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Lauryn Evarts talks diet and fitness on Thanksgiving.

Recently I read an article by Business Insider on ’25 Life Improvements That Will Make You Happier.’

Ya, ya, I know what you’re thinking: another one of those F-ing obnoxious Facebook shares?


Welp, turns out it wasn’t that obnoxious, actually quite the contrary— it was interesting ( for once– because honestly sometimes I’m dying to delete FB because of the annoying shit that pops up on my newsfeed ).

It provided a list of general improvements people should strive work on ( naturally my favorite was ‘eat less junk’ ).

So anyway.

The article got me thinkin’.

What improvements do I need to make in my own life? How can I be the absolute best version of myself?

I mean, if I’ve learned anything this year it’s certainly been the power of NO. So that’s been eye-opening, because I used to say ‘yes’ when I really wanted to say ‘no.’ A total 2013 improvement, right? I like the sound of ‘no, no, no, & no’ anyway.


What else?

What else needs improvement?

So. I reflected anddddddd I need to work on the following:

+ Timing: I’m always late. I know, I know, sickie/gross/nasty. I’ve probably been yelled at by every single person in the universe. But hey, I’m trying. I’d like to think I’m slowly improving {?}. I need to try harder though.

+ Actively listening: uhhh, I blame our generation!! I definitely need to take a little accountability though, right? present, ya know? Thinking about my to-do list, a blog post, or what color nail polish ( I’m loving neon coral lately, BTW ) isn’t fair to the person talking. Lately I’ve been focusing on really, really listening.

+ Control issues: this is like, my biggest flaw, ever. Can I just tell you guys what a pain in the ass this major-butthole flaw is?! FML. I’m a total control freak. If I was able to let go of a little control, it’d be a serious improvement.

I guess everyone’s a work a progress? If not, you’re a lucky duck.

Anyway— do you guys have anything to improve on?



  1. Mmm.. well obviously I’m awake right now when I should be asleep.. So I definitely need to improve on this whole insomnia thing lol.. But in all seriousness, I should probably stop being so hard on myself. It’s so universally acceptable and normalized through the media for women to be their worst critics, but it’s soooo detrimental to a happy and healthy life. Also, I tend to be a bit of introvert and subsequently guarded. So idk, maybe I could improve by opening up a bit.

  2. Ummm hi! Thanks for writing out my top 3 “needs to improve on” since like forever (are you sure you don’t have ADHD? Lol)
    I’m going to add a número 4 tho: improve on self love/forgiveness (if anyone can come up with a less “granola” sounding version of this lemme know please). I def need to work on letting go (control freak) and then telling myself it’s ok if nothing is “perfect”. (I kinda just threw up in my mouth a lil bit)…work in progress!

  3. Definitely wanna get fit. No packing on the winter fat this time around. Better time management with school and become a more articulate speaker!

  4. I need to improve on “mind” organization. When it comes to work, blogging, exercising, planning meals, planning events, courses, events get so busy! I tend to not “schedule” myself or write things down then I totally forget about them !! Not good! I can’t keep everything in mind…I need to become a LIST girl! LOL!

  5. I need to have more peace in my life! I’m always thinking about things rather than focusing on the moment at hand. I really need to take to heart the phrase “live in the moment.” I need to focus on who I’m with ( like your second improvement :)) and just remember that life doesn’t always have to be so serious every second. I like this post. Thanks for the thought-provoking words Lauryn! I’m new to your blog by the way, and I love it! 🙂

  6. Yes!! I definitely need to work on the same listening/paying attention that you mentioned. My mind is always thinking about everything else going on that it’s hard to pay attention to other people, even grad school classes! I also really want to work on my productivity. I’m super busy and working all the time that I feel like I never get time to myself, when actually I spend 30-50% of my “working” time all over the internet or zoning out on insta!

    Thanks for the reminder that we’re always improving!


  7. Hi Lauryn, I am WAY too trusting with people. I mistakenly think everyone is like me, which is that I love people, and just want everyone to be happy, and support each other. But I wear my heart on my sleeve, and people see my vulnerability and just pounce! I def have some terrific friends, but I have to start keeping my guard up, and weeding the “bad apples” out! xoxo

  8. What really taught me to truly listen was the phrase “listen with the intent to understand, not the intent to reply” – Covey. For some reason it really clicked for me. A maybe it’ll help someone else!

  9. I consider myself a prolific procrastinator. for instance I read this post 4 hours ago and just not commenting. I’m trying to improve it because being a freelance writer I miss a lot of opportunities by putting things off. So to better myself I have started to create daily to-do list no matter how big of small just as a way to set and met goals.

    It works!! I’m thinner and richer than I was last year. Be honesty with yourself then assets the problem.

  10. Def need to improve on:
    – Nosey Nancy, I always want to give my opinion on solving other people’s problems. I do NOT have the answer.
    – Gossiping Gabby. Let’s be honest… we all listen to the hens cluck cluck at work and think, ew… gross… and then go tell our friend around the cubicle coop about it.
    – Frantic Frannie. I. Am. A. Procrastinator. I thought organization would solve that – NOPE. Looks like the only thing that’ll solve this ol’ gal is some self control. Off the couch Frannie!

    so… Nancy, Gabs and Franchesca – i’m comin for you biznaches!

  11. I should stop being so hard on my husband. I keep trying to change his lifestyle to healthier and might be a bit controlling while doing it. He just frustrates me so much. The healthier I get, the more unhealthy he becomes in his lifestyle choices. So yeah, that would be my number one thing.

  12. Hey girl! I need to work on how trusting I am with people. I trust way too quick! I don’t really know how to change that though, because it is not a horrible thing but definitely something to work on 🙂

  13. Self control! I will eat healthy all day at work and then get home and ruin it!

    Organization! I think about, but not sure how to make it happen.

    My home style! I am awful at decorating and need to improve my home, so I feel like a grown up.

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