only eating healthy foods and not eating at night and not drinking on weekends when I went out with friends. It ruined my social life and I lost so much weight my family started to get concerned. I am better now and life more of a balanced lifestyle but occasionally have my moments when I resort back. I think reading this book and focusing on the TSC Bombshell guide with normal healthy recipes and workouts that are difficult but not hurting to my body, is the perfect way for me to finally beat this once and for all. Thank you Lauryn and Jordan for collaborating on this giveaway, it’s truly amazing and I would be THRILLED to win it!!!!

  10. I would absolutely LOVE to win this giveaway. I’ve been a long time reader of your blog and recently started reading Jordan’s blog when I heard about her book a few months ago. I’ve lived through a period of disordered eating so I can definitely relate to her story and find her to be inspirational. Both books sound amazing! I’m also about to embark on a lot of work trips, so having the bombshell body guide to help me out in hotel rooms would be great.

  11. I always love the people that you spotlight on here! Jordan is an inspiration to the perfectionist, all-or-nothing side of me. It really is a struggle to reward yourself for all you’ve done if you always think you can do better.

    I would love to win this give away! You literally have to best giveaways and I am always craving everything in this one!!

    I regrammed this blog post here on insta —>

  12. I have to win because I cannot figure out WHAT I want this year for Christmas. So this would be a nice way to at least get a little Christmas gift for myself so my family and friends do not have to worry about it. 🙂

  13. As someone who has fought orthorexia in the past, I would love to win to hear her experiences and gain wisdom from another persons journey through the same hell. There is always strength in teamwork.

  14. Lauryn, I would love to win this because your blog is sometimes the only thing that keeps me going on my health journey. I struggled with orthorexia for years and finally feel like I’m getting a healthier dose of being balanced. I travel a lot and your bombshell guide would be the perfect companion when I feel like giving up. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  15. As someone who has struggled with body image and disordered eating I would love to read Jordan’s memoir! It takes a lot of courage to share your story publicly, and Jordan’s positive attitude amidst hatred and personalized negativity is inspiring.

  16. I feel weird saying WHY I should win…but I recently stumbled upon Jordan’s blog and I am obsessed with reading about her life. I’ve never gone vegan but I think her story is remarkable. I would absolutely be ecstatic to win this giveaway. I think both of you are such great role models and I am always checking to see your latest tips, Lauren!

    Thank you for this giveaway even if I’m not chosen. 🙂

  17. Love reading these interviews! Just bought the book & can’t wait to read it.

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

  18. I love this! TSC and TBV are my favourite two blogs, the only two I really follow (like religiously). What an awesome giveaway opportunity, Jordan’s book is on the top of the wishlist this year! Would love to get to read though both of your books and experience your products. eeek!

  19. I would be SO thankful to win this because it’ll be the stepping stone to changing my views on self image and my overall relationship with food. I struggle with the way I feel and look on the inside and outside to the point where it’s affecting various relationships and my self esteem. I tend to constantly overeat and not listen to what my body needs. I also have tried and tested various workout plans and cookbooks, but none have inspired me as much as both of your blogs. I believe that Jordan’s book would help me introduce more nutritious foods into my diet and to overcome my diet obstacles and I believe Lauryn’s guide and book would assist in transitioning my current lifestyle to an improved healthier one. Never have I ever read a blog religiously nor have I subscribed to any blog until I came across both the TSC and TBB! Thank you for motivating me to realize that I finally need to make a change and to take the initiative to enter this giveaway and share my struggles with the public. Please pick me ????✨

  20. A “Pick me!” letter.
    Hi! It is thanksgiving week and I am sending you both lots of love for the start of the holiday season. Thank you to you both for being honest and creating very valuable and interesting content! I am a fan of both TSC and Jordan, and really enjoy reading about you both. I think I could/should try to find a more active hobby, but for the past couple of years my hobby has been reading both of your blogs and trying to implement healthy living to my life. I think the only great hobby I do aside from read your blogs is to apply coconut oil to my body. I’m a smooth mofo. Anyway, I digress. Please pick me if you are feeling in the spirit of helping a brunette get some blonde sunshine by way of your books and guides. Xo, Carla

  21. Wow, I have never heard of orthorexia before, and I am amazed at this story! I can’t wait to read the book myself, such an inspiration! I’d be honored to win this giveaway. I have been dyin to get The Skinny Confedetial book, and the TBV tees are to die! It would be a Christmas wish list come true for me!

  22. I would love to win! I actually found Jordan’s blog through TSC this summer and spent an evening maniacally reading pretty much all her past posts. I also wrote Jordan this super long and personal (and probably embarrassing?) email about how her story made me feel not so alone. This past spring and summer, I spent a lot of time in therapy healing from years and years of disordered eating – anorexia, bulimia, and also binge eating disorder (I was diagnosed with EDNOS). I was feeling very alone in terms of explaining to my friends and family what I was going through, and knowing that Jordan went through something similar instantly made me feel less like a weirdo. Jordan wrote me the nicest email back and it really made my day. I pretty much devoured her book in a weekend and kept reading random passages aloud to my boyfriend, being like “THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL!” Anyway, it would mean the world to me to win. Love both you ladies! Xx

  23. I HAVE to win because I am getting married in less than 6 months and, like every girl, want to look and feel my absolute best on that day. The book, guide and gift would make the journey so much easier and more fun! xoxo

  24. I would love to win this giveaway because I am a senior in college who is ALWAYS striving for balance… It is so easy to become obsessive and anxious about food and exercise, & keep “starting over” when you don’t have a perfect day. I think being able to have and read both your & Jordan’s books, along with having a membership to your guide, would help me continue to find that balance & peace… Love your blog Lauryn, <3

  25. Oooo I’d just love to win! I’ve always wanted TBV apparel! It would be awesome to own both inspiring ladies’ books plus the bombshell body guide would be an absolute bonus! You have the best giveaways Lauryn 🙂 🙂

  26. I would love to win this giveaway! I am in college and always struggling to eat healthy and workout. The TSC Bombshell Body Guide would surely help that. I would love to learn more about secrets to stay fit and healthy in a positive way. I have been wanting to purchase both these books but with a college budget it can be tough. I would put all these items to great use!

  27. This is amazing! I would absolutely love to win this giveaway because I think it will be the perfect impetus for me to start living my best life – a healthy one! For the last couple of years I have been steadily gaining weight, eating processed foods and becoming less and less active. I am so over it and nothing is going to change unless I stop doing sh*t I hate! (Thanks, Lauryn 🙂 Just recently started following TSC and this giveaway seems like a solution all wrapped up in an intelligent, beautiful, practical and tried and true (get it, Lauryn and Jordan) pretty package. Either way, this is amazing and I feel honored to get a glimpse into such powerful stories. Thank you, ladies!

  28. I would love to win because I love to read (and thus would love to read Jordan’s book as well as yours!), and would also love to get some inspiration from the bombshell body guide throughout and after the holiday season (because lord knows I’ll need all the help I can get haha) 😀

  29. Her book is on my Christmas wish list. People don’t understand how this is a REAL struggle. I hope it brings awareness and I hope to read it soon.

  30. My goal for 2016 is to exercise greater self compassion. I am way too hard on myself when it comes to being the “perfect”: mom to my daughter, loving wife, fit person, career success etc etc. it is so awful and the breaking vegan book would be wonderful to help me on my path to being nicer to me. Plus it would be nice to have TSC bombshell guide to give me a clear path to treating myself better from the inside out through healthy recipes and fun workouts. It will be awesome to win!

  31. Hi Lauryn!
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway! I feel like as a woman in today’s society, it’s easy to lose the ability to maintain a balance, and get wrapped up in an unhealthy headspace when it comes to self love and acceptance. TSC and TBB are both so real and honest about all of the issues we struggle with when it comes to body image from time to time. It’s nice to see women empowering and supporting each other, and building a strong community!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  32. I would love to win this giveaway! Lauryn, you have such a balanced approach to eating, and you guide sounds incredible! The TBB book sounds stellar as well!

  33. I would love to win this book! Not only does it sound like an amazing and inspirational read, but I think it would also help my younger sister! She is in highschool and going through a lot especially when it comes to looks and self esteem! I think this would help her (and myself!) to think more positively about ourselves and what we put in us! Thanks! You are both such crazy inspirations to women everywhere!!

  34. I would love to win because I’m going through a breakup and trying to get healthier and focus on making myself a better person, inside and out.

  35. Loveee this post!!! Oh my goodness I have been wanting to do your plan for the longgggestttttt time & to be able to win the plan and be able to learn more about it through your book as well as the breaking vegan book would be a complete DREAM COME TRUE!!!! love love love you!!!!!

  36. From the thousands of posts written, I feel as though this one really touched me the most. From my experience I know orthorexia is a tiring and horrible illness, and something which is not always taken as seriously as it should. I would love to be able to win this giveaway because I would absolutely love to read Jordan’s book as veganism is something that I have been considering and I also wouldn’t complain about the TSC Book and membership! 😉
    Anyways, thank you Lauren for addressing this subject and thank your for this amazing chance!

  37. Hi!! I really want to win this because I’ve struggled with orthorexia and didn’t even know it was a thing! Then I completely swung the pendulum the opposite direction and threw all caution to the wind with my eating. Now I am trying to figure out the balance and I know this would help so much! You both are truly inspirational and I would love to learn more from you! Please pick me!

  38. Hey guys! I would love to win because Skinny Confidential has been so inspirational to me over the past year and helped me with my skincare, exercise and weight loss. Being a young girl it is important that I have positive role models and mentors in my life and next year I will be starting Uni and I will have a friend with me if i win this competition.

  39. When I was still a kid, I went through the same thing as Jordan. I really was obsessed with eating “healthy”. I was counting my calories and obsessively studying nutrients on every possible item I reluctantly swallowed. I was doing that while I watched my closest friend get treated for anorexia. In my head, I was better than her. Not only did I want to lose weight but I wanted to do it the healthy way. The sad reality is that she was the better one, she was smart enough to notice the problem and get help. I wasn’t.
    To this day, not one of my friends or my family knows I went through this. One day, I just stopped counting calories and started living my life. I was too tired to continue the way I did.

    This healthy change of mindset has been with me for years now. Still, I get the urge to go back to my old patterns every now and then, especially now when my life has changed quite drastically. (Move to a new city alone, not having the old reliable people around me etc) You both, Lauryn and Jordan, represent a healthy mindset, a healthy way of living (and look oh so fabulous while doing it). Surrounding myself in that positive energy helps me stay on the healthy and non-obsessive track. Having your books in my bookshelf would remind me everyday what I used to be and how far I’ve become.

  40. I have to win because I’m always looking for ways to be a better and healthier version of myself and the confidence to be who I am… and that’s the most beautiful shining version of me!

  41. I would love to win because I am looking for a great read for my holiday travels and I feel like this particular topic really resonates with me. Also I would love a copy of TSC Guide because I always like to shake up my workouts during the winter so I don’t get bored or complacent in the cold!


  42. I NEED to WIN this because I have tried so many weight loss and wellness plans and can’t find one that works! And I need to keep up with my 2 year old daughter!

  43. I cannot wait to read this book! I truly believe living a balanced life = a long, healthy and happy one. I love that Jordan wrote this book to be real and raw about her experiences. Her story is a perfect compliment to TSC community. I would abso love to win this giveaway and start the new year with essentials to live my life balanced and blessed. <3

  44. I would love to win because I am a huge fan of the “balance” that you both emphasize on your blogs. As a student I can’t justify spending money on your books, but they’ve been on my wish list for a while! I’ve found that my lifestyle goals are similar to both of yours, so of course I would love to read more about how you both got to the balanced place you are now. Thanks!!!

  45. OMG! I’ve been reading you and Jordan for years!! I don’t know if I HAVE to win… but I’d LOVE to win because you both inspire me and have literally changed some of my habits, aka my life. Ya. If my Iphone hadn’t died on me like 2 days ago I’d regram, pinky swear. But yeah! I was borderline orthorexic for a (longer than I like to admit) while so reading Jordan’s 180 turn was revealing, and helped get back to a normal attitude towards food. And you have always been about balance so that’s refreshing and a continuous inspiration, but Jordan’s change was truly a revelation. Even if I don’t win this, let me take this opportunity to THANK YOU both for doing what you do. You change lives chicas 🙂

  46. Ah I have to win because this would help me so much! I am a anorexia survivor and still struggle with finding that balance. I have been so depressed lately with my body image and eating habits, this would be GREAT for me! And not to mention you two are both AWESOME and I may or may not be a little obsessed hehehe 😉 but no really thanks for the opportunity! I am always trying to find ways to help better myself! Thanks so much and Happy Thanksgiving!

  47. I gained so much weight since I have a boyfriend. Now I’m single, I’m overweight and need to focus on my body. I didn’t recognized I been eating a lot of toxic food until now. I need to find a way to eat healthy and stay in shape. Also, maintain it. It will open my eye that I need to change and hopefully this will help me feel better about myself.

  48. I find the pair of you SO inspiring! I would love to get my hands on both of your books, as well as the TSC Bombshell Guide so I can continue to practice living a balance life 🙂

  49. I feel like this is one of those things i NEED to win .. because I have struggled with body image and eating all through my teen years and even now in my mid20s. Reading others’ experiences with things really helps me stay balanced.

  50. I would love to read Jordan’s book and I am so wanting to try the TSC Bombshell Body Guide. I also really want the “Somewhere between a donut and a juice cleanse” tee! Given my love for donuts this pretty much sums up my life!

  51. I would love to win this giveaway! (I have been a longtime follower of both of you, I check both of your blogs and Instagrams every day!) I am gluten and lactose free with IBS. I struggle with sticking to eating healthy meals that actually make me feel good. I struggle with keeping my workout schedule up. I am also very uninspired with my career and job, I have no idea what I want to do next. I love following both of your blogs because you are both strong & inspiring business women who are all about balance! Which is what I strive for. I would love this wellness package to help kick my ass into shape, mentally and physically. Thanks for reading 🙂

  52. I have to win this because I need help and guidance. I’ve struggled with my self worth for years. Ive been a vegetarian for many years and I’ve even tried veganism. That’s how I started following Jordan or TBV wayy back in the day. I was always becoming obsessed with extremes and never realized that would be a problem. I feel like I have to have this to learn and grow as a person and get myself in the right frame of mind to lead a healthy lifestyle. Im a person who needs direction and guidance, Also I do love some good reading ?

  53. she should keep being vegan out of it can be a fat vegan too its about compassion towards animals I was a 180 lb 5″ft vegetarian..sometime vegan ..TSC tips like lentils and tons of chia helped me get to 106..

  54. Because who wouldn’t want tbv’s nap guru shirt? But in all seriousness , I would love a body guide membership to start my new year off right and since I already finished reading breaking vegan I would share my copy with a friend.

  55. I would be so thrilled to win because I have chosen this year to do something that scares me and signed up for my first marathon. I could use all the help I can get toward my diet and cross training. I have also been leaning towards consuming less meat, which can be difficult with the fuel requirements needed to complete the running distances I need these days. Thank you for putting out such a generous contest! xo

  56. I am so happy that you two partnered together for this interview! I follow you both on Instagram and both focus so much on balance and happiness! I love it! I would love to win. I have struggled with some diet choices in the past. I think many women if not most do. Again I would love to win, but after reading the comments of other women I realize many other women have had to deal with so much more! I really enjoy the honesty and encouragement of this community and this platform! Cheers

  57. I’m a mother of 4. I have had a long list of health problems for about 8 years and the list keeps getting longer and longer. It’s really quite frustrating. I’d love to read your books and learn. I haven’t been able to eat much in the last few years. I only eat dinner and even with that only meal I have to make myself eat. I think it’s because of my health problems plus not feeling good at all with very little breaks to gain my strength. I think i could really benefit from learning about eating healthy and hope to gain some strength from eating good and get better. I can’t afford all the specialists in supposed to see cause we have no insurance and just seeing the pain specialist and getting my meds is taking most of our money. So I would definitely love some Health tips and anything else you could offer me for help as well as hope. Thanku for taking the time to write and read. It means a lot. °\(ッ)/° ßÏG HÛGŠ!

  58. I would loooove to be among the winners – I have been a huge fan and been following your blog for years now. I believe Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide would be PERFECT for me since I am a trainee at a huge law firm in cologne, Germany – work long hours like the lawyers do, make less money – and going to the gym just doesn’t fit in my every day routine. love from cologne!

  59. I don’t really know why I need to win. I’ve always been an avid reader of TSC and I recently stumbled across Jordan’s blog and have enjoyed reading it. I’d love to read her story. I’d also ADORE the bombshell body membership. I’ve been wanting to try it!!!

  60. I resonate with this SO much. I have also struggled with Orthorexia and have been in recovery for nearly a year. Listening to my body is a whole new learning experience and it has been a beautiful, challenging journey, but one I am happy to take. I am grateful for women who are willing to put their struggles out to the world because it truly does make a difference in others’ lives. I know it has in mine. The giveaway is really kind and fun but the real gift is being vulnerable so that others can learn and grown from your experience. I appreciate that more than I can say. Thank you for your courage and thank you Lauryn for always advocating balance and health while being authentic and fun! This is a great space in the world.

  61. This was a really lovely interview! I would love love love to win this giveaway because I’ve been struggling with finding balance and taking off some extra poundage that just won’t seem to leave. It’s hard to find honest blogs that aren’t littered with sponsors and I’m grateful for TSC. I read your blog daily and really enjoy it and appreciate you sharing so much with everyone. Hope I win 🙂

  62. loved this post! It really is such an interesting subject in todays world. Obviously everyone kind of feels the same way!! Trying to live a healthy and balanced life is hard with everything out there today. I can’t wait to pick up Jordan’s book 🙂

  63. I love BOTH of your blogs so much (I’m all about balance…especially because I’m a libra) and I would love to win!

  64. I’m concerned I am slipping into orthorexic tendencies. I’m thankful I currently recognize some of my thoughts and actions are disordered, but I hope I don’t get to the point where I think it is right, normal, or healthy. That’s where Jordan’s book and experience might help me. As for TSC… is there anything better than even more reading material from your favorite healthy living blogger? I think not! 🙂

  65. I HAVE to win because for the latter half of my life all I’ve been doing was trying to find balance. What better way than with my health? I started focusing on health in my last year of high school and it was very challenging. I was constantly looking up different food options and spending lots of time and money (my parents’ money and now my own) to contribute to an attempt at a healthy lifestyle. Now I’m an aspiring Marine Officer set to be a Marine in about 4 years. I need to be in tiptop shape in the healthiest way possible. I love to serve and I love to blog. Winning this would be a great surprise and I would highly appreciate it. Otherwise, I really enjoy reading the different blog posts and I love your photography.

  66. Hi Lauryn! I would love to win this amazing package because I am a local and an avid reader of your blog!! I value all of your opinions and advice and have even visited Dr. Lobsang on your recommendation. This would be the perfect way to kick off 2016 :o)

  67. I would love to win because I also struggle with balance and the need to be perfect in all areas of my life. The books & membership would be an incredible tool for me as I seek to stay balanced while working a super demanding and stressful job, planning a wedding, obligations to family and friends, social events, and the general craziness of the holiday season! Loved reading the interview & thanks so much for offering such a sweet prize pack! Both of you ladies are so inspirational <3

  68. Jordan is one of my favorite bloggers!! Having both of your books, as well as the TSC body guide, would be a dream come true! I really need to kickstart getting healthier and into better shape, especially with the holidays approaching!

  69. I would love to win the giveaway! I’m recently starting a new health kick and have never been more motivated to not only eat clean, but totally revamp my lifestyle! Agin gets crossed! 🙂

  70. I would love to win the giveaway! I’m recently starting a new health kick and have never been more motivated to not only eat clean, but totally revamp my lifestyle! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  71. Hey Lauryn!

    I would love love love to win this right now for a few reasons. Firstly, in the past few months I’ve quit my job to train as an airtraffic controller. Not only are the hours insane but the lack of income has made working out and staying on top of my fitness a huge struggle. As a person who also struggles with a relationship with food I love finding other people, reading about their struggles and their ideas on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle with balance since I am fully a believer that balance is so important. I hope you can choose me for this giveaway and you enjoy American Thanksgiving this weekend.

  72. I need to win! I’ve been wanting to do the program for a while now, but have trouble spending money on myself.

  73. I HAVE TO WIN! I love these amazing giveaways you do. Right now, I’ve become so incredibly frustrated with myself. I want so badly to break my unhealthy relationship with food and to find the motivation to exercise regularly. I know the importance of taking care of one’s body and watching the chemicals we ingest, but I feel as if I’ve been abusing myself. I need to throw away this unhealthy lifestyle and make some serious changes!

  74. As a person struggling to find balance in my own life, winning this would definitely help push me towards that goal. I NEED this! And Lauryn, I LOVE your blog and read it daily, and have been wanting to give your workout/meal ideas a try — this is the perfect opportunity! So excited for you and Jordan and am crossing my fingers that I win this!!! <3

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