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Instagram Live: Makeup Organization

instagram live: makeup organization | by the skinny confidential

I LOVE an organized & styled space. Whether that’s your bedside table, vanity or pantry I’m all about the experience. SO the other day after doing my makeup I realized I had a TON of product, everywhere. It was a real mess and therefore time for an overhaul. There are lots of options for makeup storage out there and some of them are crazy expensive. I decided to take matters into my own hands.

SO I went to The Container Store & BOY OH BOY were there some good finds. After I organized the shit out of  my makeup I went on Instagram LIVE and shared the products used & how everything was styled.

Here’s the full breakdown for you!

instagram live: makeup organization | by the skinny confidential



The first step to organization is utilizing all of your space. Using shelves allows you to store the items you use often in a convenient spot while keeping items you use less often out of the way but easily accessible. This open white shelf is great for storing towels in baskets, your makeup & other bathroom essentials. I’m using this to hold & organize all of the giveaway items I have for you guys!


Having a variety of lipsticks is a must. Sometimes you want a sassy red lip & other times you want a little orange moment. That means you need a chic way to store all of your options. This acrylic lipstick holder is exactly that. It looks even better with mismatched lipsticks. Obsessed with contrast.


Shopping in the men’s section is one of my favorite things to do. They always have the best stuff. You can find the perfect hoodie & men’s t-shirts always look effortlessly sexy. So naturally when I chose these boxes and saw they were for men’s shoes I wasn’t surprised. These are great because they’re bigger than the standard boxes so everything can neatly fit. You can see exactly what you have and where things are without digging through mountains of product.


Instead of the makeup filled boxes sitting on my countertop I placed them on this white tray. This really helped to pull the whole look together. The tray helps everything feel finished & less cluttered. You can also use trays for styling your coffee table and your entryway. They work pretty much anywhere you have stuff lying around. LOL.


Another crucial component to organizing your makeup are these dividers. These allow you to separate your products & keep them neatly in place. Use them to separate your eye makeup from your face makeup, your cleansers from your oils, your zit tools from your chapsticks, etc. You get it. These are also great for keeping your mascara from sliding around everywhere.

Well there you have it! I got SUPER organized. Now I’m off to have some fun with the family. It’s beginning to warm up in San Diego & the longer days feel so good. Excited to rock a maxi dress & sandals again…With lots of sunscreen of course.

Have a LOVELY weekend!

OH & Instagram LIVE was such a blast. I’m loving it right now. What do you guys want to see next?

lauryn x



  1. This is such a great idea. One day when I have a bigger bathroom than I do now, I need to try this out. Everything right now is completely stuffed into a cabinet and it drives me NUTS.

    1. Thanks Allison! You should try using some trays and dividers for your cabinet. It really makes a huge difference! xx

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