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9:05 am & SURPRISE !!!! I’m pregnant.

( Or as Michael would say: “we’re pregnant.” Ya right, man- you’re not carrying extra weight, hormones, & an indescribable desire for French sourdough toast ).

5 months to be exact. Ya, we kept it hidden for 5 months! We’ll get to why below.

OH AND YES, I’m surprised too !! LOL. Like so surprised I DIDN’T KNOW I WAS PREGNANT FOR 7 WEEKS.

7 weeks & clueless as shit- not one measly feeling of being pregnant. In fact, it was my sister who said: “YO YOU HAVEN’T GOTTEN YOUR PERIOD IN 2 MONTHS- YOU SHOULD TAKE A TEST.”

Well here’s the thing 1.) I have gone through spells where I have missed periods for months- my doctor said it was normal because of the birth control I just got off of 2.) I didn’t realize pregnancy had the potential to happen so quickly- like I thought it took a year or a year & half typically of having unprotected sex ( says the girl who has held like 2 babies in her life ). AND 3.) I took a pregnancy test after the first month I missed my period but HOT TIP: those ones with the lines are un-fucking-reliable. You gotta get the ones that say “PREGNANT, NOT PREGNANT.” I’m sure the line test was telling me I was pregnant but you can’t really tell- it’s kind of like an ex-loser boyfriend- they’re untrustworthy, irresponsible, & flighty. You know the type.

Anyway. Let me set the scene. So there I am in a tiny, hole in the wall restaurant with Michael for lunch. We are in good spirits because we are off to Cabo for a wedding tomorrow. I’m particularly thrilled to drink spicy ginger margaritas, lay around on the beach, & dive into my latest book ( by Rob Lowe- random, but it’s a must-read ). Per usual, I have 310498230 things in my purse & I spot the pregnancy test ( this one was the legit, good one ) that my sister slipped in my bag. I thought ‘what the hell, I will take one now.’ There I am scrolling through Instagram, mindlessly thinking nothing of it- and BAM.


‘Haha!’ I think, ‘this must be a faulty test !’

I mean there’s no way I’m pregnant- this wasn’t on my calendar you know? Like let me tell ya, it wasn’t in the immediate plan. Actually the plan was to have a ton of sex during our summer vacation & work on a baby there. Or maybe wait a year. Or two. There wasn’t a set plan really, I just know I wasn’t planning on being PREGNANT. TODAY. HERE. AT LUNCH. THE DAY BEFORE CABO.

But same old story, this is how life happens right?

“You want to make God laugh, tell him your plans!”

So I take 1 more.

PREGNANT, it screams back at me.

OK…I get it.

So I float back to the table unable to fully grasp what is happening & sit back down to lunch with Michael. There that motherfucker is, stuffing his face with arrabbiata penne pasta discussing the flight details for tomorrow’s vacay. I’m shell-shocked. So shocked I can’t even stomach the olive oil, lemon, artichoke salad in front of me- which is rare because this is my jam.

I tell Michael calmly I have to go back to the office & leave him with my salad, his pasta, & the bill.

He’s confused. But I like to confuse him sometimes, so he’s not surprised you know?

And there, in an UberX, I decide to not tell my husband.

That’s right not tell my husband until I have a plan.

I want to make it cute. I need to digest what’s just transpired & meanwhile cook up a scheme to tell him in a way that is special.

Not over artichoke salads. We gotta be more creative with it. So I’m simultaneously freaking the fuck out while planning how to tell Michael.

We take off the next day, massive tits & all ( AND I MEAN MASSIVE WATERMELONS ) & Michael is whistling Dixie, like ready for a Bloody Mary the second we get to the airport. I’m playing along, acting like I can’t wait to whoop it up like Vicki from Housewives in Mexico.

So we arrive in Cabo & it’s off to celebrate our friends, Robbie & Ashi. Throughout the festivities I ask for “vodka/soda with lemon” which is actually Pelligrino in a wine glass with lemon- no, no vodka for me. That night Michael is grabbing my boobs ( aggressively, I might add ) & I’m like ‘ahhhhhhh I need to tell him tomorrow.’

I secretly snuck over the 5 ( yes, 5 at this point) tests in my bag & I had an idea.

The next morning we woke up & he went to the gym. Then I went into massive action- my plan NEEDED TO WORK.

And because I want to bring you guys on the whole ride…I vlogged the whole thing. So tomorrow I’ll share PART 2 of how I told Michael. Like with video & all. So stay tuned.

In the meantime you should know we ultimately decided to keep it a secret for 5 months because we wanted the opportunity to ENJOY it with each other. Alone. We didn’t tell anyone. No family, nothing. Just kept it intimate between me, Michael, & the baby. And SURE, after month 4 it was hard to hide- the sweatsuit was getting tight you know. But we did! We kept it a secret.

It’s been hard but it’s also been special.

Yesterday we told our family & best friends. We hired a plane to fly over my dad & stepmom’s restaurant, ALCE 101, in Solana Beach telling everyone we were celebrating Michael’s mom’s birthday ( we did- trust me ! This was the gift she wanted, LOL ).

The plane was trailed by a huge-ass sign that said: BABY BOSSTICK 2020.

Michael’s mom nearly fainted. My dad cried. My stepmom said she kind of knew! Our friends & cousins were all excited to be aunts & uncles. And ultimately it was a really heartwarming night.

I took the weekend off social media but I will be sharing some snippets of the reveal on IG Stories today so if you want to see some BTS, head to @theskinnyconfidential on Instagram.

This was unexpected but we are excited.

I have never been super maternal- I don’t know if it has to do with the fact of losing my mom when I was 18 years old or if I’m just not maternal. Maybe I’ve just never tapped into the whole mom thing. Maybe it intimidates me? I don’t know. I never dreamed of having a baby when I was little but I couldn’t be more thrilled to have a tiny human that’s created with the love of my life. Michael is going to make the best father & it will be really rad to see him step into the role. Let’s hope I can make him proud because I don’t even know how to change a fucking diaper.

On that note, send me all your baby advice. I could use it.

Thank you as always for being on this journey with me for the last 10 years. I am so grateful.

Love you all, lauryn

P.S. so many more details to come tomorrow: how I told my husband, a vlog of the last 5 months, & specifics on what the pregnancy experience has been like thus far.


  1. That’s f’ing amazing!! I was scared to death!! Super happy for you guys! I’ve got lots of awesome baby tips, I’ll slide some in your DM. Thanks for sharing, it was a nice surprise to see this post. I was looking for your Elemis face balm post, this is waaay better! ✨????

  2. This wasn’t even sentimental but it made me cry big ugly tears!!! I’m so happy for you and so excited that we all get to share this ride with you. These are the times that make this community and your platforms even more special. What a great next chapter, thank you for sharing with us (and always being so hilariously adorably on-brand)!!

  3. i’m literally crying! Over the moon for both of you! Amazing news, congratulations! You both will be amazing parents, that baby is so lucky to have you both! xoxox Tiffany

  4. Congratulations!!? I am sooo happy for you and Michael! I bet it’s going to be a girl! A podcast episode about your early pregnancy would be very interesting ?

    1. Ooo great feedback! We will look into this. Thank you for your support 🙂 xoxox

  5. LAURYN! What a surprise & congrats to you & Michael. I am so excited for you both & you both are going to be such phenomenal parents. Baby Bosstick is so lucky! Sending you all so much LOVE & not gonna lie Michael’s post on IG made me tear up a bit! It’s been one super rad journey to follow you over the years <3 x Shannon •

    1. AWE thank you so much for your support! So happy you’re part of the TSC community 🙂

  6. Love!!!!! Congratulations I am so happy for you two. I listen to your podcast every week I am always so inspired by you and your relationship. I recently remembered thinking about how I was really impressed by hearing other podcast speakers talk about Michael. Ingrid mentioned how he supported her during her difficult time and Jackie from the bitch Bible talk about I think with Taylor? (Another podcast host) about how great of a boss he is and how he really supports the people around him. It’s really great to see a strong woman with such an equal loving relationship. I am such a fan of dear media I listen to most of the podcast. You guys are doing such an amazing job, I’m so excited to follow you on your pregnancy journey knowing I am planning on starting mine soon! Wish you the best

    1. oh my goodness thank you SO much for this kind & insightful feedback. we really appreciate it. (&& he totally does rock !!) xoxo

  7. I know its weird to say, but I feel like you’re my sister telling me your pregnant. That’s how excited and overjoyed I am for you both! I can’t believe this and am sooooo incredibly happy for you!! You guys are going to be amazing parents and I know you are going to be super real with us. I’m praying to have one soon and I’m so happy my role model is going to also role model me into motherhood. Congratulations to you both!!

    1. so not weird !! we love the TSC community so much. thank you for your support !

  8. Congratulations! SO happy for you both. How were you able to go to Cabo pregnant with Zika and all? Or is it not a concern there. XX

  9. You’re going to get so much advice and the best thing I can think of is don’t raise an asshole and everything will work! Honestly love her/him do what works for you guys and don’t sweat the itty bitty deets. Ask for help. And they puke up orange mucus night 2 so keep them in a dark outfit that night!

  10. I’m crying like shit. Look at you and the career you built/created. You’re going to rock being a mom 10 fold. It will be your biggest job yet and it’s gonna be fa-fucking-tastic. I apply so much of what you talk about to my daily life, I feel like you’re one of my closest friends. I’m
    just so incredibly happy for you and Michael. Your mom would be so proud. I’m a mom of a 3 year old and I will be happy to send you some rod bits of advice over the next couple months. Love you! Xx

  11. Girl, once the baby arrives it all just falls into place… it clicks! I didn’t know what the hell I was doing before my daughter was born…. then i saw her face and the rest is history. You will be fantastic! I am so happy for you guys!! xoxo

  12. Oh this is so special. Created in love a very special time for you both! Happy beyond words, you will be a great Mom❤️

  13. I’m from Brazil and I’ve been following you for some time now. I don’t even remember how I found your blog, but I’m obsessed!!
    I’m 8 months pregnant and I swear I screamed when I saw the baby post hahaha. I’m so so so happy for you guys and you will be an AMAZING mother!! Trust yourself, DO YOUR THING, communicate with each other ALWAYS and HAVE FUN along the way 🙂 don’t forget: it’s YOUR baby and you are the only ones who know what’s best for him/her. congraaaatsssss!!

  14. OMG This is so exciting Lauryn. Not going to lie, I’ve always been on the fence about having kids as you said you were, but your excitement with all of this comes through so vibrantly, its hard to not want that for myself too after reading about your experience. For now, I’ll live vicariously through you 🙂 Congrats girl!

  15. Omg!! Literally soooooo excited for you both!! Huge congrats!!! Your Instagram announcement was iconic ?

  16. Congratulations!!!! I have been following your blog for so long and I love each and every post… but this one is a definite FAV.

    Congrats you two <3

  17. CONGRATULATIONS! This is so exciting! I cannot wait to meet your beautiful little bundle!

    K A T E L A T E L Y || fashion & lifestyle blog

  18. The last couple paragraphs made me tear up! Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to follow along for the rest of this pregnancy journey and into you being a fabulous mom!

  19. OMG! I’m an old mom (my kid is 13) and I’m so not cool by your standards but I am squealing inside at this news and I have to break out of my silent status and say I’m so happy for you! I’m also a children’s book author/illustrator so if you want some books I’ve got some for you! But for now I’ll stay quiet because I know you get product shoved at you left and right. I am really genuinely excited to see how you turn into a mother. My gut says you will be amazing. You will be the best mom to your kid because they are going to be just like you! So if that means dropping f-bombs and wearing black and pink and being super specific about everything then your kid will require the exact same thing! (until they turn 13 and enter a healthy rebellion which is totally normal of course) anyway, sorry to be wordy. Just so happy for you!!

    1. okay i definitely bet you are cool. thank you so much for your advice. always gotta be authentic! xoxoxo

  20. Wow! So amazing and smart you two kept us a secret for 5 months! Enjoy every second of being pregnant, it’s literally a blip in your life and it will fly by! You’re going to be an amazing mother and will be so in love once the baby is here! So excited you’re sharing this beautiful journey with us, can’t wait to see you glow and also take advantage of Michael! Do it you deserve it!

  21. Congratulations!! So incredible that you were able to keep it a secret from your family and loved ones for FIVE MONTHS! Did your sister ever ask or follow up? My sister was the first person I told. There was no way I was going to be able to keep it from her. All I had to say was that my boobs hurt and she said “go buy a test!”. I told my husband a week later. It was the longest week of my life! Lol. Can’t wait to hear more and watch you and Michael on this exciting journey into parenthood.

    1. yes- mimi knew like immediately but other than that, it took a lot of sweat pants and big tees! thank you for your support 🙂

  22. Congratulations Lauryn and Michael! Both my best friend and my cousin’s wife have had their first babies over the past few months, and another friend of mine is due at the end of this month.

    The gift I gave each of them is a “Dock-a-tot”. I’m not a mom as you know, but it’s every new mom’s must-have! You can ask for this in your registry, it will enable the baby to be in your bed without risking injury until they’re able to sleep in a crib on their own. My cousin got a Night Nurse lined up for his wife months before their daughter was born, and my friend signed up for a postnatal meal delivery service and I’m going to be cooking for her fiancé in their home since he will be on his own (haha).

    My best friend was having a hard time with postpartum, but her mom stepped in to help out a lot and I make sure to spend quality time with her on a weekly basis. She’s in great spirits now but was mostly down because of how her body changed, but now she is 3 months post-partum and just completed a triathlon! Everyone heals differently of course, just listen to your body.

    My best friend didn’t produce enough milk naturally to feed her baby, so she gives him her milk as snacks for the bonding experience and he is having organic formula for feeding. There are herbs you can take to help increase milk production if needed, too. I’ve been around this a lot lately, so I thought I’d share what I’ve learned. You’re going to be wonderful parents!



  23. I’m laughing only because this is pretty much my story too, minus the being able to keep it from my husband/family. I took a digital pregnancy test IN TARGET on a random Tuesday at lunch that said “pregnant” followed by two more tests with the lines over the next couple of days. My husband asked if I was ok when I told him bc I probably looked very freaked out, and I worked from home the next 2 days so I didn’t really have to talk to people. It takes a minute to process the fact that your whole life changed at lunch one day when you weren’t planning for it to!

    Congratulations, though! And looking forward to all the skinny Baby B will bring. 🙂

    PS. If you’re going to do the lines tests, you have to use Clear Blue. It’s the only CLEAR one with lines IMO.

  24. This is amazing! I’ve been following you for about a year after discovering the Him and Her show (which is one of my FAVES). I love your content and I love what you and Michael are all about — I think you’ll make fantastic parents! Congratulations, can’t wait to follow along on the journey 🙂

  25. O my god congratulations!! You are gonna be one bad ass mom, omg I cannot wait!! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us, and congrats again! Agh!!!


  26. This is so exciting! And not just because we’re due at the same time. Ha ha! It’s scary having a baby but my son is the greatest thing in the whole world and you’ll feel the same way!

  27. This is so exciting. I’m so happy for you guys. This is life changing and It’s going to be so exciting to see how this little one enhances your lives and even your businesses. There’s something about mom life that changes you to your core.Advice: Garden of Life Prenatals, listen to the drs. ( don’t fight them) prenatal massages and HypnoBirthing.

  28. Congrats! So excited for you two! Thanks for sharing all these fabulous details today of your Baby Bosstick journey thus far. I sent the post Michael did today to my boyfriend (also Michael, he loves you guys). He’s from the production world and of course had to say, “amazing staging done with the props!” We love it all and admire you both so much.


  29. CONGRATULATIONS! This is the BEST!!!!! You definitely have the pregnancy glow. Enjoy every second of it and I can’t wait to see all the baby confidential mom hacks you come up with!!!! My #1 tip: hire a night nurse for the first month. Get a my breast friend. a dock-a-tot and all the teas really do help with breastfeeding!!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!

  30. So happy for you guys!! Can’t wait to hear more on the pod as well, maybe some baby themed episodes! Woo congratulations.

  31. Congrats Lauryn! I’ve loved following along on your whole journey and this next one I can already tell will be epic. Also, LOVE that you kept it a secret – so fun!

  32. I’ve never identified with a woman more!! ?congratulations to you and Michael, can’t wait to follow along ❤️❤️

  33. Congratulations!!! I can tell you for me it was more or less as for you: having a baby was not my nr 1 dream, I’ve dating my husband since 1 year, we stopped the pill and said “ok let’s have some fun…”, and the month after I was pregnant of my first daughter. I was 33, totally unconscious but also super happy. Now, Susanna is 14 and Federico is 10….so I can tell you it’s the biggest adventure of your life, it’s scaring but fantastic.Trust your instinct, it will tell you what to do about breastfeeding, co-sleeping and all those thorny topics that fill moms’ blog. You will find your personal super posh glamorous way of being a mummy! A big hug from an Italian mom (even not so traditionally Italian….). Kisses xxx Elena

  34. CONGRATULATIONS!! This is SO exciting. This post made me so happy to read. You & Michael are going to have a blast. Can’t wait to read the rest of the details!

  35. OMG im crying! long time reader (since the DIY juice cleanse days). I just had my first baby and I can tell you it’s the most magical thing ever! It’s hard but the best kind of work. You WILL need to readjust some things but eventually you get to have a sense of normalcy and remnants of your old life back. I promise this “new” life is even better!!!

  36. Congratulations!!!! That’s such exciting and thrilling news this morning! God bless all three of you ♥️ Oh! All five of you,including the dogs.

  37. I’ve been following you for YEARS and have waited for this announcement!!! So excited for you! I just had Baby #1 and it’s the BEST. Can’t wait for all of the tips you will share! xx

  38. SO happy for you guys! I can’t wait to watch you dive into this role like you take on everything else FULL SPEED AND NO HOLDING BACK. So excited for all the preggo and baby content as I know you will keep it real AF in your own chic way.

  39. Cant wait to see how you do this mother thing your way ! Best advice .. just enjoy your time now. The first baby is a shock to the system . Don’t focus jut on the birth focus on how you will change your life after . Your brain will change. Its a wild ride but its amazing

  40. I’m also five months pregnant and due in January so I was shocked and excited to see this and be able to read about someone else on the same journey! Congrats! Cant imagine waiting five months to tell people! Crazy!

  41. So exited to hear more!!! I’m also due in January 2020 and over the moon! Definitely want to hear more about your journey

  42. This is SO exciting!! I am obsessed with your podcast and can’t wait to hear all about your pregnancy journey and tips. Baby Bosstick has the hottest parents in the game ?

  43. Congrats Lauryn and Michael. The baby news has me very excited – as a 33 yr old mom of 5 boys, I’ve been longing for Lauryn’s take on motherhood! Finally, UN-boring content for moms and moms-to-be coming soon!!!
    Lauryn, my advice, take it or leave it:
    1. Try and stay calm during the 1st few months (which happen to be the most difficult). As this is your first child, you DEFINITELY will be shell shocked. But TRUST me, it does get easier over time. I also had not a damn clue how to change a diaper and had to practice on a teddy bear.
    2. Purchase a teddy bear
    3. And…in this first few months….you will have moments that you look like absolute shit. Bags under your eyes, some loose skin, and probable hair loss. Your skincare routine may go bye-bye for awhile. This is not a time for OCD to set-in. Relax. Breathe. You will come out of this stronger and better than ever: as an amazing mama-guru with newly acquired health and beauty secrets – developed to cater to the other moms out there like me who would absolutely eat up a recipe to fight under-eye circles after a night of multiple feedings and little sleep. Unpopular comment: my body fully bounced back after each of my 5 children. Those little ones keep you on your feet and you can’t help but burn the calories.
    3. DO NOT waste your $ on every little baby gadget under the sun. You will probably get buyers anxiety pre-baby; stressing that your infant will somehow not thrive if he/she doesn’t have the new million dollar automatic/vibrating rocker. I want to gag when I think of all money I wasted on unused baby equipment; when in reality, little Billy coulda survived by sleeping in a frickin dresser drawer.
    4. DO NOT get caught up in all the baby book BS preaching the multitude of methods to rear your child. It’s said often, but every child is truly different; and you, as the mother know what’s best for your child. Your baby will not grow to have attachment issues if you don’t follow Debra’s advice, convincing you of the benefits of co-sleeping. And hey, co-sleeping may right for you. I’ve done it with a couple of my kids. Not with others. It’s what works for you.
    5. Also unpopular: The epidural is the best damn drug I have ever taken. After hours of screeching pain, my first two labors were met with the much anticipated arrival of the anesthesiologist. My last three births were completely natural; but if I did it again – I would not hesitate to ask for a little pain relief if needed. No shame here. You do you.
    6. Keep your sense of humor. After all, kids are f**king hilarious beings. And so is motherhood.

  44. NO WAY. I literally took my pregnancy test yesterday and it was positive and this morning I was thinking to myself “I wish this B Lauren was pregnant with me so I could get tips from her” WWOOOO HOOOO

  45. So beautiful! I am actually right there with you, I had NO idea, I was completely oblivious, and my husband was the one that told me to take one!! I had to take 4, I was shocked! I have been taking prenatal vitamins (Ritual of course) for over a year, because I had low estrogen, so it didn’t seem in the cards (harder to get pregnant), both my brothers’ wives are actually pregnant now as well, and when I found out about them, I said, well maybe it’s not in the cards for us right now, and Low and Behold I am!!! Tell God your plans, and he’ll laugh! Anyway, even though we have never met, I feel like we are going through this together! LOL 🙂 SO happy for you and Michael. Cheers! XO

  46. A big congratulations to you and Michael on this new chapter of your lives! What an exciting time for you both!!

  47. Congratulations!!! Such great news and kudos for hiding it so long! How cool!!!
    I have heard many times that the first cycle after you go off the pill/IUD and from personal experience the first cycle after a miscarriage is actually really strong and you are actually really likely to get pregnant at that time!! But no one ever tells you that!!

  48. Miss Lauryn, your hot messed vagina will never be the same. You will tell your horrendous labor stories for the rest of that child’s life. You are not going to actually sleep for one year after the baby is born. You are going to get to the point where you feel like your hideously engorged boobs and possibly infected nipples can’t do one more night. Know this sweet one: if that child’s entire life was measured by a piece of string, the “baby” part will be the smallest section but have the largest impact. You will feel like this draining period of your life will go on forever but it won’t. That amazing little ray of sunlight that broke your vag will gradually evolve from baby to child to teen to adult, while you aren’t really paying attention. Eventually, you will remember the nights you rocked and nursed and wiped and cleaned and cried, and you will weep with love just for the memory of it. You would, in fact, give anything to kiss those tiny little cheeks again. Enjoy the blessed honor of motherhood, there is no higher calling in all of humanity.

  49. Love your blog !!! Love your realness !! And so happy for you !! Just had my first baby in January and it’s the best freaking thing imaginable!!

  50. So excited for you! I don’t exactly have baby advice (just wing it!) but I highly recommend not sharing Baby Bosstick’s name with anyone until after they’re born! I did this with my second and I plan on doing it with my third and it’s just so nice keeping it between you and your husband and avoiding annoying and negative opinions!

  51. It’s refreshing how straight-up honest you are – I can’t stop reading your blog! And gorgeous photos there. You’re doing great, pregnant or not. Keep it up!

  52. Haha what a lovely story! Love that you were clueless at the start and love everybody’s reaction to the news! Congrats, I’m sure you’re going to be an incredibly mama xx

  53. These pictures are UH-mazing. Not sure the date of this post but…Congrats! Oh and you asked for baby advice….take it one day at a time and get a great team of family members and friends supporting you–don’t be afraid to ask for help!

  54. Congrats, Lauryn! I’m sure you’re handling motherhood just fine! Pregnancies are unplanned for a lot of women, but they just figure it out and then are well prepared for their second lol

  55. I love the sweet taste of the caramel flavor which is a nice surprise to find in a pregnancy supplement. I had no idea too but then this opportunity came up and I just happened to be there and feeling under the weather. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog with us. I’ll get better suggestions like this in the future.

  56. Such a great story! I’m loving your maternity blogs, being 5 months myself! Can you pimp out what website custom made the baby bosstick newspapers? Thank you!

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