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I WANT IT ALL & I WANT IT DELIVERED: The Skinny Confidential Merch Is Live

The Skinny Confidential Merch


The Skinny Confidential (BUTTERY SOFT MY GOD) merch has arrived. After MANY MONTHS of back & forth, we can finally present you with:


Each product we create is with you guys in mind so we wanted to make sure to deliver you the MOST dreamy & OBNOXIOUS sweatshirts ever, duh. It’s been a long time coming but finally I felt the time was just right to throw some TSC merch into the mix.

OBNOXIOUS because multi-faceted is IT.

Like you can love pink, self-care, morning routines, protecting your energy, boob jobs, ice rollers, and not caring what he looks like in a photo…but also be business-minded, driven, extremely well-read (stalk my recs here), full of masculine energy, career-focused, & an engaging mother and partner. 

The Skinny Confidential Merch
who cares what he looks like sweatshirt

I am unsubscribed from being put in a box. 

So ya, OBNOXIOUS is a play on expectations. Many would call me obnoxious- and I feel like I’m good with that ? Like I would fucking rock the shit out of the MEH pink sweatshirt in the boardroom.

More pink sweatshirts in board meetings.

More pink sweatshirts at golf courses, dive bars, football games. And high level meetings.

More pink sweatshirts in the boy’s club.

So presenting: bubblegum pink, pastel lilac, frosting white PLUSH sweatshirts for girls who own it.

And of course you can expect each & every piece to be TSC-esque.

The Skinny Confidential Merch


Just post it or crop him out. Because who the fuck cares what he looks like anyway. 

This one is for all the girls who strategically find themselves in the best light & don’t give energy to what he looks like. Who cares if he’s blinking with a gaping mouth open anyway ? No one.

This crewneck sweatshirt comes in a bubblegum pink OR pigmented white, both with hot pink font.

who cares what he looks like white sweatshirt


Aloof like a poodle. Take it or leave it baby. Whatever.

In our signature light pink with a lilac heart, finally a crewneck sweatshirt that says it all so you don’t have to.

Gets the point across if you will, in nostalgic, Barbie-ish kind of way.

Rock this in baby pink with pastel lilac details.


Because de-puffing is a priority.

For the toddler who just can’t take a hint, this dark lilac crewneck will send the message.

A pop of purple with pops of punchy pink.

tsc meh sweatshirt
tsc meh pink sweatshirt
Meh pink sweatshirt
The Skinny Confidential Merch


Classic, bougie, queen shit. Need we say more?

A crisp, white ¼ zip sweatshirt perfect for the gym, happy hour or tennis.

I also feel like I can see you drinking a vodka lemonade at the country club in this ? Feels very preppy in all the right ways.

Comes in crisp white with a strawberry pink & lavender embroidered insignia.

TSC icon
TSC icon white sweatshirt

All sweatshirts come in size small through 3XL & are made of 50% cotton & 50% polyester. It’s like a very all-season mid-weight, just perfect for all climates if you ask me.

The graphics are screen printed (except for the 1/4 zip logo) so best not to iron it, & to keep yours looking new & sparkly, just machine wash ( 30 degrees ) inside out & dry at a low temperature. Feel free to hang dry if that works better for you. Personally I love using this all-natural detergent because it’s delicate & I feel like it just very much gets the job done ? 

The Skinny Confidential purple sweatshirt

You can purchase through the Dear Media site, but like, grab your pretty pieces NOW because things are exclusive. We’re talking very, very limited stock here. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.


You guys know I very much love men’s oversized sweatshirts, so if you’re into that too, SIZE UP ! Right now I am so pregnant I am basically crowning ( LOL ) so I wear a large in all the cheeky styles. If I wasn’t pregnant though, I still feel like I would get a large ? I D K, I like things big. 

Wear these with jeans, size super up & rock them as sort of a sweater dress with knee high boots, or just lounge around the fucking house in your chilled eye pads and call it a day. Regardless they’re all very on brand

The nitty-gritty for you: worldwide shipping available & international customers are responsible for any customs/vat fees upon delivery. You guys can expect your item(s) to be shipped in 5-10 biz days and you’ll get tracking emailed right to your inbox once it’s shipped. 

AND of course thank you for your purchase & support AS ALWAYS. Tag us so we can re-post the shit out of all your cute UGC: @theskinnyconfidential.

Like the product line, this very pink, obnoxious merch would not be possible without the support of this community. My hope is you run into each other out in the real world- how fun would it be if you spotted a SKINNY IN THE WILD. Would love your feedback on this drop. 


x, Lauryn & The Skinny Confidential Team

The Skinny Confidential Merch

The Skinny Confidential Merch is live
TSC merch pink white and purple


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