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I Tried Baby Foot Peel & What Happened Was Crazy

We can’t all be doing crusty-ass feet. Know what I mean?

Pedicures are great & all, but what are we really doing for the bottoms of our feet? There’s nothing worse than a spray tan over dry, crusty heels. Combine it with dry weather & wood floors, & those heels are not getting any better on their own.

Enter BABY FOOT! Have you ever heard of this? It’s all the rage right now.

It’s literally life-changing, but let me give you a back story.

When I was pregnant I gained 55 lbs. All this weight put tons of pressure on my heels & it made the skin crack like nothing else before. Once I had Zaza I thought it would go away, but my cracked heels were still there. & it literally was driving me nuts.

After doing so much research online, I truly found the cure in Baby Foot.

You can find it on Amazon just search for baby foot exfoliating peels.

When I say I did a lot of research, I’m not lying. I did everything from a Greek remedy for cracked heels, socks that had lotion in them that you sleep in, pumice stone removal, pedicures, but nothing worked.

So I got some Baby Foot. I’ve tried Baby Foot before & it worked well, but I wanted to see if it worked on really cracked heels.

Well, let me tell ya, this is the mf-ing cure! If you want your feet to peel like a snake while you’re getting rid of all that nasty-rat, dead, cracked skin, then this is your new BF. No more bending over in the shower with your butt in the air using a pumice stone to get the rough, dry skin off your feet.

Baby Foot will give you a baby soft, supermodel feet & all those dead skin cells will be gone. Think of it as a foot mask facial for your feet!

How to use a Baby Foot peel:

♡ Wet your feet.

♡ Grab the Baby Foot bag ( which is like a Ziploc bag ), cut along the dotted line, & put a foot in each plastic booties.

♡ Soak your feet in the gel for 1 hour ( watch a Housewives or Vanderpump Rules ).

♡ Remove the bags & wash your feet well with soap & water.


Your feet will start to peel in 4-7 days & the whole process should be complete in about 2 weeks. So ya, your feet are going to peel for about 2 weeks. But you’ll end up with the softest feet around town. MAGICAL!

Even if you don’t have cracked heels, this is still like a chemical process as it peels your feet. & let me just say….the peeling process is not for the faint of heart. It’s super gross. Not gonna sugar-coat it.

It truly rids you of the nastiest calluses & gives you the softest… you guessed it… baby feet. You are not going to get the same results for a normal pedicure. Trust me, I’ve tried it all.

If you workout a lot, walk a lot, are pregnant, or just have cracked, dry heels, this is for you.

Word of caution, Do not apply on wounds, open sores or damaged skin.

Before using Baby Foot, one girl said: “While falling asleep one night last month, my boyfriend gave a yelp of actual pain. Had I stabbed him in his sleep? No. The ball of my foot had brushed against his calf. So something had to be done.” { via }

You should know that I highly recommend you get the legit Baby Foot. Don’t get the jenky version that’s a fake. It’s kinda like a beautyBlender– never get a fake, just get the real thing. I swear it’s just not the same.

The peel is mainly made of fruit acids and natural extracts, but there’s also some stuff that you would find in a typical chemical exfoliation like lactic, glycolic & salicylic acids.

Tips for using Baby Foot:

♡ You should soak your feet before you use the product. Make sure you wash your feet with soap & water, but also soak your feet for 15 mins or take a bath first.

♡ When you dry your feet & put on the booties, there is this tape you can use to close them up, so you don’t have any open parts.

♡ Stay put! Watch a Housewives so you don’t get up.

♡ The instructions say to leave it on for an hour, but I left it on for an hour & 30 mins. You do you, or be a psycho like me & leave it on longer.

♡ Don’t do open cuts. You don’t want to put acid on our feet if you have an open wound. I’ve also read that it doesn’t cure warts, but personally haven’t had experience with this.

♡ Soak after the treatment. So, after you do the treatment, wash your feet, pat dry, then do whatever you gotta do. Your feet will look the same, but soak your feet daily. You could also just have a long shower every day too.

♡ Around the 3rd or 4th day is when it gets real juicy. It starts peeling around the heels, then gets therapeutically exciting! You’ll be so excited by what’s coming off that you won’t be able to wait to show off your feet. So be sure to soak them every day until the peeling is gone.

♡ Don’t pull the skin off. The box says you shouldn’t be pulling the dead skin off, but you can lightly rub your hand along the soles of your feet to kinda get it off. It’s SO hard to not pull the skin off. Not gonna lie, I may have done a few pulls.

♡ Do this in quarantine. This is the perfect time to do Baby Foot because you’re at home, not wearing sandals at the beach. YOU DO NOT want to do this before hooking up with a new guy from Tinder. He’ll end up eating your foot peels for dinner. Seriously, the skin goes everywhere.

♡ Avoid moisturizer. Every website I went to said they suggest using no lotion and foot cream because it’ll give you a slower shed. The box says to only use a little if your feet feel super dry.

Every single review I read says that the soles of people’s feet were on fleek, but they were all sad they couldn’t pick the peelings off. If you want to see a visual just go on TikTok & search the hashtag #babyfoot & prepare to JUST DIE!! ( My handle is @laurynbosstick. )

Anyway, that’s Baby Foot  process for you. My cracked heel hack. Learn it, love it, live it. ( I know you will love it. )

Chat soon!

x, lauryn

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  1. OMG!!!!!!!! I swear you read my mind. My fiance’ and I have been giving each other pedicures during quarantine, and just discussing how we should try this. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. What kind of shoes do you recommend wearing during the two week peel period? I don’t want peel particles going everywhere or ending up in my nice flats! So do you recommend socks and sneakers for that little while so that all the peelings can be contained in a sock?

    xo Mary-Katherine

  3. I want to try this so bad. I will have to wear mittens for days to keep from peeling the peels off though. The urge is gonna be so strong -_-

  4. I am looking something for my feet, I already tried socks and creams to make it soft.
    I am gonna try this, lets hope it will do the magic.

  5. OOO I definitely want to try! Just curious…I noticed on the back of the box that it says not to do it while breastfeeding. I’m currently nursing and I believe you are too, were you concerned about using this product at all?

  6. My feets are little hard and i already tried socks and creams to make it soft.
    I am looking something for my feet, I already tried socks and creams to make it soft.I am going to try this lets see lets hope it will do the magic.

  7. FYI – salicylic acid is NOT pregnancy safe, and this is not a pregnancy safe product!!!! Be careful marketing it as such.

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