Hi you guys! So happy to be blogging. Because listen, man— it’s been a WEEK lemme tell ya.

Picture me all settled into bed, wrapped in my Kardashian blanket with my two Chihuahuas at the end looking all regal like royal Sphynx cats while I sip on a golden turmeric mushroom tea. This is real & this is currently happening because !!!!

How do I put this.

I HAD TO GET MY TITS REDONE. Yah- that’s right, boob job NUMBER 2.

Before we get into specifics- because you know we will- I want to talk about WHY I am bringing you guys along on this journey. Because it’s not to convince anyone they need a boob job. It’s not to be a boob job role model ( because what a fucking oxymoron, you know? ). I am not telling anyone to get their boobs done- in fact, I know a lot of girls are having a good experience with EXPLANT surgery- which is amazing. Do you! It’s your body ( we have to do what’s best for ourselves ). And it certainly does not to make me an expert.

The why is simple: this is part of my journey with MY body & instead of hiding out and laying low, I wanted to bring you along. There’s a lot of people who are doing procedures behind closed doors so I figured why not shake that up. Screw the rules. Let’s dissect every detail.

So here we are. You & me. Grab a glass of crispy, chilled wine ( drink mine too because I can’t have one yet ). & settle in.

Let’s talk. Discuss. The usual.

Some of you may already know the reason I needed to get my boobs redone. If you don’t, well for 1.) they were like 10 years old. When I got implants the first time I was told by multiple doctors that it was wise to replace them every 10 years. So here we are. But more than that, 2.) the right one was bottoming out. If you want more detail, be my guest, read on: basically the right implant was sort of drooping down. This made me a candidate for something called a ‘pocket repair.’ I believe that it’s because I’m right-handed & always on my phone ( with my right hand ) for work…but who knows. And lastly, 3.) I had saline. I wanted silicone. When I first got my boobs done 10 years ago, saline was all the rage. NOW though: gummy bear silicone seems to be the best choice- I got a textured, gummy bear, silicone implant.

Anyway! Moving on. I researched a ton of doctors before the procedure ( if you’re going to ask me why I didn’t go to my original surgeon, it’s because he sadly passed away a few years ago ).

I decided on Dr. Barrett in Beverly Hills, CA.

There are many reasons I chose him but to give you a few: he’s not too old ( you want to keep ‘the girls’ youthful, not dated ) but not too young ( he has done hundreds of boob jobs ). Dr. Barrett is all about keeping it natural- he likes a teardrop shape. He is realistic & a perfectionist. I like his office- there was good energy. His team is top-notch- from the front desk to the nurses, to Rachel, the patient coordinator to their social media director, Miles- everyone is positive. Ultimately, he is known as the BOOBIE EXPERT. I liked his work, his eye, his dedication, and his personality.

More to come on my YouTube channel ( I vlogged the whole thing for you guys! ) & on the podcast ( he is going to be an insane guest! ).

To prep for surgery I had to give blood WHICH I HATE MORE THAN ANYTHING. But the nurse made it easy & did a butterfly needle in my hand. The night before surgery I had to stop eating & drinking at midnight and fill my prescriptions ( antibiotic & light pain meds with an option for a stool softener, LOL ).

I went to bed that night…excited but nervous.

Woke up at 7 am, did some meditation & yoga, and went into the office around 11 am. Everyone was in good spirits & we went over again exactly what I wanted: PERKY, YOUTHFUL, NATURAL, PROPORTIONED. My boob inspo was Chantel Jefferies– I love her boobs. They’re fab. They were exactly what I wanted so I screenshotted pictures for my doctor. For size, 10 years ago I had 300 CC. I didn’t want to go bigger but I wanted more volume, if that makes sense. So I wanted my boobs to feel a little fuller. Dr. Barrett told me he does something unique where he sits you up during surgery ( you’re asleep, of course ) and makes sure they’re the right size. He never wants to make someone too big. We decided between 350 CC & 400. I told him he could pick whatever fit my figure best. Keep in mind 100 CC is like a tablespoon. It’s not a lot. I always say go SLIGHTLY bigger than you think because when you come out of surgery your boobs are all swollen & then they go down. So you get used to the volume & then it drops. So 400 CC sounded about right to me.

I went to the operating room…& the anesthesiologist came in and put me to sleep. This always makes me nervous because again, I hate needles. I woke up with a smile on my face in recovery & told the nurses, “I feel great- THANK YOU!” Apparently people don’t always wake up like this after surgery.

Right away Michael & Pearl Recovery were waiting to wheel me off to recover. I wanted to go to a recovery place because I wanted a 24/7 nurse with room service while I gained my strength back.

The second I got to Pearl I was STARVING. Like famished because keep in mind I couldn’t eat all day before surgery. Also I was sooooo thirsty. I ate 23420384 red grapes, French fries, a kid’s PB & J, drank 3 liters of water, & settled in to watch Nurse Jackie. Pearl Recovery was heaven.

Like I want to go back.

Everything was flawless, the service, nurses, food- so good. It’s in a fancy hotel in LA so you get all the perks.

That first night was a breeze, probably because I was still sort of high from surgery.

The next morning I was sore- but I still got up & walked around. I decided to stay another night at Pearl. Michael was able to come & bring the dogs ( I KNOW! They allow dogs, so fun ) and chill with me.

The more you walk the better after surgery because you’re getting the lymphatic system moving.

By the 3rd day it was time to go back to San Diego. Day 3 was probably the hardest, but not even hard really- it has been an easy recovery. Day 3, I was really sore but could still walk. Michael picked me up & I got into the car and immediately fell asleep.

My food cravings have been: grapes, peanut butter, dates ( I love a date ), so much water, like so so so much, Spindrift grapefruit sparkling water, & sourdough. I love sourdough. Who doesn’t though?

You can hear all about my recovery & exactly what I did by listening to the latest episode of the podcast. I talk about arnica, my pink bed tray, service bell, vitamins, oils, pillows ( WHAT UP  SILK PILLOWCASE ), massage, books, TV shows, etc.

The weekend was mellow. I read, worked a little on my e-mails, watched Nurse Jackie ( obsessed ), & drank so much water out of my white Hydroflask.

On Monday we got out of the house to see my friend Gillian & Mauricio’s new baby, Coco- she is soooooo cute. I had to see her. I was fine, I just had to be careful holding the baby.

Yesterday we drove back to LA because Michael had work with his podcast network, DEAR MEDIA, & I had an appointment with Dr. Barrett. During the appointment he checked out my boobs & said they looked perfect. Which we love to hear! Then he took the HALF stitches out- simple, quick, efficient- just like the surgery. Dr. Barrett is an artist- he has many unique techniques- one being that he leaves you with hardy any or zero scarring so he takes the stitches out slowly over time rather than all at once- he’s a great doctor.

Today I’m resting so I don’t over do it. I tend to over do it, if you don’t know. I’m that person that takes on too much. So I’m just reading, blogging, & chilling today. I mean I did take 4k steps today to walk to get a turmeric coffee, but that’s neither here nor there. Other than that I am laying low.

The hardest part has been showering- it’s a real bitch. Like I haven’t washed my hair in a week-ish or more. You have to wear the same bra that’s like a support bra for two weeks- this ensures that gravity doesn’t fuck up the surgeon’s work. You want to keep them still. I can’t really use my arms & there’s no working out for 6 weeks. So I’ve decided that starting Friday I am going to get 15k steps a day. Walk, walk, walk. I feel like I’ve lost weight though because I’m eating healthy & not drinking alcohol.

Other than that, it’s been a breeze. Seamless really. No complaints.

I’m an open book, ask me anything on my latest Instagram boobie post & I will make sure to answer or even bet yet maybe Dr. Barrett will answer?! Ask away. It’s the pink graphic Insta.

OH !! And my boobs- they look fab. Seriously, they look exactly how I want them. Couldn’t be happier. I am loving them- they’re nice & perky without being overboard. Nipples are feeling feisty & looking nice too. Wish I could group text you all a pic. HA. Anyway, Michael is popping a boner in his basketball shorts over here. SOS.

More to come, lauryn x

+ more on my first boob job here and here.

++ stalk Dr. Barrett on IG: @barrettplasticsurgery.


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  1. Lacy

    I’m glad your surgery went well! I actually have had a consult with Dr. Barrett and go back and forth about getting mine done. I want to be 100% sure about it, but he does amazing work for sure!

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  3. Jessica

    So glad you are recovering well, Lauryn! Love your honest and specific posts, as always. 🙂

  4. Kelsey Middleton

    I hope you have a speedy recovery! I’m amazed at how open you have been about this. And I think it’s fantastic. You go girl for being you and not being ashamed about it. It’s what I love most about you!

  5. dd

    Total same experience you had up until the redo. I want to redo with NO implant. do you know any Drs that do the full surgery without putting in new? researched and every time hit a wall with something wrong with the drs who do this

  6. Kate

    “I always say go SLIGHTLY bigger than you think”

    I followed this advice back when I got mine done and I really regret it, wish I’d gone with my gut and picked a smaller size. Anyways I’m glad you had a good experience.

  7. Sandra Haun

    So glad you are recovering well, Lauryn!I’m amazed at how open you have been about this. Love your honest and specific posts. Thanks for the sharing your stories. I am waiting to know more about you. All the very best.

  8. Lindsay

    Lauren, any recommendations for specific bra brands that you have found work well with implants? I have the hardest time finding bras that are comfortable and fit implants well.

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