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Introducing The Skinny Confidential’s Bougie Driving Gloves: For all Your Sun Protection Needs

The Skinny Confidential Bougie Driving Gloves

Just so excited that these are finally here & PERFECT for you guys to add to your anti-aging routines & rituals.

If you’ve been following The Skinny Confidential for a while, you know that I’ve been wearing driving gloves for a few years. Along with tinted car windows and putting sunscreen on my eyelids, it might seem extreme, but let me tell you, sun exposure in the car is no joke. And no one wants crusty, sun damaged hands. But there were no cute ones to buy. Like, NONE, you guys.

The Skinny Confidential Bougie Driving Gloves
pink driving gloves
TSC pink driving gloves
driving gloves sun protection
Bougie Driving Gloves
Cute driving gloves

So obviously The Skinny Confidential set out to create the most bougie gloves for you to wear while driving or just being a leisurely bitch, sipping mimosas poolside. Anytime, anywhere. So if you’re into preventative beauty, these are for you.

We know you already have SPF, obnoxious visors and huge sunglasses, but you need to think of your arms and hands too. Sun damage on the arms and hands cause wrinkles, brown spots and can change the texture of your skin. We want to keep things nice and youthful since your hands are one of the first body parts to show age. 

cute pink driving gloves

So let’s keep things nice and youthful with The Skinny Confidential’s BOUGIE DRIVING GLOVES.

A little backstory for you: there were no UVA or UVB protective gloves on the market that were CUTE, so we created some just for you. In candy pink, DUH. We wanted you to feel as regal as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s while you keep your hands young & baby soft.

These princess-esque gloves protect your hands and arms from harmful rays while not only driving, but while golfing, walking, gardening, pushing a stroller, playing tennis, sipping lemon drop martinis at sunset, yachting, you get it. Our sun protection gloves with UPF 50 are made with buttery soft, breathable, and stretchy fabric (95% polyester, 5% spandex)- they look stunning with a bikini, workout get-up and/or a summer dress. Plus, they’re fingerless to take all the Instagrams you want.

I mean, sun damage is REAL.

You can hear it from Dr. Dennis Gross himself:

The skin on your hands and arms are thinner than other part of your body which make it especially susceptible to UVA/UVB damage. At this point, we know how important it is to apply sunscreen on our face – but protection shouldn’t stop there. Especially if you are in a warm climate Landor frequently drive a car, you should also be protecting your hands and arms. UVA/UVB can penetrate through the cars’ windows and your hands and arms on the steering wheel are in a perfect position for a direct hit of UV rays which can lead to skin cancer and signs of aging like creepiness, fine lines and wrinkles and sunspots. 

gardening arm protection
tennis outfit
vintage driving concept
cute outdoor arm gloves

If you’re an overachiever, wear them over sunscreen for extra sun-protection. They’re honestly just SO comfy too, like they won’t affect your lymphatic drainage, you know?

To clean them, just machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle, with similar colors. Hang them to dry and don’t bleach or iron. Easy.

Keep them in your bag or in your glove box – regardless, I hope you LOVE your new driving gloves as much as we do. 

x, lauryn

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  1. Can you make these in black too? I love my hot pink ones and the material they come in but sometimes they don’t match my outfits! A plain black or white option would be perfect

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