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JNB Jewelry Giveaway #Hot #Sexy #Obsessed #I.Die

Lauryn Evarts and Jacqueline Nicole Brown collaborate on a Skinny Confidential Giveaway.

Lauryn Evarts and Jacqueline Nicole Brown collaborate on a Skinny Confidential Giveaway.

It’s no secret I’m obsessed with jewelry. Every kind of jewel gets me: big, sparkly, gunmetal, vintage, small, weird, delicate, statement pieces, bright, dark, etc. SooooOOOO…because of my little addiction, one of my favie jewelry designers, Jacqueline Nicole Brown [ here line is called ‘JNB Jewelry‘ ] & I are a hosting this fab giveaway. The winzy winner [ who will be announced next Thursday, 10/4 ] will receive the black ‘Bella’ stone ring, purple crystal earrings, & a purple crystal necklace w/ a gorg gold chain. { Note: <<< giveaway gifts are pictured above & below }.

++ Sah, Sah, Shop-it:

+ JNB stackable bracelets can be found here

+ JNB sexy big rings here

+ And the coolest JNB Barracuda gunmetal necklace here

Lauryn Evarts and Jacqueline Nicole Brown collaborate on a Skinny Confidential Giveaway.

Remember Jackie [ if you don’t, click here ]? Welp, she’s a hot babe:

Lauryn Evarts and Jacqueline Nicole Brown collaborate on a Skinny Confidential Giveaway.

Lauryn Evarts and Jacqueline Nicole Brown collaborate on a Skinny Confidential Giveaway.

+ To win, make sure you:

 ++ ‘Like’ JNB Jewelry on Facebook

 ++ Follow The Skinny Confidential on Bloglovin’

 ++ Leave a comment below, letting us know how you’ll rock your jewels-!!

Lauryn Evarts and Jacqueline Nicole Brown collaborate on a Skinny Confidential Giveaway.

  1. I would love to rock my jewels with jeans and white tee! Nothing is as chic as a white c&c tee/Seven blue jeans with awesome jewelry 🙂

  2. I would rock the JNB Jewelry during work and especially when I am giving presentations to students!! It will make them pay attention to all the sparkle!

  3. I’m going to chicago, Cali and NY over the next few months for some mini vaca’s and work…I would love to have some new jewels for the trips!

  4. i am obsessed with JNB and would rock my jewels with everything and anything even to sleep

  5. I would rock these pieces with my lbd and my fall uniform- slouchy shirts/skinny jeans/ankle booties.

  6. I’m a jeans and t shirt kind of girl so I love statement pieces to spice up my usually casual simple look and these pieces would be perfect :)!

  7. I’d rock my jewels every single day at work!! Nothing spices up an outfit more than some hot jewelry 🙂

  8. I LOVE JND Jewelry!!! I just moved to LA so I would rock my jewels going out with new friends and at my new job!

  9. stack stack stack.. its all about the layeRING.

    i’d rock my JNB bracelets, worn a tad below the elbow, with denim shorts over a gray onesie topped with a merlot-colored vest. add black moto boots and its a perfect summer-to-fall getup.

  10. This jewelry is stunning! I would rock it with my denim jacket & boots this Fall and to the beach in the summatime! Looove!

  11. The JNB jewelry is beauuutiful, I would wear it with my new black leather motorcycle jacket and ridiculous heels.

  12. I would rock the jewels with a cute basic and jeans for a casual daytime look or spice it up with heels and a cute fall trend for night

  13. I would say I am particular about what jewelry I wear. JNB jewelry is exactly my style! I would wear the Bella ring out to dinner and drinks with friends with a LBD, the purple crystal earrings to work and school with leggings and a simple tunic, and the purple crystal necklace pretty much everywhere with everything. Love it all!

  14. I’d rock the jewelry with some flowy- white dress they have this amazing boho and chilli vibe, I loved them, so beautiful!!!!

  15. I just loooove my jewellery funky and chunky! JNB is totally up my style alley. I’d rock these rocks with my entire wardrobe. Go to fall outfit.. skinny jeans, silk button up blouse and boots! Mmm so excited for Fall 🙂

  16. are you KEEEEEEEDING me with this cute ass jewelry!!!!! what couldn’t you rock this with??? umm obvi a white T with fringed shorts or banging jeans with the hottest wedges or booties. lots and lots of bangles and a cute vintage jean vest 😉 not to mention with sexy messy hair. the ring is beautiful and could wear all day everyday with the simplest outfits and/or the craziest get up you got.(obvi crazy cute getup:))

  17. I would wearthese pieces everyday!with jeans and tshirt or to go out…just love jnb!

  18. I would wearthese pieces everyday!with jeans and tshirt or to go out…just love JNB!!!!

  19. Waaaaaa
    I think I would rock these jewels everyday, especially at work !!
    But most of all I would wear them with my new royal blue dress for a date with the guy I love…. in a couple of weeks !!!! Hahahaha I’ve been looking for the perfect jewelry, and I think this would look perfect !!
    Pretty pleaaasssee

  20. OMG all of these are amazing!

    I`ve just recently bought a new pair of high waisted dark purple vintage shorts. They are made from corduroy and they have cute little black hearts on them…and of course i`m desperately trying to find some fancy jewellery to wear with!
    Ahhh this bracelet, this would just fit perfectly, true fall couple :))

  21. I would rock the jewlery in my basic work outfit along with my bikini on the beaches of waikiki when I’m on vacay in 6 weeks!

  22. I recently got back into jewelery after a 10 year period, so I would rock these with all my heart! I love that they work with everything!!

  23. I’d love to wear them with an ethnic maxidress and cuir flat sandals!
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  24. I have been so excited for fall weather (and clothing). I would love to wear the jewelry with leggings/jeans and boots!

  25. Love it and your blog! Subscribed and liked everywhere… Hoping to win as a late birthday present!!

  26. I would love to rock the JNB jewelry all fall with a dark rustic wardrobe! I think the earrings would look great with a big scarf and I’m obsessed with that ring for everything!

  27. I would rock ALL of this jewelry with some of my new outfits that I can now fit into…

  28. I’d rock my JNB jewelry with leather legging, black booties and a white t and let the jewelry shine as my statement piece! Less is more:) easy/chic!

  29. I would rock the JNB jewelry at the office to give make that “statement” or I think it would look ridiculous with a tight white tank, dark skinny jeans and a coral blazer. Awwww I can picture it now. I crave them!! A life without beautiful statement type jewelry like JNB isn’t a life worth living.

  30. I SO LOVE the jewelry that’s being so graciously given away! I would sport these gorgeous pieces all day and ALLLL night. What a great giveaway! The ring is my FAVORITE! ABSOLUTELY FAB!

  31. I would rock those jewels everywhere! They’d spice up my boring work outfits, sexify my swimsuits at the beach and would just plain rock up against my everyday real life “runway”! There is nothing they wouldn’t go with really.. I love my jewelry too and JNB is right up in my style 😉 if I win, her jewelry collection and I are going to be a lot closer!

  32. Another awesome giveaway! I love jewelry, especially pieces made of natural gemstones and crystals. My wardrobe is full of classic, preppy pieces and I love pairing my striped sweaters and blazers with hippie chic accessories. It’s unexpected yet works so well together. Would love to wear these stunning pieces with my fall wardrobe!


  33. Um… JNB Jewelry where have you been ALL MY LIFE?! I’m in LoVe with your collection and you would make my day if I could add these great pieces to my wardrobe! Keep up the great work!

  34. I will be rocking my new jewls everywhere I go! To work paired with some heels and a blazer and out on the town with a LBD 🙂
    Thanks for an amazing blog~

  35. Love this jewelry! Im a bug fan of using jewelry to make a statement rather than using it as an accessory. These pieces do just that 🙂

  36. Ahhh, I would love to wear these jewels with my skinny jeans and t’s – dolled up after a nice and sweaty workout of course 😉

  37. I wear a lot of basic T’s to class, so I would add this jewelry to my outfits to make it fun!

  38. I would rock them and make a fashion statement, need I say more? They would dress up a simple outfit and compliment a fancy one. To work, to school, on friday night date nights… *swoon*

  39. JNB jewellery would be a certainly needed spark in the cold, misty and rainy fall of Finland. I would rock them with confidence and cute cardigans! And the best part would be: no one in my home town would have jewellery like that!

  40. i’d rock the jewels on a date night with my hubby! there have been not so many since our daughter was born 8 months ago, but what mama doesn’t want to look hot for her man?!

  41. I would pair these pieces with almost anything, they could dress up any look… jeans and tee, a little black dress, etc!

  42. My job is extremely boring. Typing all day long, is not fun..BUT I love the little LIFT I get each time I glance down at the keyboard and see my FABULOUS jewelry!! =) I’d rock it each and every day!! =)

  43. I am OBSESSED with this awesome statement jewelry!! I’d wear this everyday with my skinny jeans, ankle boots, and loose t-shirt (aka my fall staples). Love your blog TSC!!

  44. i love accessories, in my opinion jewelry can either make or break an outfit. with fun big, loud jewelry its great to keep it simple… black tank, black mid waist belt and a beige chiffon maxi skirt (recently purchased) with some black wedged booties make statement jewelry, (like that fabulous ring) actually make the statement it was meant to all along

  45. obsessed with the Alia Ring! I love all of this jewelry it looks so boho and stackable. I think it makes a statement of its own, so I would probably just dress up a plain outfit with this gorgeous stuff!

  46. I would rock these JNB Jewels all day EVERYDAY!! I see Lauryn pair them with her outfits and i DIE! They areeee fabulous!! I would also rant and rave to allllllll my friends about them and try to show them off so it gives JNB Jewels more business :)) Not to mention if i win this giveaway i would let everyone know i won them off a giveaway on The Skinny Confidential!! woooooooooo

  47. I would rock JNB jewels everyday, they would make an outfit pop and can take you from day to night.

  48. Gorgeous pieces, I love statement jewelry! With fall coming, I’d rock it with some leggings, a slouchy sweater, and my fave boots.

  49. I love Jewelry and I don’t have nearly enough, I’m talking the same old go to golf cuff from a year ago and that’s about it… So I would rock these with everything, the Bella stone ring will be especially awesome with these funky boots I just bought, add a little glam!!

  50. As an admitted jewelry fiend, I would pair these pieces with lots of gold for layering. All over a black clothing base and Frye boots– nothing is as sleek and chic as black and gold with a topknot or tousled bed head <3

  51. I would wear them when visiting relatives and friends in Ventura. And on regular days, my daughter and I will use them to play Princess Dress-Up :)–taking good care of them, she’s is very careful and gentle with her jewelry :P.

  52. I Will rock my new jewelry with the skinny dress I purchased once I (alomost there) get to my goal weight!

  53. I love using jet black and turquoise jewellery as a way to bring some edge into my outfits. I love matching a beautiful floral tea dress, with heavy rings, pendants and super shiny, jet black bracelets. Preferably piled up, layered up, and altogether drowning in luscious jewels.

  54. I am super stoked about this giveaway! I LOVE TSC and I love JNB jewelry. Been crushin’ on their druzy rings for a while now! I would definitely wear this ring, necklace and earrings with a cute skirt, paired with a blouse and a fitted military jacket with nude heels. Love love love!!!

  55. I’d rock my jewels with my go-to fall outfit: skinny jeans, a loose cream button-up, and some booties!

  56. I would rock the jewels with a pair of high waister skinnies, ankle boots and a crop top (:

  57. I’d rock the JNB jewels with some boots and a simple tee. Classy with a touch of boho glam.

  58. I would totally rock my JNB gems with my favorite Wildfox tee, cuffed black skinnies and white converse during the day, and then at night with a wine colored racerback tank, boyfriend jeans and my favorite Sam Edelman pumps for a little ladylike flair!

  59. I head up the Women’s Division at a Midtown Manhattan financial planning firm. I love using unique pieces (insert JNB) to add some edge or an unexpected twist to my otherwise conservative office attire! (It’s also a fantastic way to spread the word about JNB among my high-powered fabulous female clients!!)

  60. i would rock these jewels with everything! there’s never a reason not to shine especially with these unique pieces. I live in a fashion-less place and love catching people’s eye with things that make them ask, “where did you get that?”

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