stripes & a vest | by the skinny confidentialstripes & a vest | by the skinny confidential

Lately I’ve been doing cryotherapy sessions.

( You know this though if you follow along on Snapchat— my username is ‘laurynevarts’ by the way, come hang ).

A full post to come on the whole cryotherapy thing because it’s really just amazing in every way. Basically you go in a freezing cold ice area for 3 minutes. You’re shivering like a Mexican jumping bean but the benefits are endless & so worth it, in my opinion.

So since I’m on the cryotherapy bandwagon to help with my swelling, I need outfits lately that are easy to throw on & not super tight.

stripes & a vest | by the skinny confidential
stripes & a vest | by the skinny confidential

I’m not a super tight outfit person anyway. I mean don’t get me wrong I love a tight top & a tight jean, I just don’t love so tight that it’s clubby-Vegas style. You know?

For many reasons, this outfit has been my go to because it’s light weight, easy to throw on, & just effortless. Super quick to put on after 3 minutes in an ice chamber too. LOL.

Obsessing over the white vest ( & it’s marked down from $400 dollars to $114 so that helps ). I even throw it over my workout clothes when I’m in a rush. Doesn’t it remind you of Michelle Phieffer in Scarface? YES RIGHT.

Trust me on this one: do yourself a favor & invest in a white vest. You won’t be disappointed.

stripes & a vest | by the skinny confidential

stripes & a vest | by the skinny confidential

Also, a lot of you guys have emailed me about pumps. These VINCE ones are on sale & so, so good. They like mould to your foot & they’re super flattering. Is that weird to say a shoe is flattering to your foot? Regardless, this one is flattering. I’m into the color too. It’s like an olive-ish, brown…Seriously these are probably my favorite shoes I own at the moment…& most importantly, they slip on ( perfect for when I’m running in & out of ice chamber appointments, HA! ).

Anyway, I’ll keep you all in the loop about cryotherapy & let you know how it goes with a fully informed blog post. I’ve done it for 4 weeks & my swelling MOST definitely has gone down.

& that’s all folks, see ya tomorrow- lauryn x

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stripes & a vest | by the skinny confidential

stripes & a vest | by the skinny confidential


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  1. omg love love love this outfit! that white vest looks great 🙂

    Xoxo Jessy

  2. I know you’ve said that you use photoshop but which version do you use? Your pictures make me feel like I really need to up my picture taking/editing skills! Also, you should totally host a “Teach Your Significant Other How To Take Quality Pictures” class because my fiancé can’t seem to get it together. Do it, seriously. Instagram husbands every where could benefit.