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Ice Bath Benefits You Need To Know About

Ice Bath Benefits You Need To Know About

As you all probably now know, Michael & I are very into all the health & wellness stuff. In fact, it’s become so important to us that we are creating a wellness room in our house in Austin.

In this wellness room we have a sauna ( post coming soon I swear ) & one of our favorite things: THE COLD PLUNGE. You might remember when the founder, Ryan came on the blog for an interview & told us all the benefits of The Cold Plunge, how to utilize it with heat, & all about the installation process.  The Cold Plunge we have is white, sleek & super clean looking and we love it. The Skinny Confidential community gets $150 off with the code SKINNY150 at

Anyway, recently we decided to get an outdoor custom ice bath too. What can I say, we’re just psycho like that. We wanted the outdoor ice bath to be very grounding, aesthetically-pleasing ( match our custom barrel sauna ) & one that works. And boy oh boy does this one work.

We decided to go with Blue Cube Ice Baths for our outdoor one. The company was founded by Thomas Schiffer who “discovered the power of cold immersion therapy. For decades he suffered from severe anxiety. Like many, he was prescribed anti-anxiety medication. This helped him deal with his hectic lifestyle: managing three restaurants he created in Los Angeles, real estate investments, and raising a family.”

He set out to create an ice bath that didn’t involve any prep time and was fucking freezing. Just how we like it. And they’re offering you $500 off with the code SKINNY.

outdoor custom ice bath

If you’re new to cold therapy, it’s your best friend, really. It helps with inflammation, circulation, energy levels, & works wonders on the face for debloating & reducing the look of fine & wrinkles – enter the HOT MESS ICE ROLLER.

So whether you’re into a Blue Cube Ice Bath, The Cold Plunge, ice pools in Finland or hauling 4 bags of ice to your bathtub, the benefits are the same. Let’s get into it.

All The Ice Bath Benefits:

+ Speeds up muscle & injury recovery

+ Reduces inflammation

+ improves fat burning

+ improves skin conditions

+ builds mental toughness

+ Supports a healthy immune system

+ Improves lymphatic circulation

+ Increases red blood cell count & growth hormone levels

+ Improves levels of endurance & recovery

+ Increases cardiovascular health

+ Improves sleep & reducing stress

So excited to get back into cold therapy in a month or so. I’m a huge fan of doing Wim Hof’s breathwork with an ice bath. It’s life-changing actually.

If you’re new to cold therapy be sure to check out these posts:

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ice cube facial

And highly recommend the 2 part podcast with Dr. Andrew Huberman. Specifically part 2 if you’re interested in scientific evidence of how beneficial sauna & cold plunging is.

Dr. Huberman gets into the ideal amount of minutes you should spend in hot & cold each week & just all the benefits ( again, with scientific proof ! ). Listen to part 1 & part 2.

I learned so much from these episodes you guys, like I was taking notes. There is so much value in both of them. If you only ever listen to one of our podcast episodes, let it be these two.

That’s all for today. Would love to know the benefits any of you have seen from cold therapy. Let me know below.

x, lauryn

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