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An Ice Cube Facial: Seriously A Bomb-Ass Beauty Tippity Tip

The Skinny Confidential talks ways to fight puffiness.
Ok so, this might be my favorite secret model tip in the whole world: dunking your face in a bowl of ice water.

Back up though…I just finished reading I Didn’t Come Here To Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain by Courtney Robertson— she’s a top model & was on The Bachelor, Ben’s season. Honestly I’m not a Bachelor/ette fan. I’ve never got in to the show. No offense to anyone who likes it ( because I know there’s a lotta die hard Bach lovers ) but it’s so cheese. Like, the girls are so damn dramatic…& bitchy/PMS-y. If I hear the phrase “the most dramatic season yet in Bachelor history” again, I might lose my mind.


There are a lot of the girls that have been on the show, who are really rad. Remember this post on Michelle Money? She’s hilarious. I also love Emily Maynard ( doll ). Anddddd Courtney Robertson always stood out because of her feisty, no BS personality. Tenley is so cool too & one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.

Ok, so we’re getting off track.

Point: I was reading Courtney’s juicy book & she reminded me a modeling tip that I used to do all the time but kinda forgot about— dunking my face in ice water.


Ya. That’s right:

I swear it works magic. Serious, serious magic. Plus it’s free.

Here’s what you do:

The Skinny Confidential talks ways to fight puffiness.
So instead of trying fancy-ass creams or complaining of puffy eyes, try this tip ( duration: 10-30 seconds, 3 times in the AM works best ). Models do this ALL the time before shoots because it de-puffs the eyes, eases redness, tightens the skin, fights wrinkles, & keeps them looking so fresh and so clean, clean. More here.

Also, anyone a Real Housewives fan? Whelp, the oh-so-fab-I-love-twenty-five-year-old-boys-cougar-minx, Sonia Morgan talks about this trick all the time. She says she HAS to do it every morning or she doesn’t look as fresh.

I have to agree. ESP if you’re hungover. Ice x water x your face= hangover cure for the face. The before & after is mind-blowing. After trying this, you literally wouldn’t want to leave the house before soaking your face in ice water.

Trust meeeee, you’ll be feeling bright eyed & bushy tailed immediately. Don’t have time to do this? Rub an ice cube all over your face while you’re brushing your teeth.

P.S. Lauren Conrad swears by “ice cube facials” too.

What’s your best kept beauty tip? I shared mine…your turn! x lde

{ If you’re looking for a night time eye fix, click here }

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  1. I’ve never tried to do ice water face bath, but I massage my face with ice cubes on the regular basis, especially when my skin is out of balance (redness, blemishes, looking dull). To make it even more effective I sometimes make ice cubes from different herbal teas, my favourite is chamomile as it’s great at brightening the skin!

  2. Wow, this is seriously so great!! I have literally even tried tea bags on my eyes. Thanks for this!!

    xo Julianne

    PS sorry no clever beauty tip – my biggest thing is simply making sure to take off makeup and giving your face a break from it once a week.

  3. This is good. Another old-school tip is to do a self steam of your face in your bathroom sink. Fill up the water really hot, and put your face over it, covered with a big towel to trap the steam. I haven’t done it in forever, but it works! So fresh and so clean, to give you a nice dewy look.

  4. I’m already in love with my Bentonite Clay x AC Vinegar mask and now I’m going to try this – thanks for the fab tips, Lauryn!! XOX -S

  5. I will so try this! This isn’t so much of a tip as a product recommendation. I just got this Cure Natural Aqua Gel, which is a Japanese exfoliating gel which seriously works wonders. I just posted about it on my blog. I felt like I had a new face the next day!

  6. Ice cubes are also a great way to fight acne! If you apply ice for about a minute or two to a zit before bed and when you wake up, the swelling will decrease dramatically. Best esthetician trick ever!

  7. Woah this is amazing! Thank you for sharing cannot wait to try this out since I am on a 4 am wakeup call daily! This early rise n shine has my face looking tired! Lots of love C

  8. hehe i wonder can you give the ta-tas a similar plunge…pre-bikini-debut…for a similar result? c’mon don’t say the thought doesn’t intrigue you…but on a serious note (and my beauty tip) for beauty in that area…don’t neglect the skin on your chest if you want to stay looking young! i use my serums and body oils every day and it really helps. beauty does not stop at your face!

  9. What an awesome tip! I definitely could use this almost every single morning. Also, since I’m usually groggy and tired at my early hour wakeup (usually around 5:00 am), I bet this will be a good kick in the pants to wake me up and make me get moving!

  10. Hi, Lauryn. Thank you for this amazing tip. I dunk my face in cold water with ice cubes ,every morning and evening, for 3-4 days. I feel like as if my skin is more fresher than before.

  11. Thanks so much for this tip. I’m going to try this tip tomorrow. I just have to make sure I have ice in the fridge hahaha

  12. My only thing is Try to remember to take off my makeup notice I said try haha after 2 kids all day I’m lucky to make it to the bed at night let alone in the bathroom to remove makeup!

  13. Try wetting your wash cloth, then placing in freezer for 30 minutes. Remove from freezer and hold on your face. No ice cubes required for all the same benefits.

  14. I’m a male and I’ve been taking ice cold showers each morning for about two months now. I kid you not, I’ve lost 6 pounds (For me, that’s a lot – my body hates giving up an ounce of fat despite diet and exercise!)

    Just discovered face-dunking and looking forward to seeing what the results look like in, say, a month. But I’m curious – a Google search reveals many people talking about the benefits of face-dunking and some include instructions – but none say “You should use this moisturizer after you dunk.” I moisturize as a rule several times a day but I’m curious why no one would say “And try some coconut oil after!” or similar. Or nothing? I doubt that…and I also live in Colorado where the air is extremely dry, so moisturizing is essential unless you want to look like Mr. Crinkly-winkly. Peace thanks! 🙂 J

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