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10 WELLNESS Secrets From The Top Influencers

Recently I was featured on Public Lives, Secret Recipes. The creator, Caitlin, showcased strawberry inulin muffins ( WHICH ! ARE ! SO ! GOOD ! ). The recipe is a favorite of mine & my friends, Ingrid De La Mare Kenny of Simply Gangster Chic & Sally Schimko of My Sexy Veggies. Anyway, this recipe is bomb & everyone needs to try it ASAP. It will fill you up, keep you satisfied, & they are SOOOO DAMN GOOD. LIKE TRUST ME ON THIS ONE.

( Side note: I know we have discussed this a lot but just to get specific: inulin is from artichoke root so using it in muffins is perfect because it sort of binds together like a flour & really cleans you out if you know what I mean…winky, wink ).

So back to Caitlin! Caitlin is the boss behind the brand Public Lives Secret Recipes. She’s interviewed everyone from Justin Anderson of dpHUE to Kristin Cavallari of Uncommon James to Kelly LeVeque of Be Well By Kelly ( all 3 of them have been on TSC HIM & HER Podcast too !! Make sure to listen ). Anyway, she broke down some of her favorite influencer & celebrity tips and tricks, Endorsement, and product placement of their influencer marketing, AND she picked them up straight from their kitchen.

Wellness Secrets From The Top Influencers


Lady & Larder:

Aside from tips on how to make every single food we eat look like the perfect Instagram shot, Sarah, the mastermind behind Lady & Larder, recommends you keep your chopped veggies in cold water in the fridge until you’re ready to eat them. Of course, chopping them immediately upon getting home from the grocery store increases your likelihood of snacking on those instead of other maybe not-so-great for you snacks that are readily available throughout the week.  Especially if you’re currently in your weight loss program. Plus, she notes that keeping your plant based meal in cold water helps to keep your veggies crisp & crunchy.  Healthy eating! That’s a diabetes health tip right there!

Kelly LeVeque:

Honestly, we credit a lot of what we know about health & wellness from Kelly. If she’s the force behind Jessica Alba & Jennifer Garner’s insane bodies, we know we can trust anything she says.  She is an advocate in understanding women’s health, issues and diagnoses. Our main takeaway from our interview with Kelly is to take the drama out of your food relationships. “When it comes to your body, it’s such an emotionally charged thing because you’re out with friends & you say you don’t want the dessert, people shame you & make you feel bad about it, especially if you’re already what might be considered a genetically fit person,” in health and fitness she notes. Whether you’re wanting to lose 5 lbs or gain 5 lbs, do whatever you want, so long as it’s healthy for you.

Rachel Pally:

Rachel was beyond talented in the kitchen. She whipped up this insanely delicious Ayurvedic dish filled with tons of veggies & flavor. Ayurveda is a holistic medical practice from India that focuses on cooking with ingredients you have & that are in season. It emphasizes good healthy living and prevention and treatment of illness through healthy lifestyle practices. Her Kitchari recipe is still one of our favorites to date & we make it all the time at PLSR HQ. It’s super nourishing, helps with digestion & is a one-pot meal which are our favorites. 


Rosie O’Neill, the mastermind behind Sugarfina, taught us not to be afraid to experiment with flavors & ingredients. 10 years ago if you told someone to mix rosé & gelatin they would think you were certifiably insane. Flash forward to 2016 & Rosie had a waitlist of over 18,000 people for that simple two ingredient combination. At $8.50 per 3.9 oz box, do the math & you’ll likely start experimenting with unconventional combinations as well.  Check out her instagram feed‘s colorful flavors.

Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni’s Ice Cream:

Speaking of combining bizarre ingredients, Jeni of Jeni’s Ice Cream, aka the Willy Wonka of our generation, is queen of combining unique flavors such as Genmaicha ( green tea ) & Marshmallow to create her ice cream flavors. However, our biggest takeaway from Jeni wasn’t necessarily a cooking tip, instead she taught us about unabashed persistence. When Jeni was just starting her company she called up Florence Fabricant one of, if not the most famous writer at The New York Times & told her “you need to write about us, we’re really awesome.” Immediately we thought, shouldn’t everyone feel that way about their company or what we’re doing? That confidence has been instilled in us ever since & has helped secure a lot of major partnerships & interviews. Fake it ‘till you make it, right?

Jonathan Bennett & Nikki Martin:

Aside from clearing up if butter is a carb ( pay attention – it’s actually a fat ), Jonathan aka Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls & his partner, Chef Nikki Martin ( she’s cooked for everyone from Martha Stewart to Kanye – casual… ) taught us how to use natural ingredients instead of food dye. Beet juice turns ingredients pink, turmeric obviously turns everything, including your hands if you touch it, yellow, & you can heat up then smash some blueberries for a pretty blue/purple color liquid.

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy:

After a tragic accident leaving Lauren without her arm & an eye, she started to truly take note on what was actually healthy for her & what she needed to do to save her mental health & physical health balance. Having jumped on the celery juice bandwagon before there even was a bandwagon, Lauren taught us that 80% of the body’s energy is used to digest food. Knowing that, if you’re having trouble digesting, it obviously makes sense you feel run-down constantly, as your body is physically exhausted from working so hard internally. For her to be able to feel good, she focused on holistic health – that’s where the celery juice comes into play. Lauren struggled with constant bloat & tried everything to eliminate it. Turns out she was having trouble digesting foods & the only thing that has helped her is the celery juice. “It binds to bacteria, fungus, & toxins & removes them,” she says. “It restores the good bacteria in your stomach so you can digest food.” Makes total sense, right?

Justin Anderson:

Since you follow Lauryn you already know Justin Anderson is a hair GOD. His line, dpHUE, is centered around apple cider vinegar as a main ingredient & while we’ve heard a shot of it a day is good for you, truthfully we didn’t know why. Justin cleared that up as he explains, “ACV naturally seals the cuticle of your hair & when your hair is sealed it’s more shiny & makes it stronger.” He also shared that having a consistent & healthy diet are key to good, strong hair. “In LA, to be honest there are a lot of super, super skinny girls who aren’t eating very much & they come to me like ugh my hair is so damaged & I’m like well girl you aren’t eating enough, you’re not getting any nutrients,” he notes. AKA make Lauryn’s inulin strawberry muffins, take a shot of ACV daily if you can handle it, & eat your veggies!

Nicole Williams English:

Nicole cleared up a lot of questions we had about being vegetarian & vegan. Having been vegetarian, leaning towards a vegan, for the past 7 years, Nicole knows what she’s talking about & we were all ears. When she first tried to become vegetarian, Nicole noted she had a hard time supplementing protein & “everything to keep me feeling healthy.” We get it. We tried being vegetarian in 2016 & after eating pasta for a week straight realized that wasn’t quite the way to do it. Nicole swears by beans, nuts, seeds, & pea protein to supplement her protein options. She also is a big fan of replicating recipes that include meat with vegan alternatives such as the vegan sausage recipe she shared with us, which was unbelievable.

Candace Nelson:

Candace Nelson, founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes, fully reinvented the way we eat & enjoy cupcakes. Guys, even Oprah once called Candace asking to get 200 cupcakes to Chicago ( Candace is LA based ) by the next day… More about how that turned out here, but when Oprah is onto what you’re creating, you know it’s good. She started Sprinkles because she wanted cupcakes to look pretty & taste better. That’s it. “If you’re the end customer & you’re developing for yourself, you’ll know what to do,” she notes. Now, with over 20 locations & a store name that’s become a proprietary eponym, Candace surely had a tip or two to share about creating cupcakes & a full time business. One tip she swears by is to use this vanilla extract when baking. It’s what Candace uses in her stores & in her home baking. Trust us when we say it will change your baking game. It adds SO much flavor & tastes like true vanilla. Once you try it you’ll never buy another brand of vanilla extract.

Public Lives, Secret Recipes:

Coming up with our own tip was nearly impossible. There is SO much we want to share with y’all, lots of which we learned from our interviewees. Use unsalted butter when baking as the amount of butter in each stick varies greatly which can cause uneven baking in recipes, place cookie dough in the fridge for at least an hour before baking them to achieve fluffier cookies, & use lemon juice plus baking soda to clean a white kitchen counter ( not if it’s wood though!)  or sink ( it’ll foam when combined & basically become the adult version of your 7th grade volcano project… FUN ). Honestly, another quick fact is that if you ask most grocery store employees to cut your butternut squash in half ( or any major vegetable that’s difficult to cut ) they’ll usually do it for you free of charge which is a game changer & saves you the risk of losing a finger… Keeping on the veggie train, two things we’re obsessed with when it comes to celery juice, aside from what Lauren Scruggs Kennedy taught us, is that you can keep the pulp it produces in the juicer to add to your smoothies & also that if you keep the root of the stalk ( the 2-3 inches on the bottom that you usually cut off in a chunk ), place it in a glass of water near a window with good natural light & change the water every other day, it will begin to regrow celery stalks!


& of course you gotta check out the strawberry inulin muffins & Caitlin’s site, Public Lives Secret Recipes– you will get lost in it for hours! Enjoy.

Be sure to follow Caitlin on social media – Instagram account: @publiclivessecretrecipes.

Let me remind you again that it takes a balance of diet and exercise.  Never miss a session with your personal trainer or yoga teacher!

Hope you’re all having a magical, productive week.

XO, lauryn

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  1. Great tips here Lauryn!

    I hadn’t heard the chopped veggies in cold water tip before – I’m definitely going to try that. I haven’t tried celery juice before either – the benefits sound great. I’m going to give it a try too!

    Thanks so much again for sharing these tips,


  2. Great information, all these people are so intelligent. Thanks for sharing, hope you are having a great day.


  3. So many good tips in this blog post!

    I can’t wait to get my spaghetti squash cut at the grocery store. The number of times I have almost lost a finger while cutting into one of those things is too many! & I always wondered how to get chocolate cookies puffier instead of flat.

    Thanks for sharing these tips & many others!

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